Kas and Karel Meijers (Oud Ootmarsum, NL) achieve highlights on the speed disciplines and Olympiad in 2022

Kas and Karel Meijers (Oud Ootmarsum, NL): impressive on the speed races in 2022
For Kas & Karel Meijers, the year 2022 was primarily about the Olympiad in Oradea, Romania where they were present with their Olympic Anaba. Results wise, they managed to impress on the late tour races especially.

2022: Season with ups and downs

Kas and Karel Meijers look back on the year 2022 with mixed feelings. At the start of the season, Kas found out he was allergic to pigeons, which led to extreme shortness of breath. With help of a face mask, daily clean overalls and medicine, Kas got his allergies under control. Nonetheless, later in the season, there were superior results on the late tour as we are used to from this combination. A month before the start of the late tour races, Kas and Karel Meijers shined at the Olympiad in Oradea. They were part of the Dutch delegation, represented in Category A by the 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon.

1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon for the third time

NL2017-1743820 Olympic Anaba, 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. A Oradea

In 2013, Kas and Karel were present at the Olympiad in Nitra (Slovakia), where their Olympic Bolt was the 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon in Cat. F Young birds. In 2019, their olympiad success continued in the Polish Poznan where they were present with Olympic Nicole in Cat. A as 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon. In August, the Olympiad was held in the Romanian Oradea, where NL17-1743820, Olympic Anaba stole the show in Cat. A. This 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon finished as 3rd Olympiad pigeon Internationally. Olympic Anaba is a daughter of NL13-1769655 "de 655" (grandson Kleine Blauwe, 12th Nat. Ace Pigeon Speed KBDB 2011) x NL16-1176118 Nieuwe Queen Rossi (granddaughter BE11-6094058 Gilbert, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Young birds LCB and 4e Nat. Ace Pigeon Speed Young birds KBDB). Thanks to a.o. the following results, Olympic Anaba ranked 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon: 

1st Bierges 245 km - 3340 p.
1st Burdinne 240 km - 2757 p.
1st Niergnies 357 km - 715 p.
3rd Boxtel 140 km - 4129 p.
4th Quiévrain 315 km - 4249 p.
5th Tilburg 160 km - 3190 p.
5th Boxtel 140 km - 1961 p.

See here the NL13-1769655, father of Olympic Anaba

Olympic Nicole 1st Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. A in Poznan, Poland

NL16-1176076 Olympic Nicole, 1st Dutch Olympiad Cat. A Poznan 2019

Olympic Nicole NL16-1176076 preceded Olympic Anaba in becoming 1st Dutch Omypiad pigeon Cat. A for Kas and Karel at the  2019 Olympiad in Poznan, Poland. Olympic Nicole is a daughter of the Olympic Pair. This exceptional pair formed by NL14-1573085, who has a fantastic racing palmares, and BE15-6108377 Blauw Beertje. Together they are parents of a.o. Olympic Nicole but also grandparents to Africa Ace who became 5th Super Ace, 9th Grand Average and 21st in the Final Race (Lake Kyle) of the 2021 VFWCPR. Olympic Nicole has eight victories to her name including 1st Boxtel against 7,115 pigeons, 1st Boxtel against 1,315 pigeons and 1st Tilburg against 1,219 pigeons. 

Olympic Anaba and Olympic Nicole are important stock pigeons

Both Olympic Anaba and Olympic Nicole play an important role in the current stock of Kas and Karel Meijers. This is also the case for the parents and close relatives of both super hens. Olympic Anaba is mother of a.o. NL19-1340730 Aponi 5th Nominated Olympiad pigeon Cat. G Romania 2022. Olympic Nicole is a.o. mother of a 1st Semi-prov. Duffel against 12,904 pigeons and grandmother of Grizzle Anaba with a.o. a 2nd Quiévrain in Afdeling 9 against 25,743 pigeons. Also (half) sisters of Olympic Nicole are superb racers. See for yourself, as we introduce the following two hens; 

NL19-1340812 Sister Olympic Nicole

NL19-1340812 Sister Olympic Nicole, mother of OLR star Africa Ace

The NL19-1340812 Sister Olympic Nicole is, as a sister of Olympic Nicole, also a daughter of the Olympic Pair. Sister Olympic Nicole herself won a.o. a 4th Chalons against 1,747 pigeons, 12th Tilburg against 2,656 pigeons and a 14th Niergnies against 715 pigeons. On the breeding loft she has also proven her worth as mother of a.o. Africa Ace; 

NL20-791 Africa Ace
5th Super Ace VFWCPR 2021
9th Grand Average VFWCPR 2021
21st Final race VFWCPR 2021 600 km - 1,555 p.

NL20-1177679 New Nicole 1st Ace Pigeon Late tour Afdeling 9  

NL20-1177679 New Nicole, 1st Ace Pigeon Late tour Afdeling 9 Eastern Netherlands in 2021

The  NL20-1177679 New Nicole is a half sister of Olympic Nicole. Both hens have BE15-6108377 Blauw Beertje as mother. Father of New Nicole is a son of BE07-6379882 Juan Carlos who responsible for many current and past successes for Kas and Karel. New Nicole became 1st Ace Pigeon Late tour of Afdeling 9 Eastern Netherlands in 2021. New Nicole has a.o. the following results on her palmares; 

3rd Bierges - 2191 p.
4th Chalons - 1553 p.
6th Chalons - 1355 p.
6th Quiévrain - 953 p.
8th Arlon - 1727 p.
10th Duffel - 2652 p.

BE07-6379882 Juan Carlos (Heremans), grandfather New Nicole and top breeeder of Kas and Karel Meijers

On a roll

It is now time to look back on the 2022 racing season. On the late tour races, starting on 20th August in Afdeling 9 Eastern Netherlands, the Meijers pigeons were on a roll. The competition was blown away. This is amongst others reflected in the Grandmaster competition of pigeon sport magazine 'Het Spoor Der Kampioenen' where Kas and Karel ranked a.o. 1st, 1st, 3rd and 3rd on the five late tour races in Afdeling 9. Furthermore, they reeled in both the nominated and not nominated championships in the province (Afdeling 9). The pigeons were raced on nests throughout the late tour races on which they had fresh eggs on the first race. In between the races they weekly tossed the pigeons 1 or 2 times from approximately 12km. This led to the following results in Afdeling 9 CC4; 

20-8 Beek en Donk 129 km - 3058 p. 2-4-5-18-19-25-27-34-62-etc.(20/20)
27-8 Weert 154 km - 2877 p. 1-2-5-8-16-30-32-39-40-63-etc.(18/20)
3-9 Bierges 245 km - 2191 p. 2-3-6-8-17-18-26-27-28-41-43-63-etc.(18/20)
11-9 Quiévrain 315 km - 1542 p. 5-10-25-26-29-44-45-48-etc.(17/20)
17-9 Tongeren 203 km - 313 p. 4-5-6-9-12-20-21-30-62 (9/10)

Miss Nicole excels as 4th Ace Pigeon Late tour Afdeling Eastern Netherlands 

NL19-1340758 Miss Nicole one of the stars on the late tour races in 2022.

One of the absolute stars on the late tour races was NL19-1340758 Miss Nicole. This hen became 2nd Ace Pigeon in Afdeling 9 CC4 Noord. In the entire province (Afdeling 9 Eastern Netherlands) she became 4th Ace Pigeon, just behind the podium spots. In CC4 Miss Nicole flew a.o. 8th Weert against 2877 pigeons and 18th Beek en Donk against 3,058 pigeons. Miss Nicole is a granddaughter of the Olympic Pair. Her father is a brother of Olympic Nicole. 

NL19-1340725 New Ace finishes as 1st General Ace Pigeon

NL19-1340725 New Ace wins 1st Ace Pigeon title at the club in 2022.

With the NL19-1340725 New Ace, father and son Meijers win the General Ace Pigeon 2022 in their club. In 2020, this three year old hen already finished 9th Ace Pigeon Late tour CC4 of Afdeling 9. New Ace has won sensational prizes including 5th Quiévrain against 16,175 pigeons, 14th Arlon against 13,248 pigeons and 25th Dizy against 14,578 pigeons. Her mother NL18-1544922 Hanneke herself won a.o. 6th Quiévrain against 4,249 pigeons and 7th Duffel against 4,564 pigeons.

Full throttle 

In the winter Kas hopes to recharge his batteries for the 2023 racing season, in which he will mainly race with yearlings. He is already looking forward to it and is planning to go full throttle. It seems like a matter of time before this young generation will battle with the best. The quality is undoubtedly there.