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Europa Master Winter Race ready for final weeks

Hotspot 4 took place today in the Europa Master Winter Race (Seville, ES). The pigeons were released in Zarza la Mayor, good for a flight of 301km.

Victory went to Thorsten Blank (Germany), who also seized place 4. Both silver and bronze also went to Germany. Respectively Dieter Siebert & Chen Yue and Karl-Heinz Wichtert.

The next race is the semi-final, which will take place on 29 March. And the grand final race will continue on 10 April. And this edition will then conclude with an additional final race on 24 April.

Location of lofts

Fanciers who want to experience the homecoming finals can combine it with a nice city trip to Seville. The lofts are some 30 kilometres outside the centre of Seville, in Coria del Río. Click here to find the exact location of the lofts.

Hotspot 3 - 253km - Herreruela

In this hotspot, victory went to Vigilidan Agoston from Hungary. 2nd place went to Karl-Heinz Wichert from Germany and Team Bäcker-Erlenbruch also from Germany captured 3rd place.

Hotspot 2 - 172km - La Albuera

The winner of hotspot 2 is Dutchman Bert Ploeg, on the heels of 2 German enthusiasts: Team Teufelsmoor and Thorsten Blank.

Hotspot 1 - 111km - Fregenal de la Sierra

The first win in the winter race of the Europa Master OLR went to Britain's Emeralds & Diamonds Dynasty. Silver was for Team Jafra from the Netherlands and bronze went to Super Star OLR Team from Germany.