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Joël Verschoot (Ingelmunster, BE) realizes another top season in 2022

Winning 1st National Valence, 1st Provincial La Souterraine and several National titles, Joël Verschoot can look back on a sensational 2022 season.

National long distance star 

The colony of Joël Verschoot has belonged to the best in Belgium for the past years. The true international recognition came in 2018 after they raced the best Belgian long distance pigeon ever, Armando. Other superstars such as Contador, Barry (full brother Armando), Nopri, etc. also played a role in the huge successes which the Joël Verschoot managed in recent years. 

Meanwhile, four years later, in the post-Armando era, Joël still manages to shine on national long distance races. More than that actually, as he fully lives up to his status as long distance legend. In the tough racing season of 2022, characterized by high temperatures and tough races, the class of the modern Verschoot pigeon became evident. It resulted in a new national victory, a provincial victory and several prominent titles. The highlights from 2022 are listed below: 

1st National Valence 9,061 p. in 2022
1st Provincial La Souterraine 1,429 YL in 2022
1st General Champion Inter-Westvlaamse 2022
1st General Champion Vlaamse Fondvrienden 2022
1st General Champion ‘Club XX’ International races 2022
1st General Champion Club du ‘Grand Fond’ 2022
1st General Champion Fondclub Rekkem 2022
5th Nat. Champion Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2022
6th General Champion Belgische Verstandhouding 2022
9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2022 – across 5 races (with 20-316)
17th Nat. Champion Grote Long Distance YL KBDB 2022

It is just a few of the titles from the endless list of achievements from 2022. For those who are interested in the complete overview of 2022, we refer to the link below. 

1st National Valence in 2022: 5th National victory for Joël Verschoot

It is no secret that Joël Verschoot pigeons don't shy away from hard work. The harder the conditions, the better the Verschoot pigeons perform. This was proven once again in 2022, on the hard long distance raced from Valence (678km) with a light headwind and temperatures above 32 ° C. Joël left the whole field behind him and won 1st and 4th National Valence against 6,061 pigeons, with the incredible long distance cracks Bisty and Alibaba. 

After Brive (with Cees), Pau (with Suzanne), Agen (with Agen), and Angoulême (with Armando), the victory from Valence (with Bisty) was the fifth 1st National victory (in 9 years time) for the Joël Verschoot colony. An incredible feat. Here are quick overview of the national victories: 

1st Nat. Valence 6,056 Old birds ’22 with Bisty
1st Nat. Angoulême 4,564 Old birds ’18 with Armando
1st Nat. Pau 1,661 Old birds ’16 with Suzanne
1st Nat. Agen 5,313 Old birds ’13 with Agen
1st Nat. Brive 8,337 Old birds ’13 with Cees

The crack who realized the latest national victory in Ingelmunster is Bisty, a grandson of absolute stock pigeon 'As' BE04-3176837 at Joël Verschoot.

- Bisty BE17-3031152

  1st Nat.  Valence  6,056 p. ’22
72nd Nat.  Angoulême 5,030 p. ’18
72nd Prov. Argenton 2,898 p. ’21
83rd Prov. Tours 4,880 p. ’19
85th Nat.  Aurillac 3,886 p. ’19
109th Prov. Chateauroux 4,688 p. ’21
201st Prov. Chateauroux 3,231 p. ’19
217th Nat.  Cahors 3,651 p. ’21
268th Prov. Blois 3,583 p. ’19

Bisty is a full brother of Baziel. Baziel is the supercrack that contributed to the spectacular result on Angoulême when Armando won 1st Nat. Old birds, Baziel 2nd Nat. Yearlings (clocked before Armando) and the other legendary racer Contador won 3rd Nat. Old birds. 

- Baziel BE17-3031084

 2nd Nat.  Angoulême 5,030 p. ’18
33rd Nat.  Montauban 5,408 p. ’19
92nd Interprov.  Tours 5,864 p. ’19
148th Nat.  Jarnac    4,940 p. ’18
163rd Interprov.  Blois 4,845 p. ’19
183rd Nat.  Cahors 3,018 p. ’22
208th Prov.  Vierzon  3,085 p. ’19
385th Nat.  Argenton 19,859 p. ’18
424th Nat.  Aurillac  3,886 p. ’19
442nd Nat.  Argenton I – 20,467 p. ’22
883rd Nat.  Bourges  19,133 p. ’18

That there are many mighty long distance racers on the lofts of Joël Verschoot is also shown by Alibaba...one of the stars of the tough 2022 racing season. 

- Alibaba BE17-3031071

4th Nat.  Valence 6,061 p. ’22
17th Nat.  Cahors 3,018 p. ‘22
73rd Nat.  Montélimar 3,778 p. ’20 – 1st Prov. 153 p.
144th Nat.  Angoulême 5,030 p. ’18
148th Prov.  Vierzon 3,085 p. ’19
151st Nat.  Bourges 34,311 p. ’21
244th Nat.  Montélimar 4,736 p. ’21 – 5th Prov. 222 p.  
445th Nat.  Montélimar 3,387 p. ’22
Etc., …

One of the greatest Belgian long distance cracks of this generation, is without doubt the phenomenon Boy. A superstar with an exceptional palmares, one which very few long distance racers can match in the period between 2018-2022: 

- Boy BE17-3031038

4th Best Belgian Long Distance pigeon 2019-2021 with 9 prizes – PIPA Ranking
17th Prov.  Limoges 3,037 p. ’20 – 102nd Nat. 15,979 p.
18th Nat. Libourne 3,317 p. ’22
49th Nat. Limoges II  6,986 p. ’21
90th Nat. Limoges I  13,569 p. ’19
93rd Nat. Libourne  4,605 p. ’19
96th Nat. Limoges II  10,319 p. ’20 – 1st Club 465 p.
98th Nat. Limoges II  7,236 p. ’18
126th Nat. Perigueux 3,783 p. ’21
145th Nat. Tulle 6,206 p. ’19
150th Nat. Bourges I  34,311 p. ’21
176th Nat. Limoges I  17,356 p. ’22
212th Nat. Souillac 4,476 p. ’22
234th Nat. Cahors  6,903 p. ’19
241st Prov.  Bourges I 5,780 p. ’22
245th Nat. Brive  6,117 p. ’22

Moreover, he is a half-brother (same father) to Agen: winner 1st Nat. Agen in 2013. 

There is no denying the newest superstar on the loft; Binaq. On father's side he descends from the Armando lines, whilst on mother's side we find he is inbred to icons such as Rudy and Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele. This crack ranked high in the KBDB Ace Pigeon competition across 5 National long distance races in 2022. 

- Binaq BE20-3062316

9th Nat. KBDB Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2022 - across 5 races  
65th Nat. Limoges 17,356 p. ’22
104th Nat. Zone Bourges 5,780 p.
162nd Nat. Libourne 5,317 p.  ’22
203rd Nat. Perigueux 4,779 p.  ’21
232nd Nat. Brive 6,117 p. ‘22
269th Nat. Tulle 9,763 p. ’22
316th Nat. Souillac 4,476 p. ’22

Son Dieter follows in the footsteps of father Joël

It seems that a new top fancier has risen; son Dieter Verschoot. With just a handful of pigeons, Dieter managed to become 6th National Champion Long Distance YL KBDB 2022, also winning the title of 13th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB 2022. He furthermore just missed out on a national victory taking 2nd National Libourne against 2,992 YL. Like father, like son. Dieter grew up with pigeon sport and quickly learnt the necessary skills to become a top fancier. These achievements truly make Joël proud. Who wouldn't be. It is wonderful seeing your son do so well, and securing the future of pigeon racing under the name Verschoot. 

Hopeful 2023 

The Verschoot household can look back on a mighty 2022 season with pride, both father Joël and his son Dieter. Housing a strong colony on which they can build further. Founded on superior 1st Prize winners and strong racers on the national long distance. A success story to which both Joël and Dieter hope to add some chapters in the years to come. The competition knows that these pigeons are the ones to beat.