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Mark van den Berg - IJsselmuiden (NL) strikes from Perigueux K.IJ.G.C.

The fourth (from a total of 6 races in the various disciplines) K.IJ.G.C.-attraction race was flown on the 25th of May from Perigueux. It was now the turn of the men with a lot of patience, seeing that the average distance measured 905km.

The pigeons were liberated on Friday afternoon at 13h00 under very though circumstances, more than 30 degrees and a NE-wind.
It was the 2-year old nest cock ‘Torres’ from Mark van den Berg which arrived home at 11h05.23, beating the other 340 competitors. With a velocity of 956 m/min he was more than half an hour in front of the rest.
‘Torres’ is a direct son of ‘Ray’, obtained from Raymond Moleveld and is a full brother of ‘Blauwe Bertus’ with the 1st Nat. St. Vincent. The mother of ‘Torres’ is a direct Koop and Gerda Kiekebelt and is a daughter of their ‘Gert-Jan’ (father of 6 Teletext-pigeons).


                      Mark with his new star‘Torres’

After a super 2009 season, the counter this year already has 3 district victories from 5 overnight races and already this season can already be booked as especially successful for Mark and his long distance pigeons…

Mark, we wish you success with the last races and enjoy the victory!