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A report on the provisional result of the Central Southern Classic Flying Club any age race from Ilkeston on 20th August 2022

Don Pembroke
31 members sent 201 pigeons to Ilkeston with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club. They were liberated at 10.00CEST into a south-westerly wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

D J Pembroke of Reading was first open and first NE section with a yearling on 1220ypm over 105 miles. Don timed a second to also take second open and second section. Both pigeons were bred by Roger Lowe and contain Harry, My Little Diamond, Main Man and Southfield Supreme bloodlines. 

Nigel Easton

N Easton of Havant clocked a two year old on 1187ypm over 147 miles to take third open and first SE section. Nigel's winner was a grizzle hen bred from a gift pigeon from friends when paired to a direct Aerts Brothers hen. 

Mick Johnson

M Johnson of Portsmouth timed a yearling, widowhood hen  on 1172ypm over 151 miles to take fourth open and second SE section. Mick's hen was bred by Ivan Lowden from his Leo Herman stock and was sent to Ilkeston sitting eggs. 

Elvin Booth

Fifth open and third SE section was a yearling on 1150ypm over 151 miles for E Booth of Gosport. Elvin timed a red hen bred from a grand-daughter of his main stock pair of Roland Janssens which he obtained from his uncle, Bill Woods. On the dam's side it is bred from a hen he purchased from Kevin and John Zerafa with Chalice Sydney and Southfield Supreme Junior bloodlines.  

Lee Patterson's hen

L Patterson of Portsmouth was sixth open and fourth SE section with a yearling on 1146ypm over a distance of 149 miles. Lee timed a late bred hen bred from stock. The sire was bred by Bustraan Pigeons in Holland and contains Wacko Freddy and Porche 911 bloodlines. The dam is a Premier Stud Geerinckx, a direct daughter of Miss Argent. 

John Hambidge

F J Hambridge of Chipping was sixth open and third NE section with a yearling on 1105ypm over 69 miles. 

Jamie Wells & Rob Jones

Bartlett, Jones and Wells of Southampton timed a four year old on 1086ypm over 141 miles to take seventh open and fifth SE section. 

J V Byng and Son of Portsmouth were eighth open and sixth SE section with a yearling on 1080ypm over 149 miles. 

Ninth open and seventh SE section was a three year old on 1079ypm over 148 miles for S Vaizey of Fareham. 

Dave Roberts

Completing the top ten and in eighth SE section is D Roberts of Emsworth with a two year old on 1078.9ypm over a distance of 148 miles. Dave timed a second pigeon on 1078.6ypm to also take eleventh open. 

Around the sections

Philip Duckett

Philip Duckett of Highbridge timed two pigeons to take first and second NW section. First on the clock was a six year old on 1008ypm over 138 miles and which was sent sitting ten day eggs. Next to time was a yearling on 1007ypm. 


Steve Travers' hen

Steve Travers of Poole was first SW section with a hen bred from his old Busschaert family when crossed with his new Busschaert family of pigeons. It is named Bleep Bleep. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the Central Southern Classic any age race from Ilkeston.