Comb. Romein-Klein (Rotterdam, NL) are synonymous with pigeon sport at the highest level

For many years, Cor and Frank have known to excel in their favorite disciplines. At the foundation of these successes are several super breeders such as Quicksilver, Starlet, White Tornado and White Lightning. Descendants prove their breeding class time and time again.
Frank Klein (l) and Cor Romein (r)

Since the start of Combination Romein-Klein in 2014, we have found Cor and Frank at the top of Dutch pigeon sport. The breeding phenomenon Quicksilver plays a role in nearly all their successes. This Quicksilver was bought by Frank in 2013 from Arie van Gameren, and even though he was only fertile until 2015 he has been priceless in building the current stock. 



Quicksilver brought forth countless champions and still today, in 2022, descendants of this legend still fly to the top of the charts. At least 70 1st Prizes (no doubles) are won by his descendants, including 1st NPO 39,187 pigeons, 1st NPO 15,064 pigeons, 1st Afd. 18,584 pigeons etc., etc., ...

Besides Quicksilver pigeons were bought from the late Anton Ruitenberg, Zwolle and Danny van de Verde (now Kaatsheuvel). 

These pigeons formed the foundation leading to many National titles over the years and even to the Olympiad in Romania '22. Below we will introduce several pigeons further which have been especially important in the success of this combination. 

In 2014, Quicksilver paired to Super Hen (Anton Ruitenberg), bred  White Tornado (NL14-1007710). This grizzle flew 1st Menen against 3,437 p. before proving his worth as a breeder. He is father of a.o. Blue Tornado (NL18-1055406) who became 3rd National Ace Pigeon Short Distance. Blue Tornado in turn is father of Blue Shadow. Paired to Mr. Perfect, Blue Shadow is mother of 1st Fontenay against 4,622 p. 

As explained above, Quicksilver is father of White Tornado, grandfather of Blue Tornado and great grandfather of Blue Shadow (see below). 

In 2015, Quicksilver was paired to NL09-1128908 (Danny van de Vrede). This NL09-908 is mother of 10x 1st Prize against a large number of pigeons. The most important children from this pair are White Lightning (NL15-1655771) and Starlet (NL15-1655831).

White Lightning was a true crack, both in terms of racing and breeding, as you can see from the following overview:

White Lightning herself won:
11x prizes 1:100
1st Quievrain 2,321 p. (fastest 7,367 p.)
1st Duffel 675 p. (3rd 3,665 p.)
4th Roye 6,051 p.
4th Menen 3,437 p.
13th Duffel 5,379 p.
21st Quievrain 4,021 p.
14th Peronne 1,702 p.
15th Arras 2,414 p.

One of White Lighting's most prominent children is Lightning Strike (NL20-1451714).

Startlet (daughter Quicksilver) may well be called a phenomenon. In only 2 years time, she won amongst others the following ace pigeon titles on a National level:

3rd Best Short Distance pigeon WHZB/TBOTB 2016
2nd Best Short/Middle Distance NL PIPA Ranking 2016 (10 prizes)
5th Best Short Distance pigeon NL PIPA Ranking 2016 (5 prizes)
22nd Best Short/Middle Distance pigeon NL PIPA Ranking 2017 (10 prizes)
4th Olympiad pigeon NL Cat. G Yearlings 2017

After these achievements, Cor and Frank wisely decided to transfer Startlet to the breeding lofts. In 2017, Startlet was paired to Blue Wonder and bred New Startlet. As if this pairing wasn't good enough, Cor and Frank paired Startlet to Beauty Blue, who then bred Olympic Startlet. Once again we see Quicksilver as father of Startlet and grandfather of both New Startlet and Olympic Startlet. (Startlet herself was sold to China). 

New Starlet : 1st NPO Pontoise against 39,187 pigeons!!!!
Olympic Starlet : 3rd Olympiad pigeon NL!!!!

The hen NL09-1128908 (Danny van de Vrede) also plays a crucial part in the current stock of Cor and Frank. She is mother to 10x 1st Prize against a large number of pigeons. Besides the fact that she is mother to White Lightning and Starlet, which were discussed above, she is also mother of Miss GPS (NL16-1475658). 

The last two stars that made their mark on the successes of the past years are Miss Perfect and her son Mr. Perfect. Mr. Perfect was a great racer and won 4x 1st prize and 2x 2nd prize against a large number of pigeons. A child of this Mr. Perfect, paired to Blue Shadow recently became father of 1st Fontenay against 4,622 p. Miss Perfect (moved to China) was also a renowned top racer. 

Quality always comes first 

After Cor and Frank partnered up in 2014, everything went very quickly. Thanks to several gems such as Quicksilver, Starlet, New Starlet, White Lightning and White Tornado they managed to rocket to the top. They have countless championships, NPO winners, National Ace Pigeons and Olympiad pigeons to show for it.