Gerrit Stegeman (Rijssen, NL) excelled in `21 with Lowen, Best Young Bird Sprint Netherlands `21 (PIPA Rankings)

For years, Gerrit Stegeman has been competing with the best in the sprint races in Province 9. Last year he had the Best Young Pigeon Vitesse in the Netherlands with Lowen, but this year Gerrit's performances are once again more than impressive.
Gerrit with his wife Janneke in front of the beautiful lofts

How it all started

The 59-year-old Gerrit Stegeman, a tiler by profession, came into contact with the pigeon sport at a young age. As he himself says, he has been happily married to Janneke for a number of years. Together they have 2 children, Marco and Dennis, and 3 grandchildren. As mentioned before, he came into contact with the pigeon sport at a young age. Gerrit's mother did cleaning work for a number of bachelor uncles who were all pigeon fanciers. Gerrit frequently came along as a little boy and so he was often among the pigeons. At a later age he started racing together with his uncles and did this until he got married. He fondly remembers this time, where many visits were made to greats in the pigeon sport such as Jacques Tournier, Louis van Loon and the Gebr. Janssen.

After he married Janneke, he started playing from his own yard. They do a lot of things together, such as caring for the birds. Gerrit says, "I have the full support and help of my wife. We also discuss with each other if we want reinforcements. That’s fun to do as husband and wife".

The current pigeon stock

There used to be the pigeons from Arie van den Hoek (via Rieks Hazelhorst). Gerrit raced for years in champion style with these pigeons and he won, among other things, 2x the 2nd Best Cock at WHZB. The big change came in 2010 after a phone call from Gerrit to Maurice Hasendonckx (BE). After a first visit Gerrit was very impressed by the beautiful and good pigeons he saw there. The two clicked immediately and Maurice said "I will make you a fancier", and he certainly did. To this day Gerrit owns pigeons from Maurice that can race first from many thousands of pigeons. Gerrit still comes to Bouwel every year, and in addition to good pigeons, Gerrit has also learned a lot from him.

Gerrit started the season with only 15 old pigeons, but this number was soon reduced to 10. He also had about 40 youngsters and 6 breeding couples.

Performances '22

Despite the small number of racing pigeons, which are raced on total widowhood, a number of beautiful championships and performances were again achieved last year, as you can see below:

Dept. 9 : 2nd undesignated sprint
Dept. 9 CC2 : 1st undesignated sprint
Dept. 9 North: 2nd undesignated sprint
Dept. 9 Kr1 : 1st non-designated sprint
Dept. 9 CC2 : 4th undesignated middle distance
Dept. 9 Kr1 : 10th undesignated middle distance

Some nice results Dept.9 CC2 (only prizes first 100)
Burdinne 217 km 3,136 p.: 4-45-86-etc. (9/14)
Quievrain 288 km 1,870 p.: 3-25-34-80-81-etc. (8/10)
Marche 243 km 1,291 p.: 6-16-etc. (6/9)
Quievrain 288 km 1,202 p.: 3-22-57-82-etc. (8/10)
Chalons and Ch. 403 km 1,641 p.: 1-19-59-61-71-etc. (7/9) Also 2nd 7,857 p.

NL21-1605147 Lowen, Best Young Bird Vitesse Netherlands '21 (PIPA Ranking)

The absolute eye-catcher in '21 was of course this Lowen. He became 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Young Birds Vitesse Netherlands '21 (PIPA Ranking) with the following prizes:

1st Tongeren 182 km 6,210 p.
2nd Beek & Donk 104 km 2,376 p.
7th Weert 131 km 2,415 p.
15th Beek & Donk 104 km 8,369 p.

Lowen's dam is Golden Lady and she is a direct daughter of Maurice Hasendonckx's De Goede Kweker. In addition to being the dam of Lowen, she is also (grand)mother of a whole series of top pigeons.

Golden Lady is a.o. mother of:
1st Tongeren 6,240 p.
1st Beek & Donk 3,712 p.
2nd Beek & Donk 2,376 p.
7th Weert 2,415 p.
9th Burdinne 3,416 p.

Golden Lady is grandmother of:
1st Burdinne 9,579 p.
1st Chalons 7,637 p.

Golden Lady is sister of:
1st NU Vierzon Z2 3,397 p.
2nd Chalons 1,640 p.

Sire of Lowen is a son of De Super 48 X Lichelle. The Super 48 was himself a great racing bird before proving himself as an excellent breeder. He won, among others, a 1st Boxtel (3,712 p), 6th Quievrain (21,759 p) and 51st Bierges (14,275 p) with Gerrit. Lichelle was obtained as an egg from Jo Claeskens (BE) and she is a half sister of Milastar (1st Nat Ace bird youngsters middle distance KBDB 2020). Lichelle herself flew the 5th Quievrain against 21,759 p.

A pigeon lover in heart and soul

This is how we can best describe Gerrit. All of Gerrit's spare time is devoted to his hobby. He is very precise and fanatical. He keeps a close eye on the pigeons and knows every individual's behaviour. Besides enjoying his own pigeons, he certainly does when others race hard with his pigeons. For example, Marco Zandvoort owns two grandchildren of Golden Lady who performed very well this year with a.o. the 1st National Prov. 9 Chalons en Champagne (7,637 p). Jorn Kwintenberg owns a topper with De Super Schalie (full brother Golden Lady). A child from this breed won the 2nd against 2,325 pigeons in the one day long distance flight Issoudun this year. Enrico Doldersum also raced the 8th Morlincourt of the entire department 9 against 6,133 pigeons with a direct young bird from Gerrit.