Eef van Aalten - Huissen (NL) fastest national Mantes La Jolie from 9.537 pigeons

Two national victories in one season! That was the golden harvest for the 56 year old Eef van Aalten from the Gelder’s Huissen, one of the kernels of the borough Lingewaard.

Eef van Aalten from Huissen, together with his daughter Ellen .

A few weeks ago it was the NL 07-5707781 who received the flowers from National Blois in Province 8. On Saturday the 4th of September Eef van Aalten Huissen was once again on the map with a new national victory. This time with the youngsters from Mantes la Jolie. His NL 10-1798153 won 1st National in Province 8 against 5.798 pigeons and is also the fastest from provinces 8 and 9 with a total of 9.537 pigeons! It goes without saying that Eef is a happy man. ‘Given in trust means 90% more result than if you have to buy your pigeons’. Those were the words of Eef van Aalten after his resounding victory from National Blois earlier this year. And these words were proven by the fact that the winning pigeon from National Mantes la Jolie is a pigeon which was obtained through an exchange last year. ‘The 153’, a marvellous cock raced with the natural system, and originates from sport friend Wim Rommers from Oudenbosch.

Wim has been Eef’s sport friend for 15 years. They got to know each other via work. They have exchanged pigeons for years and both do well by it. In 2010 they exchanged two pigeons and both pigeons by Wim Rommers performed above average in Huissen. Eef had actually expected the nest mate ‘the 152’ to arrive home first, as he was tauter. ‘The 153’ caused a big surprise! On the hand from the reports in Brabant Eef expected the first pigeon between 16h08 and 16h15. It was 16h16 when ‘the 153’ raced home from the right corner along the church. He flew another round and was clocked at 16h16.16, which from a distance of 441,942 km. gave a velocity of 1.129,471 mpm.
It was soon obvious that the pigeon was early. The second pigeon from Eef, which was clocked 14 minutes later, was the second reported in ‘De Vriendenkring’ Huissen. With a total of 64 pigeons in the competition, he achieved 1st up to and including 8th and 16th in the first 20 in the club, and that against 165 pigeons. In total the counter stops at 22 prizes, but you have to take into consideration that he raced 32 long distance youngsters. Just like a few weeks earlier, the Van Aalten family were now also overwhelmed with congratulations. José van Aalten, Eef’s wife and most loyal supporter, has been bedridden with a serious throat infection and could unfortunately no be part of these festivities. Luckily daughter Ellen did the honours superbly .

NL 10-1798153 from Eef van Aalten from Huissen. 1st National Mantes la Jolie Province 8 from 5.798 pigeons.
Also fastest from the provinces 8 and 9 from in total 9.537 pigeons .

A marvellous cock 
The NL 10-1798153 definitely is. Perfectly built, a beautiful eye and a silky soft plumage. So as already stated, this chap was obtained through an exchange with sport friend Wim Rommers from Oudenbosch. The father is one of the old sort from Wim Rommers self. The mother comes from the combination Vervaak-de Heijde, also from Oudenbosch. Five youngsters have been bred out this couple this year, wherefrom four have performed marvellously! ‘The 153’ had already won four prizes previous to Mantes la Jolie, including a 1st in the club. He loves the ladies. He also takes a different hen en Eef has even caught him pairing with two hens at the same time.
This season was started with 95 youngsters.
After Mantes la Jolie there were 72 left. At first everything resided in the same loft. After the fourth race the pigeons were raced with the natural system and the training improved. Darkening was applied from the middle of March until the longest day. Lighting was used from the middle of august (05h00 – 23h00r). A lot of effort is put into the training, 15 times up to max. 60/70 km. There is as least medical input as possible. They are controlled often, but if there is nothing wrong they aren’t given anything. Only once this season was a cure given for 3 days for tricho. And after Breuil, when things weren’t going too well, they were given something for the head. A lot of natural products are used however, such as brewer’s yeast, garlic oil, and a self-made tea from the idea of the ‘bottle from Gust’. The feed consists of Super Power from Mariman. The pigeons are fed plenty, especially once the distances become greater. Training twice per day, each time for an hour, is normal. Now they are raced naturally the training sometimes runs to one and a half hours each time .

Winning a 1st national twice in one season. A dreamt of scenario, which Eef van Aalten never expected, let alone hoped. ‘This is what you do it all for. If the performances are not up to scratch I can look back on this for years, says a happy Eef van Aalten, a real all-round fancier with an unwavering commitment to his pigeons. Once again, congratulations and get well soon to José !