Frits & Wytse Mantel (Oudega, NL) demonstrate their specialism with 3 top 10 finals in OLRs

 Frits & Wytse Mantel won 3 x top 10 in final races in 2022
In 2022, the upward trend will continue unabated for Frits & Wytse Mantel, with three top 10 spots in the finals of One Loft Races.

The competition must take Frits & Wytse Mantel into account

 In the relatively short period of time that Frits & Wytse Mantel have participated in One Loft Races (OLR), their combination has regularly been able to compete in the battle for victory in the final races. For all that, they only have a small loft of 4 meters with a small number of breeders, and only small numbers of pigeons are used in races. After saying goodbye to the active pigeon sport, both gentlemen are able to present good results from pigeons that were used by them on various OLR.  In the first year (2018) that they participated in the Algarve Golden Race, they already had a nice 18th place in the final race. In 2019 they shone with a 2nd place in the final (580 km) of the IAPC Challenge in the south of Portugal, where they also had the 5th Ace Pigeon.  In 2021 they achieved a solid 3rd place in the final race of the OLR Sofia and they also had 2nd Ace Pigeon there.  In 2022, these achievements will have a nice follow-up.  We find a pigeon in the top ten overview of the final on no less than three different OLR from Comb. Mantel;

3rd Final Corabia Winter OLR 2021-2022 (530 km) started with 2204 p.
4th Ace Pigeon OLR Sofia 2022 started with 1903 p.
7th Final Algarve Golden Race (505 km) against 3622 p.
9th Final OLR Sofia 2022 (420 km) against 983 p.

Olympic Amador and Vardy guarantee success

Since the start of the OLR adventure, the majority of the achievements are due to two base pigeons.  NL14-1439618 Olympic Amador and NL15-1208645 Vardy were first able to distinguish themselves in the racing lofts of Frits and Wytse and now form the basis for the successes in the final races of the OLR.  The year 2022 is no exception.  In the most recent success (7th final Algarve Golden Race) both top pigeons, as grandfather, have a share;

 Olympic Amador is grandfather of Alexio, 7th final Algarve Golden Race

NL14-1439618 Olympic Amador is the grandfather of Alexio (7th final Algarve Golden Race)

Olympic Amador created a unique event by classifying itself in 2017 as 1st Dutch Olympiad Pigeon in Cat.  E Marathon.  He owed his delegation, among other things, to a 1st NPO Blois (707 km against 738 p.), 5th NPO Argenton over a distance of no less than 802 km (765 p.).  In addition, his performances from Issoudun over 751 km (16th NU S4 against 1827 p.) and from Chateauroux over 773 km (45th NU S4 against 3679 p.) were impressive.  The results of his (grand)children on OLR are breathtaking.  In 2022, grandson NL22-8053937 Alexio claimed a 7th place in the final of the Algarve Golden Race, which started with more than 7,000 pigeons.  That achievement was credited in the following illustrious overview of achievements achieved by (grand)children of Olympic Amador with which he somewhat follows in the footsteps of the best OLR breeder ever, Romaria, who was bred by Jorg Hallmann from Germany;

1. Hotspot 3 Who Dares Wins OLR 2020
1. Hotspot 300 km IAPC Challenge 2019
2. Acepigeon OLR Sofia 2021
2. Acepigeon Moledo OLR 2019
2. Final race IAPC Challenge 2019
3. Final race OLR Sofia 2021
5. Hotspot 2 Victoria Falls OLR 2020
5. Race 1 Pattaya 330km 2021
5. Acepigeon IAPC Challenge 2019
7. Final race Algarve Golden Race 2022
7. Acepigeon Who Dares Wins OLR 2020
7. Acepigeon Golden Algarve Race 2021
7. 2020 Grand Average Victoria Falls OLR
11. Race 1 Pattaya 330km 2021
18. Final race Golden Algarve 2018
20. Final race Who Dares Wins OLR 2020
25. Final race Moledo OLR 2019
31. Hotspot 3 Victoria Falls OLR 2022
37. Final race (530 km) Pattaya OLR 2022
38. Final race Algarve Great Derby 2020

 Alonso is father of Alexio, 7th final Algarve Golden Race

NL16-1847875 Alonso is the sire of Alexio, 7th final Algarve Golden Race

It is the NL16-1847875 Alonso (son of Olympic Amador) who, as the sire of Alexio (7th in the final of the Algarve Golden Race), once again shows that his sire's exceptional qualities have been passed on excellently.  Alonso himself won, among others, a 1st Weert against 2227 pigeons.  His children show off their talents particularly well in the Algarve Golden Race.  In 2018, one child finished 18th in the final against 2132 pigeons, in 2019 this was a nice 23rd place in the semi-final and in 2022 even a 7th place in the final against 3622 pigeons.  In the VFWCPR 2022, one child in Hotspot 3 ranked 31st against 4980 pigeons.

 Vardy is sire of Vardess, 3rd in the Finale Corabia Winter OLR

NL15-1208645 Vardy is the sire of a.o., Vardess, 3rd final Corabia Winter OLR

The NL15-1208645 Vardy is another driving force behind the OLR successes.  This powerhouse won itself a 1st NPO Issoudun against 3319 pigeons over a distance of 751 km.  In 2022, Vardy not only became the grandfather of Alexio, who finished 7th in the final of the Algarve Golden Race, but also the sire of NL21-1484515 Vardess, who finished 3rd in the final of the Corabia Winter One Loft Race 2021-2022 (530 km).  This OLR started with 2204 pigeons.

 Jason is the father of the 9th pigeon in the final of OLR Sofia 2022

NL17-1622737 Jason is a new asset in the breeding lofts of Frits & Wytse Mantel

NL17-1622737 Jason is a new trump card in the breeding lofts of the Mantel combination.  Jason is largely cut from the same cloth as Vardy.  The sire of Jason, NL15-1208693 Milan, is a full brother of Vardy and his dam, NL15-1208729, is also a half-sister of Vardy (same dam).  Jason showed his breeding value with Tj.  & J. Geertsma where he became father of no less than 7 first prizes.  Jason then returned to the breeding lofts of Mantel in Oudega to become father of the 9th pigeon in the final of the OLR Sofia 2022 (420 km) against 983 pigeons and the 4th Ace pigeon in the race which started with 1903 pigeons.

NL17-1622830 Morgan provides top reference in 2022

The Mantel pigeons also have a patent on top performances with other fanciers.  This was endorsed by Douwe & Peter Soepboer and Eppe Bodde, among others, who have already managed to breed 1st National Ace pigeons and Olympiad pigeons from a direct Mantel pigeon.  Another top reference presented itself this year.  Henk Douna (Donkerbroek, NL) bred the NL17-1622830, a son of Olympic Amador, from NL17-1622830, the 20-713, which took third place in the PIPA ranking Best Sprint Pigeon in the Netherlands.  Morgan has since returned to the breeding loft of Frits & Wytse Mantel, where he can prove his breeding value in the future, in the OLR.

 Hot off the press, Frits & Wytse know how to tie Alexio to them

NL22-8053937 Alexio, 7th final race 2022 Algarve Golden Race

At the last minute, we can inform you that Frits & Wytse have managed to seize their latest revelation.  It was way up on their wish list to bring NL22-8053937 Alexio back to Oudega.  Alexio (Grandson Olympic Amador and Vardy) was explicitly present in the Algarve Golden Race with a 7th place in the final race.  With his speed of 1198 mpm in the final, Alexio arrived just two minutes behind the winner.  The Algarve Golden Race started with more than 7000 pigeons.  Frits and Wytse are very happy with the return of Alexio who maintained the name of Comb. Mantel in their favourite Algarve races.