Sylvain Verhestraeten (Herentals, BE) gets great results with descendants of Chanel Nr. 1 and Jaguar 004 in 2017

Jaguar 004 became 1st Olympiad Pigeon Sprint in Brussels at the very start of 2017. What happened during the rest of the season was a display of strength from the loft in Herentals, mainly thanks to Chanel Nr. 1 and Jaguar 004.

2017 was another great season for Sylvain Verhestraeten

The post-Olympiad season

One year ago we all headed to Brussels for the Olympiad, where Sylvain Verhestraeten was one of the fanciers to win an Olympiad title. This title was of course based on the prizes that were won in the prevous two seasons. And Sylvian Verhestraeten's invaluable pigeon breed continued to do well after the Brussels Olympiad. They claimed three well deserved first prizes in the highly competitive Tienverbond, which is often regarded as the strongest Entente in the sprint, with some very tough competition: Leo Heremans, Dirk VDBulck, Patrick Boeckx, Stickers-Donkers, Jos Cools, Johan Donckers, Stefaan Lambrechts, Gustaaf Boekmans, etc. They also won two first prizes from Quiévrain, a first prize from Melun, a win from Jarnac and a victory from Cognelee, adding to a total of 8 clear wins. On top of that, they won the title of Superstar in July in the prestigious Gouden Duif competition of the De Duif magazine. Long story short, 2017 has been another great season for the team. Here is an overview of his first prizes and his championship titles:

1st Quievrain of 1,058 YLs
1st Quievrain of 934 YLs
1st Noyon of 1,132 Jaarse (Tienverbond)
1st Noyon of 1,057 Jaarse (Tienverbond)
1st Noyon of 823 Jaarse (Tienverbond)
1st Melun of 1,641 YLs (Mechelen region & Hafo Turnhout combined)
1st Jarnac of 62 olds / 3rd Provincial of 423 olds / 6th zone of 1,096 olds
1st Cognelee of 1,050 olds
1st Superstar in June - sprint - Gouden Duif competition
1st Kampioen Jonge 1e + 2e get Noyon Herentals  
1st Ace Pigeon Sprint YBs Herentals (youngster of full brother Chanel nr 1)

Chanel nr 1 & Jaguar 004: an invaluable bloodline

The two stars of Sylvain Verhestraeten are without doubt Chanel nr. 1 (BE13-6084890), a magnificent hen that launched this success story in 2013, winning a 1st National Chateauroux of 12,071 pigeons, and Jaguar 004 (BE14-6135004), a direct son of that same Chanel Nr. 1 and 1st Olympiad Pigeon Sprint in Brussels. We think the sire of Jaguar 004 deserves to be up there as well: stock breeder 002 (BE05-6075002) was in fact an exceptional racing bird with 45 top prizes to his name. He proved invaluable in the breeding loft as well; he became the sire of Jaguar 004 when paired to Chanel Nr. 01. In the meantime he became the sire and grandfather of at least 50 first prize winners and 5 ace pigeons.

The 002, stock sire and the sire of Jaguar 004 and others

Breeding bird Chanel Nr. 01 has really left her mark on this pigeon family before moving to the lofts of the Vandenheede Brothers (Zingem, BE). Her most renowned son is without doubt Jaguar 004; he was 1st Olympiad Pigeon Sprint in Brussels in 2017, 3rd Provincial Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2016 and 5th National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2016. Jaguar 004 won 7 first prizes in total. Here is an overview of the best prizes in his short racing career (needless to say, Jaguar 004 was transferred to the breeding loft after the 2016 season):

1st Noyon of 1,472 pigeons 
1st Noyon of 575 pigeons 
1st Noyon of 498 pigeons 
1st Quievran of 455 pigeons 
1st Quievrain of 335 pigeons 
1st Noyon of 323 pigeons 
1st Souppes Sur Loing of 183 pigeons 
2nd Quievrian of 583 pigeons 
3rd Melun of 760 pigeons 
3rd Noyon of 312 pigeons 
4th Souppes Sur Loing of 1,835 pigeons 
4th Souppes Sur Loing of 527 pigeons

Click here for the pedigree of Jaguar 004, and thtat of stock sire '002' and Chanel Nr. 1

Jaguar 004 heeft dezelfde présence als zijn vader. Zijn kweekresultaten zijn al even beloftevol!

The first breeding results of Jaguar 004 are very promising. Three of his youngsters were tested for the first time in 2017, and they did as follows: 2nd Noyon of 2,694 young birds, 8th Noyon of 1,803 YBs, 13th Noyon of 2,018 YBs and 21st Noyon of 2,112 YBs.

The entire line of Jaguar 004 and Chanel Nr. 1 has been a great success across the board; here are some facts from their home loft:

  • Wittekop Marieke 538/16, a daughter of Jagi 005 (full sister of Jaguar 004) wins 1st Bourges of 368 pigeons. She wins a 12th Provincial and even a 28th National of 28,078 pigeons.
  • Pichanel 073/14, a half brother of Jaguar 004, became the sire of a 1st Melun of 1,641 p., a 1st Noyon of 1,057 p., a 1st Quievrain of 934 p. and a 1st Noyon of 823 p. in his first year as a breeder. Could he become a new stock breeder? As far as the performance of one those prize-winning birds ringed BE16-6172539 goes, that could just be the case. This yearling cock has the following list of honours: a 1st Noyon of 1,057 p., a 1st Noyon of 823 p., a 6th Quiévrain of 612 p., a 7th Quiévrain of 934 p. and an 8th Noyon of 630 p. Five prizes resulting in a coefficient of 4.4 with which he could end up winning a national ace bird title. Unfortunately, he never returned home from his final race, however.

The 539 was lost in the final race of the season but he did prove the breeding potential of sire Pichanel

  • Matteo 252/15, a son of Jagi 005 (full sister of Jaguar 004) wins a 1st Noyon of 1,046 pigeons, a 3rd Quievrain of 460 pigeons, a 6th Quievrain of 362 pigeons, a 10th Noyon of 1,224 pigeons, an 11th Noyon of 518 pigeons, etc.

Other lofts have done surprisingly well with the bloodlines of these champions as well:

  • Ayana became 1st International Ace Pigeon North Union One Day Long Distance for the Verbree Combination. The grandfather is Quicksilver, 2nd National Geuret of 12,602 pigeons and a half brother of Chanel nr 1.
  • Fausto became 4th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2016 for the Vandenheede Brothers. Fausto is a 50% Verhestraeten.
  • The 14th National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2016 for the Vandenheede Brothers is a 50% Verhestraeten with a half brother of Jaguar 004.
  • Goldfoxie won a 1st Provincial Aurillac of 475 olds (5th Interprovincial of 1,437 pigeons) for the Vandenheede Brothers with a half sister of Jaguar 004.
  • Chavanel won a 1st Provincial Chateauroux of 4,740 pigeons for the Vandenheede Brothers, and she is a half brother of Jaguar 004 as well.
  • The 458/17 won a 1st NRCC Berwick of 1,267 pigeons for Roger Hallsworth - England. The grandfather is a full brother of Chanel nr. 1.

And then there is Alice

The bloodlines of The 002, of Jaguar 004 and Chanel Nr. 1 are nothing short of exceptional but the loft of Verhestraeten has even more to offer: 2016 saw the rise of Alice, bred by Eric Vercammen (50% Gert Heylen x Patrick Boeckx-Dirk Van Den Bulck bloodline - full sister of Sagen, 1st National Ace Pigeon Sprint Olds KBDB 2013).

Alice became 11th National Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking (3 national races) in 2016 with:

7th  National Zone Argenton of 3,338 pigeons
8th  National Argenton of 4,582 pigeons
50th National Bourges of 10,173 pigeons

She has shown a glimpse of her potential as a breeding hen as well. In 2017 she is the dam of an 8th Noyon of 1,803 pigeons, a 13th Noyon of 2,018 pigeons and a 21st Noyon of 2,112 pigeons.

The pedigree of this hen is filled with renowned bloodlines.

On to the next top result

His Olympiad title of 2017 was a dream come true for Sylvain Verhestraeten. But that does not mean he would be resting on his laurels in 2017. The descendants of his biggest stars, including stock breeder 002, Chanel Nr. 1 and more recently Jaguar 004 have added several more top results to his palmares in 2017. He has also continued to introduce other bloodlines, including the talented Alice, to further develop his Sylvain Verhestraeten pigeon breed. His palmares from 2011 onwards says it all (his list of achievements can be found here). Such renowned lofts as the Vandenheede brothers are well aware of the potential of the Herentals based pigeon family. We look forward to the 2018 season for sure.