Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede victorious once again, now with 1st Prov Chateauroux O.b. and 1st Nat Zone A Montélimar!

During the weekend of the 11th of June the men in the Heulestraat in Zingem were able to let the victory bells ring again, for the 3rd provincial victory + 1st zonal victory of the 2011 pigeon season!

The season of the ‘grand middle distance’ and ‘long distance’ is only a few weeks old and the least we can say is that the ‘turbo’ in Zingem strikes again… resulting in resounding victories up to provincial and zonal level! Last weekend the Vandenheede brothers once again displayed ‘racing art’, with the following  tremendous performances: 


Chateauroux   346 o.b.:   1-2-5-17-23-29-31-33-34... ( 15/19 )
Provincial 3.172 o.b.:   1-9-45…
Chateauroux   436 yl: 5-11-16-17-19-29-35-37-41-46-49... (24/31)
Provincial 4.612 yl: 18-43…
Montélimar    103 o.b.:   1-35 ( 2/3 )
Nat. Zone A   979 o.b.:   1…
National   8.404 o.b.:   107 


It is the logical sequel to the marvellous series of results put down on paper over the last few weeks… and once the Vandenheede-train is on the right tracks, and the train is rolling… then nothing or no-one seems able to slow it down or call it to a ‘halt’! Vierzon already proved that in Zingem they were planning to carry on their  momentum from 2010, when 1st (inter)provincial was won against 8.336 o.b. (with 6 pigeons by the 36th prize), and 1st + 2nd (inter)provincial by the 4.366 yearlings! Last weekend Freddy & Jacques booked their 3rd provincial victory and their 1st victory at ‘zonal’ level of the season… the majority of sport contemporaries don’t even manage to achieve this over our entire pigeon career! Strong stuff… how they have performed there in Zingem for years now.

A few of our readers may remember our words, when we predicted a few years ago, when Freddy and Jacques decided to join forces… that the sum 1 + 1 could sometimes be 3 in their case… something which we illustrated by means of merging some of their individual results of the previous year. It seems that this prediction has exceeded even the wildest expectations … a ‘mastership’ with no boundaries, which the opposition has to bow down to with great resignation, must regard with envy!

Maybe at the moment the question is not what the Vandenheede brothers are planning for us over the coming weeks… but rather who, if anyone, is capable of breaking through their ‘domination’? Because at the moment they simply seem (read: their pigeons) more than a size too big for the opposition! 

Results from the 4th of June :

Limoges Club 310 pigeons  :
1-2-3-4-8-10-21-23-28-28-30...(17/29 )
Prov 4.489 o.b.: 5-6-10-35… (prognosis top 50)

 Chateauroux Club 716 yearlings  :
49-54-59-67-75-...( 47-83 )
Prov 6.148 yearlings: 2-5-8-9-24-27-35-37-38-45-46-49… (prognosis )

Chateauroux Club 370 o.b  :

9-10-12-19-26-28-32-38-41-43 ...(17-22 )
Prov 4.571 o.b.: 39-48… (prognosis top 50)

(Prizes won in club are per 3!) 

28/5 Bourges National Zone A:

6.416 o.b.: 10-14-19-40-54-55-75-81-106-187-275-279-327…

Or already 13/ 27 nominated more or less per 20 !

4.873 yl: 27-51-52-70-71-79-177-179-185-220-279-471-476-
478-479-482-485-488… or 18/48 per 10!