Derek Walsh (Waterford, IE) makes a remarkable comeback

10 years ago, after a long break from pigeon sport, Derek Walsh came to the realization that he should be able to fall back on the best pigeons to reach the top again. These investments and the class of Derek as a fancier led to spectacular results on the lofts in Ireland!

To become the star of Irish pigeon sport he is today, Derek Walsh travelled to the Benelux on several occasions. He strengthened his stock with amongst others Boeckx, Heremans, Van den Bulck and Sangers pigeons. Fast pigeons, true racers, descendants of world-famous pigeons such as Kittel, Sagan, Broer Goede Rode, Boonen, Di Caprio, Bolt, De 030, De Gilbert, Pitbull, Best Kittel which reinforced his breeding loft. Many victories, often against large numbers of pigeons followed...

Some of the lofts of Derek Walsh.

A two-part career

Derek started racing pigeons when he was eight years old. As many in that time he started with breeding pigeons from stray racing pigeons. However, at only 22 years of age he left pigeon sport for what it was, and focussed on his professional career. At the time, he was satisfied. Derek had won everything there was to win, from speed to long distance races up to 460 miles (approximately 740km) and from federation races to the national races.  

Derek saw a lot of the world through traveling and stayed in Australia for a period of time. In the end - like his pigeons had shown him before time and time again - he returned to his home in Ireland. He had a successful career, with his own company in finance and real estate. 

When he was 52, after a 30 year 'break', he returned to pigeon sport. Quickly, Derek Walsh noticed that the sport had developed and he was impressed by the remarkable evolution pigeon racing had gone through. 

After his return, Derek didn't shy away to bring the best speed bloodlines to his lofts, also known as Dynasty Lofts. The foundation to his immediate success after his restart are the bloodlines of Olympiade 003 and Di Caprio of Leo Heremans.

Super Di Caprio (BE12-6142561) became the cornerstone of the Derek Walsh colony. 

Golden Di Caprio IHU16-S111330, super breeder and son of 'Super Di Caprio'.

Super Blue Max

Super Blue Max (IHU16-S111843) is a son of the super pair Super Di Caprio x Jill. He himself won amongst others 1st Federation against 2,980 pigeons. He also became a fantastic breeder. He is father to a/o New Max 990-21 and the top breeding hen Miracle Lady 506-17.

Super Blue Max IHU16-S111843 top racer and breeder.

New Max 990/21 won o.a.

3rd Fed. – 3,241 pigeons (arrived together with the winner)
3rd Fed.– 3,068 pigeons (arrived together with the winner)
11th Fed.– 2,014 pigeons
Miracle Lady IHU17-S003506, top breeder and inbred granddaughter of Di Caprio.

Miracle Lady is the mother of:

1st Fed.– 3,241 p.
1st Fed.– 3,068 p.
1st Fed.– 1,782 p.
1st Fed.– 1,537 p. (At the Bolger family)
1st Fed.– 1,102 p.
1st IHUNFC Nat. race – 730 p. (At the Bolger family)
2nd IHUNFC Nat. race – 2,035 p. (arrived together with the winner)
3rd Fed.– 1,782 p. (arrived together with the winner)
4th Fed.– 2,293 p.
4th Fed.– 1,537 p. (arrived together with the winner)
Bromax GB17-L24179, son of 'Super Di Caprio'.

One of the newest revelations on the breeding lofts from this bloodline, is Bromax (GB17-L24179), son of Super Di Caprio. In his first season as breeder in 2021 he immediately became father to several real winners, including Leo 145-20 (1st Fed. 809 p.) and Minstrel, GB21-V95153.

Minstrel won:

1st INFC Combine winner – 2,425 p.
1st Federation – 127 p.
17th Federation – 2,014 p.
Derek Walsh received a trophy late November for the beautiful performances achieved by Minstrel.

Besides the Heremans bloodlines, pigeons from Dirk Van den Bulck, the Best Kittel line and some Pitbull-blood from Karel Laenen, was introduced. This cross belongs to the best speed pigeons in Europe, with many achievements on both federation and national level. 

Other than the recent success in 2022 with Minstrel, Derek Walsh broke records in 2021 with some fabulous results at the National Flying Club:

Old birds 2021: 1,2,3,4,6 National Flying Club 3,043 p. (a record)
Young birds 2021: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 (a National Flying Club-record!)
Old birds 2022: 1,2,3,4 National Flying Club

Bolt Plus

One of the absolute stars on the lofts is Bolt Plus (S-17-003369), a cock which won the prestigious Irish Homing Union Merit Award in 2021, which is the Irish equivalent of a National Ace Pigeon as we know it in Belgium. 

Bolt Plus is cross between the bloodlines of André Roodhooft and Leo Heremans. Unfortunately, Bolt Plus was killed by a peregrine falcon in March. A huge loss...Bolt Plus was a son of the super hen Superstar Bolt BE16-4230031, who put her mark on the Walsh colony. For instance, she is also mother of another crack, Best Sagan (GB19-V75847).

Superstar Bolt

Best Sagan

Best Sagan is a grandson of super pigeon Sagan of Patrick Boeckx. Sagan became 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2013 for Patrick. Best Sagan won a/o the following prizes on the 12 speed races he was basketed by Derek:

1st INFC Combine winner – 3,034 p.
2nd Fed. – 3,212 p. (arrived together with the winner)
6th National winner – 2,148 p.
11th Fed.– 1,131 p.
13th Fed.– 1,102 p.
14th Fed.– 2,405 p.
16th Fed.– 3,267 p.
17th Fed.– 2,157 p.
18th Fed.– 2,823 p.
26th Fed.– 2,035 p.
32nd Fed.– 1,772 p.
Best Sagan


As mentioned earlier, Derek also strengthened his stock with pigeons from Dirk Van Den Bulck and Karel Laenen. Thereby, he introduced the bloodlines of the superstars (Kittel and Pitbull) of these speed legends to his breeding loft. 

One of these pigeons bred from these famous lines is Breakaway (GB19-V75988).

Breakaway won a/o:

1st Fed. 3,212 p.
6th Fed. – 2,823 p.
11th Fed. – 1,102 p.
18th INFC Combine winner – 3,034 p.
29th Fed. – 1,029 p.

Breakaway is a full nest brother of the Mother of 'The 307', who achieved the following results:

1st Ace Pigeon Young birds Fed. 2020
3rd Fed. 1,251 p.
5th Fed. – 2,121 p.
8th Fed. – 1,874 p.
15th Fed. – 3,375 p.

Father of Breakaway is Dynamic Greipel (BE17-4246495), a son of the world-famous Greipel of Van Den Bulck, full brother of his Kittel. Greipel was co-winner of the title 1st Nat. Champion Speed KBDB 2013 and became 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Speed Young birds KBDB that year. 

Mother is Trevor’s Lass (BE12-6037839) a direct Karel Laenen. Trevor's Lass is a granddaughter to Pitbull himself. Thereby, two very famous speed bloodlines were paired together with great success! 

Dynamic Greipel is (grand)father of several winners against a large number of pigeons:  

1st Federation – 3,212 p.
1st Federation – 2,405 p.
1st Federation – 1,321 p.
1st Ace Pigeon Young birds Fed. 2020
2nd Fed. 3,323 p. (arrived together with the winner)
2nd Fed. 2,440 p. (arrived together with the winner)
3rd Fed. 3,323 p. (arrived together with the winner)
3rd INFC Combine winner 2,425 p. (arrived together with the winner)
3rd Fed. 2,157 p.
3rd Fed. 1,537 p. (arrived together with the winner)
3rd SC Classic winner 1,434 p. (arrived together with the winner)
3rd Fed. 1,251 p.
3rd Fed. 634 p.

A phenomenal comeback.

The investments in the best speed bloodlines that exist, led to a fantastic breeding team for Derek Walsh. This breeding quality in turn led to immediate success after a 30 year break. This is extremely impressive, taking into account that pigeon sport has developed and the level of racing is incomparable to what it was several decades ago. Derek, however, managed to battle for the win and settle in at the top of Irish pigeon sport right away. It shows that Derek Walsh had a well thought out plan to start racing again. He knew what he wanted to achieve, and had the strategy to reach his goals. An overwhelming success. Hardly 10 years later, his name is renowned far beyond the Irish border. 

This beautiful story about the comeback of Derek Walsh and his Dynasty Lofts, show that with the right vision, perseverance, belief and the necessary investments, it is possible to be successful in pigeon sport despite a lengthy break. A feat that was deemed impossible by many, therefore we tip our hat, and congratulate you with these beautiful achievements!