The especially good “3053156-09” from Frans Depraeter - Ingooigem (BE) 1st (inter) provincial Tours yearlings during the weekend of 20-21 June.

The Tours on the 20th of June – organised by the I.W.V. – was a very tough one for the pigeons….a cold and sharp north-northwesterly wind in the coast province and on the racing line made the homecoming difficult for the pigeons.

The “3053156-09” from Frans Depraeter didn’t let the grass grow under his feet and bowed into the wind with an average velocity of 1158,02 m/min to reach his loft ( 430 km) and win with flying colours against 3085 other yearlings.
With this the “156-09” has proved that he was weaned from class, because his honours list is full of references. Take a look at what the chap has flown together so far
Raced as a youngster with a nest !

14/5 Roye  330th / 1585 p
20/6 Ablis   95th / 445 p
26/6 Ablis 330th / 1110 p
4/7  Blois   34th / 209 p
18/7 Blois   73rd / 467 p
25/7 Bourges 54th / 485 p
1/8  Tours   30th / 324 p
7/8  Tours   20th / 203 p
15/8 Tours   19th / 156 p
22/8 Tours    6th / 109 p
29/8 Tours   15th / 140 p
6/9  Gueret  70th / 235 p

Voilà that’s 12 prizes in his birth year.
Now as yearling in 2010 !! Broken ????? Definitely not !! (in widowhood)

9/4 Arras      37th / 210 p
17/4 Clermont  21st / 149 p
24/4 Clermont  63rd / 254 p
1/5 Ablis      30th / 127 p
8/5 Ablis      48th / 203 p
5/6 Tours      20th / 217 p
20/6 Tours 1st Fondclub against 150 p and 1st interprovincial against 3085 p.

In this Tours Frans achieved the 12the and 24th prize in the Fondclub against 151 old birds and with the yearlings the 1st -12th and 14th prize against 150 pigeons.
The “156-09” has as father a cock from Paul Lanneau from Ingooigem and as mother a hen of the sort from M & L Delaere from Anzegem. In other words a product of good x good ….and it has been proved ! Frans Depraeter has to be catalogued as a small fancier, a man that likes to race in the races from Blois up to and including Gueret…..His loft accommodation consists of 3 lofts for racing pigeons (old birds/yearlings/youngsters) and a breeding loft with 4 couples coming for 90% from Paul Lanneau from Ingooigem, further from M & L Delaere from Anzegem, from Roger Decock from Ingooigem and J.P. Moro from Otegem. The pigeons give Frans a lot of pleasure…..taking into account  the small number of pigeons he has, he goes to the club with a small basket but he is always amongst the bigger fanciers in the results, because with just 3 old birds, 5 yearlings and 20 youngsters he always   has to ‘search’ for something to put in the arena ….He had the most pleasure from his ‘Schonestaart”, a pigeon that never missed a prize once he was basketted for further than Paris. In 2008 he won from Ablis, Orléans, 2 x Blois, Bourges and 4 x Tours , in 2009 a.o. from Ablis, Blois and 3 x Tours and now in 2010 up until present: Ablis, 3 x Tours and 1st Bourges against 196 p. An exceptionally good pigeon may we say!  Maybe the selection requirements by Frans are so high that only the real toppers remain, because there is no place for “renters” !!
Our warmest congratulations with this interprovincial victory.