Hazaert Kamiel & Gerry - Neerijse (BE) National Champion KBDB - Yearlings and 9th national Ace pigeon KBDB grand middle distance 2009

The title of National Champion KBDB Yearlings 2009 was officially won by Hazaert Kamiel. It would be an injustice not to mention the name of his son Gerry.

Not that father Kamiel doesn’t pull his weight, far from it, the maintaining of the lofts and the daily care is still his job. Kamiel Hazaert (70 years old in 2009) and son Gerry (38 years old) live in the quiet Neerijse, municipality Huldenberg. The father of Kamiel, Louis, was also a passionate pigeon fancier.
When we look at the surroundings of the area we immediately think of an upcoming plague in the pigeon world. The birds of prey. The Hazaert household doesn’t have much trouble from them, despite the underlying forests and the closeness of a beautiful nature reserve, they have found something for them. Crows and birds of prey are not the best of friends. The crows are fed every day with bread and they love any bad or surplus pigeon eggs. This system means that especially the sparrow hawks stay away. Sometimes a few buzzards will circle at a great height, but these are not as dangerous for the pigeons.
Kamiel married in 1964, a week after his wedding he started building his first pigeon loft (part of the blue loft – see photo)
It was  in 1995 that son Gerry asked him if they could expand the colony together.

Father Kamiel is quite a nervous, active type, can’t sit still for long and after an hour of waiting for the pigeons he finds something else to do. Not that the waiting had to be done alone, a few trusted waiters are always present, with a "beer" or a cup of coffee. There is also a gathering of friends every Sunday morning at the Hazaert house.
Kamiel lost his wife much too soon, busy as he is, he doesn’t feel lonely, certainly not, but he looks forward to the gathering of friends on the Sunday morning and talking about the pigeons for a few hours.
Basketting, waiting for the pigeons and returning the clocks is done by son Gerry who lives a few hundred metres from the family home. He visits every day to help Dad where necessary. Gerry is clearly the strategist who plans and orchestrates everything. The Hasaert household likes to take part in all disciplines from sprint, middle distance, grand middle distance to even long distance. At the moment they are restricting themselves to the 1-day long distance.

In 2009 a few tests were done with yearlings, including Tulle télévie in August, and with success.
Until 2009 the middle distance was raced from the clubs in Wavre and Heverlee (Demer and Dijle union) and the sprint in Nethen. Gerry is going to try to race as much as possible from the same club (Wavre) to reduce the number of trips. He also believes that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to race against the professional lofts. Specialisation is necessary. If there is nobody home al day, it is almost impossible to take proper care of the pigeons. Luckily dad Kamiel is always present.
The number of fanciers is reducing dramatically. In Neerijse there are still 7, in Huldenberg 1, in Ottenburg 4 and in Sint Agata-Rode only 1. Gerry has 2 children, but this does not secure the future.

The late appearance of this well-deserved report is due to the fact that Gerry had to have a knee operation, as a result of a driven football career, which has now definitely come to an end.

Stock and method
120 pigeons are allowed to stay for the winter, every year 100 youngsters join them. The racing team consists of 38 widowers, wherefrom 10 old and 28 yearlings, supplemented with 9 hens, a portion of the widowers are coupled around the 10th of December, together with the breeders. Both the breeders and the racers are allowed to raise 2 youngsters.
At the end of 2009 the 8 best racers were moved to the breeding loft, as a result of which, the racing team mainly consists of young promising elements. 
For the sprint races to the grand middle distance the pigeons consist of 50 % from Draye René & Patrick from Sint Joris Weert. When we say Draye we automatically speak of Eric Limbourg-pigeons, René and Patrick regularly went to the wonderboy from Brussegem for supplies, supplemented with what they call their own old sort.
A few other cultivated pedigrees are, De Munter Adrien & son, Stroobants Frans, Schroyens Hubert, Beullens and son, Van Avondt Henri & Danny, Van Horenbeeck Leo & Christophe.
Because Kamiel Hazaert and son would like to race the long distance they visited the following long distance fanciers : Aerts Raymond, Verheyden Robert via a voucher, Renmans Eddy. De Jonghe Leo and Beullens & son Heverlee with the Brinkman sort. Of course they also do well with the reliable Limbourg-stock which mainly came via Draye.

During the winter months the pigeons don’t fly outside. There has been an aviary added to nearly every loft. These are removed at the end of January. The racing pigeons which are then usually too heavy then have enough time to train off their excessive fat. During the winter period all the widowers sit on perches in front of their box.
The trainings races are only participated in at the end of March by good weather. These are Gosselies, Momignies Soissons, to Toury, Bourges ...etc ...

Widowhood in its simplest form.
Hens are never shown. The dishes are turned over and the basketting begins immediately.
If the weather is favourable the youngsters are taken, together with his friend Freebos, to Gosselis to be liberated, which is a trainings race of 35 km. Together the two fanciers take 100 pigeons. The youngsters are generally raced with the sliding door. The first round is darkened, and this from the 15th of March to the 21st of June from 17h00 to 08h00. No lighting is used.
 If couples leave together for a race then the partner is waited for before they are let into the nest box. This system is avoided as much as possible so as not to discourage the first arrival. They try to choose a partner that is not participating in the races.
The yearlings generally make the best results. Older hens soon disappear from the racing team, the best are allowed to reside in the breeding loft.
The feed is kept very simple, various brands are bought and mixed together.
In a disused greenhouse the grapevines had had a lot to put up with over the last decade, but great successes were booked with the hens. The Tulle-yearlings have also housed themselves in this converted glass loft. It is a blessing that by the least bit of sun the entire loft is warmed.

Titles achieved :
1st National champion yearlings 2009
9th National Ace pigeon grand middle distance 2009
4th National champion yearlings 2008
1st Bricon Trophy 2008 middle distance
1st Superstar of the month July middle distance 2002 "Gouden Duif"
3 Entries in the Golden Duif 2009
1st Ace pigeon middle distance gevleugelde vrienden 2000
2nd Ace pigeon sprint Frankrijk Ave Regina 2005
1st Intprov. Bourges '09 3422 youngsters
1 and 2 Intprov. Toury '09 1949 youngsters
1 and 2 Intprov. Toury ' 08 1392 youngsters
1 Intprov. Vierzon ' 05 6201 youngsters
1st Intprov. Vierzon hens '05 2253 youngsters
1st Prov. Vierzon '04 1186 youngsters
1st Prov. Vierzon'05 1017 youngsters

In 2009   22 first prizes
In 2008   26 first prizes
In 2007   24 first prizes

A few results from 2009
12/04/09 Loon : Old birds 269 p : 1-2-.... 5/5
Yearlings 182 p : 1-2-3-4-5-10-11-14-15-......12/27
10/05/09 Nanteuil : Old birds 579 p : 1-4-6-7-8-18-22-.......19/23
Yearlings 460 p : 1-2-3-4-6-8-11-26-.......21/23
23/05/09 Toury : Inter. Prov. Old birds 2079 p : 4-14-22-30-34-....7/9
Club yearlings 201 p : 1-3-6-8-12-13-15-16-17-....16/20
Inter. Prov. 2399 p : 2-5-13-23-60-61-74-96-......17/20
23/05/09 Bourges : Yearlings Nat.zone:6226 p :4-8-38-113-124-......10/23
31/05/09 Ecouen : Old birds 149 p : 1-2-3-6-7-13-14-15-......20/31
Yearlings 157 p : 1-2-4-6-9-10-11-13-15-......18/27
13/06/09 Toury : Club yearlings 216 p : 1-2-3-5-8-10-......12/17
Inter. Prov. 1949 p : 1-2-4-19-49-51-.......15/17
27/06/09 Toury : Club yearlings 122 p : 1-11-14-15-....9/17
Inter. Prov. 1489 p : 2-18-29-30-57-77-.....9/17
04/07/09 Mommignies : Youngsters 149 p : 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9-10-12-13-14-.... 28/55
05/07/09 Soissons : Youngsters 299 p : 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9-25-26-......12/43
18/07/09 Verzon : Yearlings 1212 p : 2-9-11-18-52-56-61-76-......15/20
25/07/09 Bourges : Yearlings 3422 p : 1-8-35-50-67-82-.... 17/24
Nat. Yearlings 15508 p : 26-86 ........18/24
Nat. Old birds : 11756 p : 93 1/2

Top pigeons of the loft:

"The Bourges hen" : 2058331/2008
Draye Rene & Patrick - Loppe Marcel & Pierre X Beullens and son - Schauwers Gaston.
19/04/09 Laon: 17/419 p
26/04/09 Soissons : 39/276 p
10/05/09 Nanteuil : 96/460 p
16/05/09 Vierzon Prov. 13/1541 p ; Int Prov. 39/4640 p
23/05/09 Bourges Prov. 14/3123 p . Nat. Zone O 4/6226 p ; Nat. 245/22499 p
30/05/09 Issoudun Prov. 65/1817 p ; Int Prov. 239/5848 p
07/06/09 Chateauroux Prov. 676/2476 p
12/07/09 Soissons : 1/65 p
18/07/09 Vierzon : 9/1212 p ; Int Prov. 114/3124 p
25/07/09 Bourges : 1/3422 p ; Nat. Zone O 11/6621 p ; Nat. 26/15335 p

"The 19 hen" : 2058419/2008
Pure Demunter Adrien and son
Laon : 1/182 p
Nanteuil : 4/228 p
Mommignies : 5/118 p
Laon : 6/214 p
Nanteuil : 4/460 p after 3 loft companions
Laon : 7/211 p
Laon : 8/217 p
Ecouen : 4/157 p ; Prov. 45/1635 p
Soissons : 11/290 p
Vervins : 12/325 p
Nanteuil : 26/288 p
Bourges :Prov. 83/3123 p
Chateauroux : Prov. 127/2331 p
Toury : Int Prov. 129/1949 p
Didn’t return home from the National Bourges on 25/07/09

"The 60 cock" 2243760/2007
Den 23 X Chequered Argenton 2151893/2006
9 Nat. Argenton 5927 p
The 60 raced this over 2 years and was then a youngster from the 3rd round (month April)
Mommignies 1/397 p
Laon      1/269 p
Soissons   1/264 p
Mommignies 1/141 p
Soissons   1/107 p
Mommignies 1/160 p
Soissons   2/168 p
Soissons   3/137 p
Collegien   4/125 p
Nanteuil   4/112 p
Soissons   5/132 p
Soissons   12/284 p

Most important breeders.
The top breeder ; The 23 Blue 2240523/2004 is father of 16 first prize winners.
Lenoir - Vanbever X Draye R&P
Raced self : Sens 1/344 p ; 5/1233 p
Toury 3/299 p; 12/3351 p
Laon 3/476 p
La Ferté 2/551 p
Soissons 10/388 p
Trelou 13/435 p
Sens 4/166 p ; 23/675 p
... and went into the breeding loft as a 2-year old.

The top breeding hen :
"VIERZON I" Blue 2280659/2003
Draye R&P- Loppe M & P X Schauwers Gaston - Wargee Eugene
Raced self :
Vierzon Prov. 1/1186 p ; Int Prov. 6/7296 p
Chateauroux 1/403 p ; Prov. 5/5457 p ; Int Prov. 24/13791 p
Soissons 1/369 p
Collegien 1/207 p
Toury 40/3922 p
Soissons 6/401 p
Laon 4/404 p
Collegien 1/156 p

Her sister.
" Blue 2240524/2004
Raced self : 1st Interprovincial Vierzon .
"The Blue Van Avondt" 2075867/2005
Van Avondt Henri &  Danny X Gebroeders Herbots

"The 96 Whitepen hen" : 2058396/2008
De Munter Adrien and son X Draye Rene & Patrick - Loppe Marcel & Pierre
Laon:3/182 p
Soissons : 4/290 p
Momignies : 4/118 p
Nan+euil : 6/460 p
Ecouen : 9/157 p ; Prov.64/1635 p
Toury ; Int Prov. 63/1949 p
Bourges : 67/3422 p
Laon : 11/217 p
Laon : 10/211 p

"The blue 64 hen" ; 2228064/2008
Chequered Wargee Eugene X Draye Rene & Patrick
Vierzon : 2/1212 p
Toury Int Prov. 19/1949 p
Bourges : 50/3422 p
Vierzon Prov. 28/1541 p
Chateauroux Prov. 199/2331 p
Laon : 5/182 p

"The 66 cock" : 2058366/2008
Pure De Munter Adrien and son
Momignies : 1/193 p
Soissons : 8/283 p
Momignies : 8/228 p
Nanteuil : 15/228 p
Toury Int Prov. 74/2079 p
Issoudun Prov. 94/1398 p

"The grey 24 cock" : 2058324/2008 & The Blue 25 cock : 2058325/2008
"The grey Leo" : Van Horenbeeck Leo & Christophe X Draye Rene & Patrick.
The 24 : Momignies : 3/237 p          
Vervins : 7/439 p
Toury Int Prov. 19/2006 p
Laon : 6/361 p
Toury Int Prov. 51/1072 p   
Momignies : 10/282 p
Toury Int Prov. 77/1489 p
Soissons : 7/388 p

 "The 400 hen" : 2058400/2008
Teryn Nico X Van Hoof Patrick
Nanteuil : 2/460 p. After loft companion.
Toury : Int Prov. 2/1949 p. After loft companion
Bourges : 8/3422 p ; National 86/15508 p
Vierzon : 29/1541 p
Laon : 5/214 p
Laon : 3/182 p
Soissons : 14/290 p
Ecouen : Prov. 68/1635 p

"The 94 hen" : 2058394/2008 Van Avondt Henri & Danny X Blue Vierzon I
Soissons : 3/290 p
Momignies : 9/118 p
Laon : 9/249 p
Soissons : 8/232 p
Nanteuil : 8/460 p
Chateauroux Prov. 50/2331 p
Montluçon Prov. 55/2067 p

"The 12 cock" : 2058312/2008
Van Avondt Henri & Danny X Blue Vierzon I
Toury : Int Prov. 2/1489 p
Toury : Int Prov. 5/2399 p
Toury ; Int Prov. 12/2006 p
Toury : Int Prov. 34/1225 p
Toury : Int Prov. 25/660 p
Momignies : 4/237 p
Soissons : 20/276 p

General view with right back the renovated greenhouse

Breeding is done during the winter in this loft for the hens. The boxes are closed and perches added.
A separating plank ensures that the hens can’t see each other or pair amongst themselves during the season

Left and middle, the loft for the third round of youngsters with aviary, right 16 widowers, only the cocks are raced.

Left loft for widowers, middle 20 youngsters and right 9 hens

The aviary in front of the loft for the youngsters

The aviaries for the breeders which will be renovated this year.

One of the breeding lofts in the renovated greenhouse

Entrance for the prospective long distance racers. A few yearlings went to Tulle to be tested and with success

The loft for the youngsters where the nicest performances were achieved in 2009