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Peter Theunis (Hoeven, NL) finishes off a sensational season with Olympic Dragon going to the Olympiad in Maastricht

Peter Theunis (Hoeven, NL) is represented by Olympic Dragon at the Olympiad in Maastricht
A year of highlights for Peter Theunis comes to a close with Olympic Dragon representing the Netherlands at the Olympiad in Maastricht.

Super season

Peter Theunis has managed to stand out with incredible results for many years. This is underlined by his classification amongst the Top 10 Best Fanciers in the Netherlands in past seasons. 2023 was no exception. It was impressive to follow how he powered through the racing season with fantastic results on all races up to 600km. The ultimate reward for his phenomenal performances will follow at the Olympiad in Maastricht at the end of January. There, Peter will represent the Netherlands with his star Olympic Dragon. Before introducing some of the pigeons which made the difference for Peter in 2023, we would like to share some statistics from the past season. A staggering 49 times Peter's pigeons flew a Top 10 result in the province Afdeling 2 Brabant 2000 against an average of 8,155 pigeons. Four times Peter had the fastest pigeon in Brabant 2000 (against an average of 10,325 pigeons) including a National Sector victory (Sector 1 Rayon A) on the Olympic National Grand Prix Issoudun against 4,181 pigeons (2nd National against 27,085 pigeons). Find several incredible results from 2023 on a provincial level below;

Niergnies 183 km 18,456 p. 1-6-7-17-21-23-54-84-etc.(58/64) 18 x 1:100
Morlincourt 248 km 18,082 p. 2-3-4-5-6-7-18-38-39-etc.(48/60) 14 x 1:100
Morlincourt 248 km 6,303 p. 6-9-11-13-55-57-etc.(20/28) 6 x 1:100
Morlincourt 248 km 5,048 p. 3-6-7-etc.(15/29) 3 x 1:100
Sens 385 km 7,140 p. 8-11-12-18-23-39-57-etc.(44/48) 8 x 1:100
Melun 351 km 3,316 p. 6-8-9-25-28-etc.(29/30) 5 x 1:100
Issoudun 546 km 5,237 p. 4-9-10-14-16-32-41-42-etc.(19/24) 9 x 1:100
Issoudun 545 km 2,286 p. 1-3-4-6-23-35-40-etc.(23/31) 4 x 1:100
Melun 351 km 8,458 p. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-11-13-26-34-35-etc.(50/92) 16 x 1:100
Melun 351 km 4,720 p. 3-4-5-7-18-29-30-etc.(56/79) 9 x 1:100


It is no surprise that such results in various disciplines and competitions led to new championship titles to be added to the extensive record list of Peter Theunis. Below you may find an overview of the most prestigious championships. Winning is the only thing that matters for Peter, so we have limited the overview to his 1st Prizes with exception of the 'Gouden Duif' competition and Olympiad ranking; 

Olympiad Maastricht; 2nd Cat. Allround with Olympic Dragon
Brabant 2000; 1st Nominated Long Distance Old birds
1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Old birds
FCI World Best Pigeon; 1st Category Allround with Olympic Dragon
National NPO; 1st Best Ace Pigeon with Olympic Dragon
PIPA Ranking The Netherlands; 1st Best Yearling of the Netherlands with Olympic Dragon
Gouden Duif competition; 3rd Long Distance The Netherlands
Fondclub Zuid Nederland; Golden Champion Afdeling Brabant 2000
1st Golden Crack Young birds Brabant 2000
National 'Eendaagse Fondspiegel'; 1st Long Distance 2023 Cat. 3

Wonder pigeon Olympic Dragon 

NL22-2226370 Olympic Dragon is the revelation of 2023

With NL22-2226370 Olympic Dragon Peter houses a true crack on his lofts. Where he previously stood in the spotlights with Olympic Millenium and Pure Gold as national ace pigeons, it is now Olympic Dragon which was crowned National Ace Pigeon with unbelievable results in 2023. Olympic Dragon is blessed with the genes of her mother NL17-3714981 Dragon Girl who herself won a/o 1st Montlucon (1,606 p.), 1st Pontoise (2,253 p.), 1st Orléans (1,652 p.) and 1st La Souterraine (1,380 p.). Father of Olympic Dragon, NL20-1496849 Atlantic, was picked by Peter from G. & S. Verkerk and turned out to be a great choice. Atlantic is a son of Duncan x Kiki Kate (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle/Long Distance PIPA Ranking 2015). The impressive palmares of Olympic Dragon can be seen below;

1st National Ace Pigeon Allround FCI World Best Pigeon
1st National Ace Pigeon NPO/WHZB/TBOTB
1st PIPA Ranking Beste Yearling of The Netherlands
1st Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Afdeling Brabant 2000
2nd Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. Allround
2nd National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance NPO/WHZB/TBOTB
2nd National Ace Pigeon Allround ‘De Allerbeste’
2nd National Ace Pigeon Yearlings ‘De Allerbeste’
4th Golden Crack Fondclub Zuid Nederland (2022)
4th Melun against 15,957 p. (Brabant 2000)
6th National Issoudun against 4,181 p. (Sector 1 Rayon A)
6th Morlincourt against 6,302 p. (Brabant 2000)
6th Morlincourt against 5,048 p. (Brabant 2000)
8th Melun against 3,316 p. (Brabant 2000)
9th Melun against 10,703 p. (Brabant 2000)
NL17-3714981 Dragon Girl (Fast Rocket x Dragon Star) is mother of a/o Olympic Dragon

Worthy successor to Pure Gold

In 2021 it was NL21-2111041 Pure Gold who won two national titles for Peter. This hen not only became 1st National Ace Pigeon WHZB 2021 (Young birds) but also 1st National Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking Best Ace Pigeon Young birds 2021. Pure Gold is a daughter of NL17-3715060 Bingo x NL20-1559096 Millenium's Gold.

NL21-2111041 Pure Gold won two National Ace Pigeon titles in 2021

Highlights 2023

Peter Theunis is a true winner. He views second place as the first loser. It is therefore we only discuss highlights in which Peter his pigeons took the victory. 

Millennium Ava wins Niergnies against 18,456 pigeons

Peter had a great start to the 2023 racing season. At the end of April a staggering 18,456 pigeons were basketed in Afdeling 2 Brabant 2000 for Niergnies (183km). With 1st, 6th and 7th in the province Peter was the big winner. It was his NL20-2002167 Millennium Ava who took the victory. Millenium Ava previously won races from Chateaudun against 2,456 pigeons and Morlincourt against 816 pigeons. Milllenium Ava is a daughter of top racer/breeder NL17-1371054 Avatar (son Millenium Pair) who himself won a/o 1st NPO Quiévrain against 13,331 pigeons. In the meantime, Avatar is father of 6 pigeons winning a NPO Top 10 result (against an average of 8,243 pigeons). Moreover, Millenium Ava is a granddaughter of NL11-3024491 Super Rossi, another phenomenon on the breeding lofts of Peter. 

NL17-1371054 Avatar, son of the Millennium Pair, won a/o 1st NPO Quiévrain against 13,331 p.
Avatar is father of a/o;
Avatar's Girl 2nd NPO Sens against 8,754 p.
Millennium Ava 3rd NPO Chateaudun against 6,277 p.
Special Ava 4th NPO Melun against 16,023 p.
Mad Max 7th NPO Issoudun against 7,183 p.
Super 62 7th NPO Issoudun against 2,472 p.
Fighter Avatar 6th NPO Sens against 8,754 p.

National Torres wins National Issoudun in Sector 1 Rayon A

One of the absolute highlights of the year 2023 was the performance on the only national long distance race, flown from Issoudun. In Brabant 2000, Peter won 1st-3rd-4th-6-... against 2,2286 pigeons. On a National level in Sector 1 Rayon A he won 1st Prize as well as placing 3rd, 4th and 6th. Against the total release - the national result against 27,085 pigeons - he won 2nd, 10th, 11th and 21st. The biggest spotlights are on NL22-2226358 National Torres, winner of National Issoudun Sector 1 Rayon A. This fantastic blue cock previously won 1st Chateauroux against 711 pigeons (2nd NPO against 1,914 pigeons). National Torres is a son of Grand Prix winner NL21-2127802 Blue Diamond (1st Grandprix Melun against 4,903 pigeons) who in turn is a daughter of the permanent breeding pair NL18-1191415 Grey Millennium x NL17-3715065 Golden Ace

NL21-2127802 won 1st Grand Prix Melun against 4,903 pigeons and is mother of a/o National Torres

Miss Bingo wins 1st Pont St. Maxence against 12,101 pigeons

With the young birds in 2023 it went as well as always. The first young bird who brought Peter a provincial victory in 2023 was NL23-2301754 Miss Bingo. She won the race from Pont St. Maxence against 12,101 pigeons on 12th August. This becomes even more impressive knowing she almost repeated this feat from Melun against 8458 pigeons two weeks later. She was however beaten by a loft mate and had to do with an honorable 2nd place in Afdeling Brabant 2000. With her performances she finished as 2nd Ace Pigeon Young birds Middle Distance in Brabant 2000. Father of Miss Bingo is NL17-3715060 Bingo (himself winner of a/o 1st Quiévrain against 1295 p. and 1st Peronne against 808 pigeons) who thereby underlines his breeding value. Bingo is also father of the previously mentioned double National Ace Pigeon, Pure Gold. Mother of Miss Bingo is NL19-3911840 Miss Golden Eye (daughter of Golden Pair, Grey Millenium x Golden Ace) who has finished a/o as 17th National Ace Pigeon WHZB during her racing career. 

NL17-3715060 Bingo is father of National Ace Pigeon Pure Gold and of Miss Bingo 1st Pont St.Maxence against 12,101 p.

Victory on Grand Prix Melun against 8,458 pigeons

It is almost a tradition; Peter winning a NPO Grand Prix victory with his young birds. In 2023, he lived up to this expectation. On the race (with the longest distance for young birds in 2023) from Melun across 351km against 8,458 pigeons Peter won with his NL23-2329960. The father of this winner comes from G. & S. Verkerk and as grandfather we find NL13-3316554 Last Son, the last son of NL06-0742659 Rocketeer (a/o 1st Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000) with which Peter shows that his old Rocket bloodlines are still relevant today. 


Olympic Rossie 2nd Golden Crack Fondclub Zuid Nederland

Peter values the end result of the Fondclub Zuid Nederland (Long Distance Club South Holland) highly, especially for its Golden Cracks competition. In 2023, several of Peter Theunis his stars managed to take podium spots in the competition. Amongst the old birds his NL20-2030276 Olympic Rossie became 2nd Golden Crack. This cock won 10th against 5,237 pigeons on the second long distance race of 2023 from Issoudun. On the national race from Issoudun, he flew 23rd National against 4,181 pigeons in Sector 1 Rayon A. Olympic Rossie is a son of BE17-6020483 National Rossie who won a/o 1st NPO Gien against 6,419 pigeons. Mother of Olympic Rossie is the icon NL17-3714984 Olympic Millennium (daughter of the Millennium Pair and sister of a/o Avatar) who herself was crowned a/o National Ace Pigeon in 2017 in the PIPA Ranking Best Young bird Short Distance 4 prizes and became 2nd Olympiad pigeon The Netherlands Cat. A Short Distance at the Olympiad in Poznan. 


NL17-3714984 Olympic Millennium, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon PIPA Rankings 2017, is mother of a/o Olympic Rossie

New Golden Ace 1st Golden Crack Young birds  

With the young birds, Peter managed to add the 1st Golden Crack Young birds at Fondclub Zuid Nederland to his extensive record list. This title was on account of NL23-2329953 New Golden Ace. She is a daughter of NL21-1254458 Blue Dragon (Brother Dragon Girl, mother of Olympic Dragon) from Fast Rocket x Dragon Star. The mother of New Golden Ace is BE21-6036131 Prox from Frans & Dirk Maris bred from super hen Proxi (2nd National Argenton 5,158 p.) With a/o the 39th Grand Prix Melun against 8,458 pigeons, 42nd Melun against 4,720 pigeons and 52nd Pont St. Maxence against 5,240 pigeons, New Golden Ace became 5th Ace Pigeon Young birds in the competition National 'Eendaagse Fondspiegel'. It is noteworthy how the Dragon bloodline of Peter excels amongst the Golden Cracks; 

NL23-2329953 1st Golden Crack Young birds FZN - Daughter Blue Dragon
NL23-2329901 4th Golden Crack Young birds FZN - Daughter Blue Dragon
NL23-2301709 6th Golden Crack Young birds FZN - Grandson Dragon Girl


We are short on superlatives to describe the performances of Peter Theunis. Remember, we have only discussed the absolute highlights of the 2023 racing season in this article. To once again underline this fact, we would like to draw attention to the number of 1:100 prizes won by Peter during the 2023 racing season in the provincial results of Afdeling 2 Brabant 2000. It were no less than 162!