Alwin Petrie - Brummen (BE) The Dutch Sprint sensation

One of the best Dutch lofts in the sprint and middle distance with a golden stock of fabulous front racers!! Without doubt, this is what Alwin Petrie has grown into.

As a teenager his golden basis, based on ‘Fameuze 05’ and ‘James Bond’, resulted in him being given the nickname of ‘the golden boy’ and now, nearly fifteen years later,  Alwin stands at the lonely top in the Dutch sprint races. The impressive series of top prizes – with only a limited number of pigeons – prove this week after week. Pipa decided to start 2010 in style and travelled to Brummen to get the ‘story of the master’ and what lies behind his success.

Alwin Petrie swears by good pigeons and has done ever since he took his first steps in the pigeon sport as a teenager. And the pigeons that he bought at the time are still at the basis of the current successes. Which giants are we talking about?? Alwin twice bought a round of youngsters from Cees Suykerbuyk, the man with a fantastic ‘Fameuze 05’ stock which led those legends so as ‘James Bond’ (1. Nat. Ace pigeon middle distance WHZB 1984), ‘Glamourboy’ (1. NPO Etampes 13.142 p. and 7x 1st prize) and ‘Commander Bond’ (6x 1st prize) to a lonely height. In the meantime, descendants of this fantastic basis have ensured that Alwin Petrie has belonged to the men to beat in the east of the Netherlands for more than twenty years.

A few highlights from Alwins early period? They don’t lie about the quality of his performances
A small selection:

1st not nominated champion extreme middle distance district 6 (7.000 members) 1991
1st NPO Bourges 10.221 p. in 2001 (‘Mister Bond’)
1st middle distance champion in province Rijn Ijssel (1300 members) 1991
1st Ace pigeon in province Rijn Ijssel 1991 (’Donkere 15’)
1st Ace pigeon in province Rijn Ijssel 1996 (’Porsche Bond’)
2nd nominated extreme middle distance champion in province 8 GOU (4.500 members) 2000
2nd nominated late races champion in province 8 GOU 2001
2nd Ace pigeon extreme middle distance in province 8 GOU 2000 (‘Mister Bond’)
2nd not nominated sprint champion province 8 GOU 2002
3rd not nominated general sprint champion in province 8 GOU 2002

Super couple ‘Massaratti’ x ‘Blue Dahlia’

Alwin Petrie super couple ‘Massaratti’ x ‘Blue Dahlia’; parents of at least 11 different 1st prize winners!!!

In 2000 Alwin Petrie coupled the NL98-5834551 ‘Massarati’ with the NL96-5617656 ‘Blue Dahlia’ for the first time. ‘Massaratti’ was  5th Ace pigeon, won 5 top 10 prizes in big races and comes directly out the line of ‘James Bond’, ‘Fameuze 05’ and ‘Glamourboy’. ‘Blue Dahlia’ comes out the line of ‘Rocky’ (1. Nat. Ace pigeon sprint WHZB 1985) and ‘Porsche Bond’. Alwin made a golden move in coupling these two pigeons together!! In 2000 they produced direct wonder cocks ‘Majesty’ and ‘First Knight’, after which innumerable fantastic descendants followed:


Bred and raced by Alwin Petrie
2x 1st Ace pigeon District Zutphen with a.o. 1st against 10.973 p. Children win a.o. 1st prize against 10.478 p., 1.053 p., 902 p., 254 p. and 1st Ace pigeon sprint District Zutphen 2009. In 2009 a grandchild by Marcel Sangers was 1st Ace pigeon youngsters province 8 (3.380 members) over the NPO races, with a.o. 8. Nat. Mantes la Jolie 12.995 p.

‘Majesty’ 00/763; 1st Ace pigeon District Zutphen 2001 and 2002 – 1st Hensies 10.973 p. – winner 3x 1st prize.
‘First Knight’ 00/762; 3rd Ace pigeon late races District Zutphen 2001 & winner 2x 1st prize
‘Mike’ 02/181; 1st Ace pigeon District Zutphen 2004 – 7. Nat. Ace pigeon Best of the Best 2004 – winner 4 x 1st prizes
‘Brother Mike’ 02/182; 1st Boxtel 446 p.
‘Michaela’ 02/145; as youngster 2x 1st en 1x 2nd after loft companion – 1st Heverlee 2nd518 p.
‘De 393’ 393/03; winner 10x 1st prize against average 900 p., a.o. against 4.814 p. – 1.922 p. – 1.822 p. – 783 p. – 562 p.
‘Princess’ 056/02; winner 2x 1st prize – 1st Boxtel 1.760 p. – 2nd Duffel 1.354 p.
‘Brother Majesty’ 354/04; 1st Maaseik 534 p., 2nd Heverlee 451 p.
‘Sister Majesty’; 1st Pommeroeul 250 p. – 3rd Pommeroeul 5.613 p. 
‘Rossi’ 08/460 (son ‘Massaratti’); 1st Peronne 4.229 p., 2nd NPO Peronne 23.000 p.
‘Chanel’ 08/355 (daughter ‘Massaratti’); 1st Morlincourt 1.170 p., 3rd Morlincourt 5.280 p., 7th Peronne 3.676 p.
Best grandchildren of ‘Massaratti’ x ‘Blue Dahlia’ are:
’Camelot’; winner 3x 1st – 1st Hensies 8.510 p. – etc.
‘Royal Blue’; 1st Ace pigeon District Zutphen 2006

"Royal Bleu"
Bred and raced by Alwin Petrie1
1st Ace pigeon District Zutphen and a unique offer in Jewels of the Sky January 2010 part 9


‘Manice’; 1st Boxtel 10.478 p.

‘Santoro’; 1st Peronne 6.485 p. - 3rd Chantilly 3.834 p. - 8. Lommel 9.102 p. - 8. Peronne 1.342 p.
‘Crown Girl’; 2nd Ace pigeon youngsters District Zutphen 2008 (after loft companion) and 6th Ace pigeon youngsters Province GOU 2008
‘Marshall’; 1st Ace pigeon sprint District Zutphen 2009 - 7 prizes 1:100 - 1st Pommeroeul 1.063 p. – 1st Pommeroeul 902 p. - 1st Strombeek 516 p.
‘Malouda’; 1st Haasrode 254 p.

‘First Knight’
Bred and raced by Alwin Petrie
wonder racer out Massaratti’ x ‘Blue Dahlia’ and new breeding icon. 8 different (grand)
children have already won 1st prizes!

The super cock ‘First Knight’, son of the ‘wonder couple’, seems to have easily taken over the status of champion breeder from his fantastic parents. He was crowned as 3rd Ace pigeon late races District Zutphen in 2001 and won 53 prizes in 4 years time, with a.o. 1st Heverlee 572 p., 1st Lommel 414 p.. 1st PS Maxence 233 p., 3rd Boxtel 2.66 p., 4th Heverlee 2.810 p., 4th PS Maxence 1.042 p., 6th Boxtel 4.707 p., 12th Boxtel 13,748 p., 15th Bergen op Zoom 11,421 p. The best children and grandchildren of ‘First Knight’ are:
‘Camelot’; 1st Hensies 8.510 p. - 1st Houdeng 362 p. - 1st Orleans 198 p. - 2nd Heverlee 350 p.
01-869; 1st Tessenderloo 579 p. - 2nd Tessenderloo 536 p. - 3rd Boxtel 408 p. - 3rd Boxtel 344 p.
‘Maaike’; 1st Chantilly 3.784 p. (3. NPO) - 4. Arras 415 p. - 6. Boxtel 475 p. - 6. Harchies 130 p.
‘Sanne’; 1st Lommel 10.290 p. - 1st Lommel 425 p. - 1st Arras 415 p. - 1st Pommeroeul 167 p. - 2nd Breuil 4,305 p. (after loft companion)
‘Marian’; 4th youngsters Ace pigeon District Zutphen 2008
‘Robin’; 1st Boxtel 9.252 p.
‘Lancelot’; 1st Pommeroeul 6.847 p. - 1st Breuil le Vert 274 p. (3rd NPO North 5.800 p.) – 9th Peronne 8,824 p.
‘Blue Star’; 1st St.Quentin 160 p. (4th against 4.262 p.) - 2nd Peronne 152 p. (after loft companion) - 3rd Morlincourt 1.170 p. (after loft companion) – 7th Breuil le Vert 1.190 p.
‘Duncan’; 9th youngsters Ace pigeon District Zutphen 2008 - 3rd Pommeroeul 364 p. (after loft companion) - 8. Pommeroeul 5,964 p.
‘Santana’; 1st Peronne 3,587 p. (fastest of 8.824 p.) - 1st Strombeek 2.005 p.

Performances 2007 – 2009
Just looking at the many top prizes of the descendants of Alwin Petrie’s super couple and the new breeding sensation ‘First Knight’ suggests that he is capable of achieving magnificent performances. The figures over the last few years also do him justice. And that with only 22 racing couples and 12 breeding couples!! Inimitable, when you think that the majority of the current matadors enter the arena with multiple this number. In 2007 Alwin had a dexterous start and in the first six races he had a new record by winning four regionally:
1.-15.-16-etc. Lommel        10.290 p.
1.-8.-9.-11.-21.-etc. Duffel          9.877 p.
1.-14.-etc. Haasrode              8.350 p.
1. Peronne                  6.485 p.

But Alwin is a family man and when his wife Hester had a difficult pregnancy he decided in May 2007 to stop for a year. From May 2007 up to and including June 2008 he didn’t basket any pigeons. The super racers went to the breeding loft and in 2008 Alwin started again with a team of youngsters … with stunning results!!! In the 7 races for youngsters he achieved a.o. the following:
1.-7.-9.-15.-16.-19.-27.-28.-29.-31.-39.-41.-44.-45.-47.-48.-etc.Peronne        4.229 p.
1.-2.-3.-4.-5.-6.-7.-8.-9.-13.-23.-31.-34.-43.-45.-46.-47.-48.-etc.Strombeek     2.005 p.
3.-11.-27.-30.-32.-36.-43.-47. Breuil le Vert NPO North                5.800 p.
5.-6.-8.-9.-10.-13.-14.-15.-16.-18.-21.-35.-36.-37-42-43-etc.Pommeroeul        1.906 p.
6.-7.-8.-10.-21.-22.-23.-24.-25.-26.-27.-28.-29.-30.-31.-32.-34. Pommeroeul    5.964 p.
7.-8.-9.-17.-18.-20.-32.-33.-34.-etc. Boxtel                        3.025 p.
8.-12.-13.-14.-15.-22.-31.-32.-33.-34.-36.-39.-47.-48.-etc. Morlincourt        3.788 p.
After almost two years without racing the old birds, Alwin returned in 2009 with a fabulous team of yearlings which often made a fool of the rest of the not so small competition.

The best races from 2009 are:
1.-3.-52.-58.-60.-62.-63.-69.-etc. Boxtel                        9.252 p.
1.-3.-4.-5.-7.-9.-10.-13.-14.-15.-16.-17.-19.-etc. Peronne                8.824 p.
1.-2.-3.-4.-16.-22.-23.-24.-26.-27.-40.-etc.Pommeroeul                6.824 p.
1.-7.-9.-18.-21.-22.-27.-28.-31.-etc. Strombeek                    1.331 p.
1.-2.-3.-4.-6.-7.-14.-18.-23.-26.-29.-etc. Morlincourt                1.170 p.
1.-3.-4.-9.-10.-11.-19.-20.-21.-30.-31.-32.-33.-etc. Pommeroeul            1.063 p.
1.-2.-3.-4.-5.-8.-11.-etc. Pommeroeul                             902 p.
3.-23.-31.-33.-38.-42.-46.-48.-49.-etc.Strombeek                    5.667 p.
4.-5.-6.-14.-15.-17.-22.-24.-25.-30.-31.-33.-etc. St. Quentin            4.262 p.
4.-6.-7.-8.-11.-12.-13.-14.-17.-26.-27.-etc Peronne                    3.676 p.
6.-8.-9.-10.-11.-12.-23.-24.-26.-27.-30.-etc. Pommeroeul                4.964 p.   

World famous ‘Bond’-dynasty
But don’t we also know the name Alwin Petrie from the famous ‘Bond’-dynasty? That’s right, think of ‘Porsche Bond’ and ‘Mr. Bond’. Two super cocks which were bred and raced by Alwin. After their magnificent racing careers they moved to ‘neighbour’ Hans Eijerkamp and Sons, who used them to build up their famous Eijerkamp-Janssen stock. Because what a success the descendants of these topers have all over the world. And the basis … that is still present by Alwin Petrie!! Almost weekly, he picked the fruits of this magnificent quality!

‘Porsche Bond’
Bred and raced by Alwin Petrie
1st Ace pigeon province Rijn-Ijssel and winner 2 x 1st prizes & grandfather of a.o. 3 different 1st NPO winners … later stock father of Janssen pedigree by Hans Eijerkamp and Sons.

‘Porsche Bond’ was crowned by Alwin Petrie as 1st Ace pigeon in province Rijn-Ijssel and he was winner of 2x 1st prize. He turned out to be much more worthy as a breeder!!! He is a.o. father of ‘Mr. Bond’, who we will introduce to you later, but also from:
‘Miss Antonia’, winner 1st NPO Bourges 10.040 p., 1st Boxtel 2.218 p., 2nd PS Maxence 2,173 p. (by Lotte Eijerkamp)
‘Catharina Amalia’, winner 1st Nat. Troyes 10.281 p. (by Hans Eijerkamp & Sons)
‘Porsche Bond’ is great grandfather of ‘Ché’, 1st NPO Orleans 14.285 p., 1st Arras 9.641 p., 9. NPO Orleans 18.184 p. and father of 1st NPO Orleans 5.153 p., 2nd NPO Breuil le Vert 5.800 p., 3rd NPO Chateauroux 2.407 p.
‘Porsche Bond’ is a direct son of the ‘Blauwe 720’ (grandson ‘Fameuze 05’) … a daughter of the ‘Blauwe 720’ sat for a few years by Nico-Jan Koenders; to reinforce his breeding loft. And what a success that was for Nico-Jan!! From this 803 he bred a.o. his topper ‘Zlatan’, 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon WHZB 2003 and 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon The Best of the Best 2003 with 3 x 1st prizes. He is a.o. father of ‘Lorca’ (2. Nat. Ace pigeon sprint NPO 2008) and ‘Salinero’ (5th NPO Bourges 3.673 p. & 10th NPO Orleans 5.741 p.). His brother is top breeder ‘Tomas’, whose direct descendants are responsible for a.o. 1st NPO Blois 7.917 p., 2nd NPO Peronne 8.216 p., 2nd NPO Peronne 9.858 p. 7. NPO Chantilly 4.340 p.

‘Mr. Bond’
Bred and raced by Alwin Petrie
1st NPO Bourges winner against 10.221 p. and later super breeder by Hans Eijerkamp and Sons.

‘Mr. Bond’ excelled by Alwin, in 2004 declared 2nd Ace pigeon extreme middle distance province 8 with 5.400 members … He won a.o. 1st NPO Bourges 10.221 p., 1st Chantilly 4.621 p., 1st Duffel 1.964 p., 1st Houdeng 577 p. (3rd against 11.404 p.), 1st Orleans 308 p. (7th against 4.932 p.), 1st Creil 244 p. (5th against 3.189 p.), 2nd LF Bernard 2.865 p., 2nd Houdeng 492 p., 8th Chantilly 2.833 p. Super daughter of his is ‘Little Miss’, by Alwin, winner of 1st Maaseik against 10.221 p. and her nest brother won a.o. 1st St. Quentin 1.528 p., 2nd Tessenderloo 539 p., 2nd St. Ghislain 393 p., etc. Afterwards he moved to the breeding lofts of  Hans Eijerkamp, where he produced excellent descendants. Brothers and sisters of ‘Mr. Bond’ however remained in the breeding lofts of Alwin Petrie and shined there with their breeding.

The best:
‘Maximus’, 9th Ace pigeon District Zutphen, 1st St. Ghislain 658 p., 1st Houdeng 492 p. Father of winners 1st Boxtel 558 p., 2nd Maaseik 3.399 p., 2nd Peronne 509 p., 2nd St. Ghislain 139 p.
‘914 Brother Mr. Bond’, 1st Lommel 511 p., 1st Houdeng 603 p. Father of ‘Goede Jaarling’ 1st St.Quentin 292 p., 2nd Hensies 8.510 p. (after loft companion), 5th St. Quentin 6.402 p., 7th Niergnies 8.614 p., 9th St. Ghislain 2.411 p. and father of ‘Happy Girl’, 1st Lommel 1.993 p., 2nd Lommel 226 p., 3rd Houdeng 315 p., but also of full sister ‘Happy Girl’, 3rd Breuil le Vert 4.305 p.,  
‘Diva Bond’, as a youngster winner of 1st PS Maxence 361 p. and super breeding hen!!! A.o. mother of ‘Hester’ (2nd Nat. Ace pigeon extreme middle distance WHZB 2007 and 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon extreme middle distance Best of the Best 2007 by Lotte Eijerkamp) & ‘Salinero’ (winner 3 x 1st prizes, 5th NPO Bourges 3.673 p. and 10th NPO Orleans 5.741 p. by Nico-Jan Koenders). Grandmother of ‘Fabio’ (1st NPO Ablis 5.681 p. and 3rd NPO Gien 4.482 p. by Nico-Jan Koenders) and ‘Cancelara’ (2nd Ace pigeon extreme middle distance province 2009)
‘366 Sister Mr. Bond’, super breeder, youngsters from 2008 who excelled and jointly won 5th Ace pigeon sprint District Zutphen 2009, 8th Ace pigeon middle distance District Zutphen 2009, 1st Pommeroeul 364 p., 2nd Strombeek 2.005 p. (after loft companion), 2nd Pommeroeul 902 p. (after loft companion), 3rd Strombeek 2.005 p. (after loft companion), 4th Morlincourt 1.170 p. (after loft companions), 5th Pommeroeul 902 p. (after loft companions), 6th Pommeroeul 5.964 p., 6th St.Quentin 160 p. (after loft companions), 7th Peronne 8.824 p., 7th Morlincourt 5.280 p.), 7th Strombeek 6.000 p., 7th Strombeek 1.331 p., 8th Pommeroeul 4.946 p., 8th Morlincourt 3.788 p., 8th Peronne 1.032 p.,

Once again there is no doubt that Alwin Petrie owns a formidable stock of pigeons when you look at the above successes. More and more fanciers worldwide profit from his marvellous stock pigeons and win with descendants of the Petrie pigeon. Think of the dignitaries so as Hans Eijerkamp & Sons, Marcel Sangers en Nico-Jan Koenders …
Alwin Petrie; rightly a superman!