The “Vital” from Etienne Verkinderen from Meulebeke won the 1st provincial in the Beaker race from Limoges.

This competition during the weekend of 19-20 June, just like all the races further than Paris, had a 1 day delay in liberating….In the middle of summer you had to wait for your pigeons in a thick jumper and cap.

For the feathered athletes it was cold, sometimes wet and it was a case of “ pounding” against the sharp north-north-westerly wind….all in all the arrivals were very regular and the course went smoothly.
In West-Flanders 2300 old birds were basketted for the Beaker race and the “Vital”  07-3162093 from Etienne Verkinderen from Meulebeke showed himself as the best of the troop.
Etienne has raced with bravado for many years in the middle distance to light long distance….the number of first prizes that he has won in his career will be leaning towards 3 figures, if not far over….He has lived directly opposite the church in Marialoop since 1968, a village in the borough Meulebeke and he is an avid pigeon fancier. His entire pigeon consistence still generally rests on the sort of one of the most well-known middle distance and long distance racers from the Flanders, namely Maurits Verheye from Oeselgem. Later supplemented with pigeons from Marcel Sonneville from Lauwe, from Vital Dheedene , from Noël Claerhout, from De Ruyck-Dewitte, all from Wielsbeke and from Dr Paul Volckaert from Ooigem. All fanciers that belong to the top in the middle and short long distance in West-Flanders.
In 2010 Etienne started with 30 widowers and he ringed 50 youngsters, this all divided over 6 lofts.

The “Vital” 3162093-07  already won the following prizes in 2010:

5th   Ablis       218p
75th  Tours       431p
361st prov Tours 2898p
74th  Tours       224p
1th   provincial Limoges 2300 p.

On father’s  side we have the « Zwarte Provinciaal » ( sort M. Verheye), on mother’s side a hen from Marcel Sonneville.

A few flashes from this loft in 2010 …….. they show us how Etienne belongs to the shiners in one or other competition with the regularity of a clock !!

1/5  Ablis    207 p :     1-2-5-12-19-25….(9/12)
15/5 Ablis    237 yearlings: 1-10-12-24-38….;(7/8)
15/5 Ablis    143 old birds:   1-9-10-24-29……(7/8)
22/5 Orléans  206 yearlings: 1-2-7-11-26….(9/12)
5/6  Tours    224 old birds:   2-13-18-22
20/6 Tours    319 yearlings: 7-22-45….(5/6)
20/6 Limoges  295 old birds Fondclub Rekkem: 1 -7 ( 2/2)
20/6 Limoges provincial 2300p : 1 – 23 (2/2)
26/6 Argenton 319 old birds: 8-23-40 ( 3/3)

Figures that say enough about the great sporting worth of this loft.
Our warmest congratulations to Etienne on this beautiful provincial victory in the Beaker race from Limoges