Murez-Marichal - Wadelincourt (BE) triumph from Bourges old birds!

The third national winner of the weekend from Bourges was to be found, in what we in pigeon terms describe as… the shortest distance… at a stone’s throw from the French-Belgian border.

More specifically in the rural Walloon village of Wadelincourt… situated between Péruwelz and Beloeil… and a stone’s throw away from Pommeroeul, well known by everyone as the liberation location for the pigeons from Quiévrain! There the duo Murez-Marichal clocked their winning pigeon at 12h07, from a distance of 393,770 Km with a velocity of 1282,64 m/min… good enough for ‘national victory’ by the old birds, the 2nd place going to province companion Christophe Notebaert from Templeuve (1276 m)… and 3rd place for Bataille-Dev-Deprez from Vichte (with 1271 m).
Albert Murez (56 y.) and his wife Lisiane Marechal have planted down a beautiful pigeon nest there in Wadelincourt. Albert inherited the pigeon bug from his father and grandfather… and started racing pigeons independently 30 years ago… later transformed to a duo with Lisiane! Their colony is based on pigeons from A.Debaes from Lauwe, Andre Dierick from Rumbeke, Robert Dobbelaere from Marke, J-L-N. Houben from Itegem, Noël & Serge Decroix from Rumbeke, M.Casaert from Néchin, Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem, Christiaan Leroy from Deinze etc… A crossing of these pedigrees resulted in a stock with which Albert and Lisiane can hold their own in the middle distance to light long distance (Limoges). Whoever has a 1° Prov Ace pigeon KBDB (in 2004) to his name, and in 2009 is then crowned as General Champion Derby Hainaut… is not just any old fancier… and belongs to the leading colonies in his area and province! Albert added that they have already classified nationally 4 x within the ‘top 10’… and that at the moment they have a very sharp coefficient of 24,88% over the 5 races ‘grand middle distance’! Even though Albert and Lisiane always remain modest by the triumphs that their pigeons have already achieved… just like now with their national victory from Bourges… the will enjoy it intensely together!

Their colony consists of 60 widowers (old + yearlings)… and every year around 200 youngsters are ringed! There are also a few hens raced with a ‘nest’.

There is nothing special to report about the feeding and coaching there in Wadelincourt either. The pigeons are given feed that is easily digested on the basis of depurative, and only the last three days are they given as much ‘sport mixture’ or ‘widowhood mixture’ as they want… and 1 day per week vitamins are on the menu. Albert questions  the frequent use of ‘antibiotics’ in some lofts… especially by the younger fanciers. In Wadelincourt they are very careful with the medicine… in fact you could say that antibiotics here are almost ‘never’ given… only when ‘advised’, when there is no other choice. Albert & Lisiane prefer to keep things close to natural condition-supporting resources so as the use of tea, glucose, apple vinegar etc…
They basketted 36 pigeons for Bourges, wherefrom they had 9 prizes with twelve pigeons by the youngsters, 3/ 8 by the yearlings… yet the best results were achieved by the old birds, those being:
Bourges    Club  189 old  birds 1-4-16-19-23-24-34-35-44 (or  9/16)
                  Nat  10.903 old birds  1-14… etc. (preliminary prognosis)

As was habit, before being basketted the pigeons were allowed to see their hens for 15 minutes

‘Le Bourges’ B08-9008107
Their national winner… now christened ‘Le Bourges’… is an excellent 2 year old cock, with a marvellous honours list to his name! He was the fastest pigeon from Bourges from all the old birds and the yearlings together…  and 2° fastest of the whole contingent of 55.781 pigeons. He is also living proof that ‘crack pigeons’ descend from ‘crack pigeons’… because in 2004 his father was honoured as 1° Prov Ace pigeon KBDB!

Father: ‘1° As Prov 2004’ B03-9139131
GF: ‘Le Super Voyageur’ B00-9082001... a crossing of the pedigrees Decroix x Houben
GM: ‘La Mosaïque’ B00-9178640… a Debaes Wangermez hen

Mother: ‘La Regulière’ B07-9047714
GF: ‘Le Leroy 205’ B06-4293205… originating from Christiaan Leroy, Deinze
GM: ‘Reprductrice 685’ N05-9099685… out a crossing Vanneste x Dobbelaere x Debaes
His honours list includes a load of top prizes so as…

’09St.Quentin       590 p. 7
’09 Etampes          332 p. 18
’09 Etampes          688 p. 50
’09 Orleans club      230 p. 16
            Gen      674 p. 53
’09 Toury   club       75 p. 3
            Gen      171 p. 6
’09 Toury   club      106 p. 4
            Gen      274 p. 5
’09 Nevers  club      142 p. 3
            p.H.     628 p. 13
’09 Bourges club      204 p. 2    (25 July)
            p.H.   1.043 p. 4
            CFW    5.479 p. 116
            Nat   15.508 p. 284
’09 Bourges club      253 p. 10
            p.H.     425 p. 22
’10 Pont    club      582 p. 13
’10 Ecouen  club      606 p. 59
’10 Angerville       279 p. 12
            Gen      746 p. 25
’10 Orleans club    1.047 p. 46
’10 Bourges club      286 p. 62   (22 May)
’10 Orleans club      693 p. 14   (5 June)
’10 Orleans club      426 p. 5    (26 June)
’10 Angerville       236 p. 11
’10 Toury   club      325 p. 50
’10 Bourges club      189 p. 1
            Nat   10.903 p. 1

A chap that had already proven that he knew what front racing entails! With his national victory from Bourges he put the icing on the cake! He couldn’t have chosen a better moment… in the ‘nicest classic’ of the sport season in the ‘grand middle distance’!