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Team van Oss (Velddriel, NL) strengthens itself with icons of the Dutch pigeon sport

Irving van Oss versterkt zich met dagfondiconen
Irving van Oss wants to reach the Dutch top of the one-day long distance races as quickly as possible. For this he has managed to strengthen himself with 'one-day long distance icons'.

Big plans

Irving van Oss doesn't hide his ambitions in the one-day long distance races. He is well on his way to building up an unparalleled ‘one-day long distance colony’. A leading role is reserved for his Olympic Yoni, which he managed to keep together with Kyann and a son of National Pogacar from the total auction of ‘Team van Oss’. Irving has made the necessary investments to make his dreams come true. From Comb. Bakker(Zoelen, NL) young pigeons from NPO winners Germiny, Artus and Saraly came to Velddriel (Saraly was the revelation of 2023 with NPO victories from La Ferte and Chateauroux). A quartet of young pigeons were purchased from the best ones of Gerard Koopman (Ermerveen, NL), including a magnificent son of Coby(1st National Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking Best Long Distance Pigeon in The Netherlands 2022). In addition, direct pigeons from the PIPA Elite Center were added to the breeding loft. These include two sons of Porsche 911, four daughters of Prince Porsche, a son of the Million Pair and two grandchildren of Nadine. But the most notable transfers of the past period are Olympic Miss Annie (G.J. Beens), Olympic Mick (Riny Ijpelaar) and Blue Rum (JL Haselager). We would like to introduce you to the last three top pigeons.

Olympic Miss Annie: 1. Dutch Olympiad pigeon (Cat. Long distance 1 year)

NL21-1526740 Olympic Miss Annie, 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon Maastricht Cat. Long distance, 1 year

Irving's first trump card for his future breeding loft is NL21-1526740 ‘Olympic Miss Annie’. This hen was raced in a grand way by Gerrit Jan Beens (Genemuiden). Her performances in the one-day long distance races in 2023 were more than enough to delegate her to the Olympiad in Maastricht, where she shone in ‘Cat. Long distance 1 year’. She won the title of 1st Dutch Olympiad Pigeon and became National Ace Pigeon NPO Cat. One day long distance and held her own among the international force in the Olympiad as 6th World Best Pigeon Cat. Long distance 1 year. With the following results, Olympic Miss Annie secured a place in the Dutch Olympiad selection:

2nd Gien 598 km against 3372 pigeons (Section 8)
2nd Gray 577 km against 1637 pigeons (Section 8 North)
3rd Chateauroux 716 km against 2683 pigeons (SEC Noordelijke Unie Z2)

Olympic Mick 1e Nederlandse Olympiadeduif Grown up 2023

NL21-1168277 Olympic Mick, 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. Grown up 2023

The second pigeon that Irving managed to obtain in his search for top material for the one day long distance races is NL21-1168277 Olympic Mick, which was raced by Riny IJpelaar (Achthuizen, NL). The performances of this cock are phenomenal and more than enough to qualify as 1st Dutch Olympiad Pigeon for the Olympiad in Maastricht in Cat. Grown up. Unfortunately for the Netherlands, Mr. IJpelaar did not actually exhibit his top pigeon to the public in Maastricht, thus depriving Olympic Mick of a successful Olympiad. Olympic Mick finished 1st in the PIPA ranking 2023, Cat. Best Long Distance Pigeon in The Netherlands and also as 1st National Ace Pigeon World Best Pigeon in Cat. Long distance. Please find below the achievements of Olympic Mick as 1st Dutch Olympiad Pigeon in Cat. Grown up:

1st Vierzon 519 km against 1222 pigeons (Section 5 Sam. Z-H Eilanden)
2nd Pont St. Maxence 291 km against 4109 pigeons (Section 5 Sam. Z-H Eilanden)
2nd Pointoise 328 km against 1587 pigeons (Section 5 Sam. Z-H Eilanden)
3rd Nevers 504 km against 5281 pigeons (Section 5)
3rd Vierzon 519 km against 7435 pigeons (National Sector 2)
52nd Melun Andrezel 358 km against 6043 pigeons (Section 5 Rayon Midden)

Blue Rum became 3rd National Ace Pigeon NPO Cat. One day long distance

NL22-8352624 Blue Rum became 3rd National Ace pigeon NPO Cat. One-day long distance races

The third top class pigeon to be transferred to the breeding lofts of Irving van Oss is NL22-8352624 Blue Rum, which achieved great results in one day long distance races for J.L. Haselager (Westbeemster, NL). Blue Rum was crowned 3rd National Ace Pigeon NPO Cat. One day long distance, 4th National Ace Pigeon World Best Pigeon Cat. long distance and 4th in the PIPA Ranking Cat. Best long distance pigeon in The Netherlands. Blue Rum managed to achieve these national top rankings with, for example, the following results:

2nd Fontenay sur Eure 520 km against 3307 pigeons (Section 6)
4th Tours 640 km against 2516 pigeons (Section 6)
6th Vierzon 623 km against 2137 pigeons (Section 6)

The shortest path to success

Irving knows better than anyone that you need good pigeons. He keeps his eyes and ears open to strike at the right time to get his hands on top pigeons. The pigeons mentioned in the report prove that he has succeeded wonderfully. We are curious to see whether these top birds will be able to leave their mark on the results of Irving van Oss in the foreseeable future.