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Nico van Noordenne- Hardinxveld-Giessendam (NL) once again inimitable with 1st & 2nd provincial Creil against 12.243 pigeons

The tenth 1. prize in 2010 was one Nico van Noordenne could add to his already impressive ‘Hall of Fame’ … Double victory in the provincial middle distance race from Creil against 12.243 pigeons … with two unique pigeons, both multiple 1. prize winners.

It is as if magician Nico conjures it out of a top hat!

Nico only found his 14 best old birds suitable enough to defend the Van Noordenne honour from Creil. They didn’t let him down, won 8 prizes in the nose of the results. Creil lead to the following statistics:
Club 381 pigeons: 1.-2.-7.-10.-20.-etc.
Affiliation SH-East 1.157 pigeons: 1.-2.-8.-13.-27.-etc.
Provincial  5 12.243 pigeons: 1.-2.-16.-30.-71.etc.

Winner Creil
Winner from Creil was NL09-1204107 ‘No Limit’, who had a super year behind him and with this highlight achieved his third victory of 2010. In figures it is 1. Strombeek against 963 pigeons … 1. Creil against 1.014 pigeons … 1. prov. Creil against 12.243 pigeons. Exceptionally good for a yearling! Father of this giant is ‘Chanel 555’, 100% Koopman and obtained directly via Marcel Sangers out ‘Chen’ (son ‘Kleine Dirk’) x daughter ‘Golden Lady’. Mother is ‘Chica’, 1. prize winner and classy breeding hen … she is a full sister of Nico’s wonderman ‘Torero’.

"No limit"

Super cock ‘Torres’
Earlier this year the NL08-1559432 ‘Torres’ demanded the leading role when PiPa reported the victory from Pommeroeul against 1.816 pigeons. With the provincial silver this blue white flight greatly expanded his status in 1-day competitions. He is a son of ‘Torero’, Nico’s 1. Nat. Ace pigeon middle distance 2004 which is developing more and more into the new stock father. As father of ‘Torres’ he was coupled with ‘Tante Muggie’, direct Kees Bosua and further mother of ‘Karaoke’ with 1. Creil against 958 pigeons … 06-245 with 1. Chantilly against 437 pigeons … ‘Lady Gaga’ which was 1. Ace pigeon youngsters club 2009 … 10-810 with 1. Duffel against 864 pigeons. A grandson of ‘Torero’ (also son ‘Geschelpte 43’, direct Ludo Claessens) won in 2010 in the youngsters competitions Pommeroeul the 1. against 939 pigeons in the club.