Ken Easley and Son Racing Pigeons (Cedar Crest, USA)

Ken Easley of New Mexico USA is the third-generation pigeon fancier with the goal to own the top performance pigeons available and compete in the most prestigious International One Loft Races.

What separates Ken from many of the other major one loft players? Ken only raises 100 young birds per year with nearly all for his one loft entries.   

Ken enters very few pigeons in each One Loft Race and percentage wise combined with the number of entries his results are second to none.  Most of the largest One Loft players try to stack the deck in their favor, by entering numerous pigeons hoping for one pigeon to give a super result.  Easley regularly enters four to six pigeons in an International One Loft Race and his pigeons bring massive results.  This says much about the high quality and high number of excellent pigeons raised on the Easley property. 

BB-8, Knockout Winner SAMDPR 2019

For the last 15 years Ken has purchased the top One Loft Race Performance pigeons.  His goal was to enhance his already supreme breeding loft which included the best of Alfons Klaas.  Ken Easley decided to buy the winners and parents of the winners from Algarve, South African Million Dollar and Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race.  The blend of these dominating International One Loft Race genetics propelled Ken to the highest level of one loft competitors.  More recently Ken has added top bloodlines of PIPA Elite Center to bring his breeding loft to new heights.  Ken feels his results will keep getting stronger and never stops looking to add another superstar pigeon. 

Ken is much different than many others at his level in the pigeon world.  Ken is not a professional pigeon fancier and pigeons are his hobby and passion.  Ken does spread his time with other hobbies and also being a dedicated family man.  Being extremely busy with his business Ken still manages to remain at the top with limited time for his pigeons.  Fanciers that have great success and are not full-time pigeon fanciers, are rare and Ken is one of the rarest of all.  


Ken is the founder, President and CEO of Empire Builders of New Mexico, USA.  Ken has designed and built major projects throughout the USA and the world.  Ken watches and is involved in every aspect of the construction and applies the same towards his pigeons and his life.   Endless energy and optimism are two of the many excellent traits in Ken the leads to success in everything he touches. 

Ken Easley has offered limited pigeons to the racing pigeon public due to the small number raised each year.  The Easley pigeons are now winning in many countries including major wins in the USA racing in the most sought after One Loft Races.  The next chapter of the Ken Easley and Son team has yet to be written but the future and success looks very bright. Ken’s son is also quite involved with pigeons but now at the University as well as playing college baseball.  Looks like we will soon have a fourth generation Easley in the pigeon sport.   

Below are a sample of results:

4th place 1st race AfrikaPro 2022. 14th Black Jacket after 6 races. 1st USA

1st drop 250 miles America’s International Challenge 2021

2x 1st drop 110 miles Big Andy’s International 2022

1st Ace Champion 1320 birds Big Andy's

9th prize Finale Race 400 miles 901 birds
Big Andy's International OLR 2021
1st drop 204 miles 19 seconds
4th place 500 miles 779 birds USA & 65 place
International Enduro Race Victoria Falls 2021
19th place 350 miles Evolution OLR
5th, 7th, & 12th Prizes 416 miles Americas Top Pigeon
2nd & 4th Ace LD Sooner Challenge
13th prize 325 miles Sooner Challenge
3rd place & 6th place 150 miles Sooner Challenge
3rd place 100 miles Sooner Challenge
13th prize 2,252 birds Victoria Falls Hot Spot 4 (Race 7) $950
33 place 2,407 birds Victoria Falls Hot Spot 3 (Race 6)
29 place 2,588 birds Victoria Falls Hot Spot 2 (Race 5)
13th Prize 2/667 birds Victoria Falls Hot Spot 1 (Race 4) $950
2nd place Sea Race 2 - 2042 birds Derby Arona
e1st - 9th prize 2216 birds SAMDPR HSCR 2 - Dec 2019
e1st prize 325 miles California Classic final race.
e1st prize 350 miles Sooner Challenge.
1st USA 4577 birds Portugal Golden Algarve 43 Int.
11th prize 400 miles Hoosier Yearling 2019
2nd Prize 300 miles Hoosier Yearling 2019
1st Ace pigeon through 400 miles 2019
5th prize 325 miles final 2531 birds SAMDPR 2019
1st prize Knockout Winner SAMDPR 2019 - 5505 birds
Best bird based on 100-400 miles Flying D OLR 2019
4th prize 400 miles final Flying D Franchise 2019
e1st - 2nd prize 100 miles Flying D Franchise 2019
e1st - 6th 150 miles Flying D Franchise 2019
1st place 100 miles Flying D Franchise Futurity 2019
1st drop - 5th to trap by 15 sec. 5th HSCR 2800 birds. SAMDPR 2017.
2nd Country Challenge HSCR 4 SAMDPR 2017.
6th Prize Victoria Falls final race 2017.
1st Hot Spot Ace Winner Average Speed - 2016. SAMDPR 6 min. lead.
$35,000 in prizes and nominations. Only 9 birds, 5 finished.
1st Knockout Winner USA 2nd International.
1st Country Challenge Winner 5th car race, 230 miles 2287 birds.
3rd Country Challenge Grand Averages winner.
3rd Country Challenge winner Final Race.
3rd Country Challenge winner 4th HSCR.
7th Grand Averages USA.
24th Grand Averages International.
16th Prize Final USA.
83rd prize Final MDPR 336 miles 2161 birds.
3rd prize Car Race 2 SAMDPR - 3 sec. from 1st. - 1st drop.
11th prize Car Race 5 SAMDPR - 4.5 sec. from 1st. - 1st drop.
17th prize Car Race 4 SAMDPR - 40 sec. from 1st. - 1st drop.
20th prize Car Race 4 SAMDPR - 90 sec. from 1st. - 1st drop.
111th prize - Car Race 3 SAMDPR - 5.5 min. from 1st. - 1st drop.
138th prize - Car Race 1 SAMDPR - 2.5 min. from 1st. - 1st drop.
Eastern Washington & Oregon Combine 2016
1st prize - 350 miles, (also 9th and 11th)
NMRPC Auction Race 2016
1st prize 300 miles 501 birds.
7th Grand Averages Ace pigeon - Million Dollar Pigeon Race 5808 birds!!!
2nd US Grand Averages 951 birds.
35th Prize final race 661 km (411 miles) 3478 pigeons - Only 53 day birds. Head winds.

1st place 300 miles at the Triple Crown with a lead over next drop of 56 Minutes.
Only 11 day birds on an incredibly hard race.
1st Place Canadian International Silver Cup 325 miles started with 1600 birds

1st - 300 miles 102 lofts
1st - 2nd to trap by seconds on the Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge 250 miles - 102 lofts
7 x 1st drop throughout the entire 7 race series
3rd Ace bird Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge 102 lofts.
Ace Champ by 21 seconds! beating both top 2 champions in the final 317 mile race

Club Racing results

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th 8th, 9th, 10th 11th, 12th places out of 450 birds.
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th 9th, 10th 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th - 341 birds.
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th 8th places out of 288 birds.
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, & 9th place 400 mile young bird Challenge Race to Marfa, Texas
7 National AU Ace Pigeons, 3 AU National Hall of Fame pigeons.
26 e 1st and 4 pure 1st place.

1st place Champion Loft, 1st place Average Speed Club 33 champion birds.

1st place State champion pigeon with lowest unirate according to the AU National Data Base,
17th Ace Pigeon for Zone 3: Southwest (AR, LA, TX, OK, NM, Mexico, Costa Rica)

38 diplomas for race winners.
6th in all North America Young Bird Digest Ace Lofts, which includes all USA & Canada.
8th Ace Sprint Pigeon Digest Award - North America

We end this report with the pedigrees of some other important breeding pigeons and 2 of the trophees won on the OLR