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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Barcelona (held in conjunction with the international) on 8th July 2022

Geoff & Clayton Preece at Raymond Hermes' Loft
Fifty-four members sent two hundred and twenty-one pigeons to Barcelona with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 08.00CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Jubilee Barcelona

First open and first ES section was a three year old clocked on day two of the race, on 708mpm over a distance of 665 miles for G M Preece and Son of Dover. The partners a second pigeon on day two to also take fourth open on 627mpm. They timed a further six pigeons on day three, to take sixth, eighth, ninth, fourteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth open. Day four saw another arrival in twenty-third place on 315mpm. The first open winner, Jubilee Barcelona is bred from a pair of the partners' Hermes stock pigeons. The sire is a son of Hermes' first national Narbonne 2013, Jubilar and Miss Barcelona, first national Barcelona 2012. The dam is a double grand-daughter of Hermes' Barcelona 05, first Barcelona 2005. Barcelona 05 is also the grandsire to Jubilar. All the pedigrees of the Preece's early arrivals will be on their website internationalseapigeons.com 

Pedigree of Jubilee Barcelona
John Chipperfield

John Chipperfield of Herne Bay was second ES section and second open with a four year old, timed on day two, on 668.5mpm over 679 miles. John timed two day three pigeons, both four year olds, taking twelfth open on 449mpm and twentieth open on 371mpm. John's second open winning hen was raced on the roundabout system and was sent to St Philbert in preparation. The sire was a gift bird from Raymond Moleveld of Holland and it has already bred 2nd open Pau and 4th open for Robbie Harris. The dam is the mother of Robbie's first open Pau winner. 

Steve, Sally & Shane Rhodes

Mr and Mrs Rhodes of Aylesham were third ES section and third open with a five year old hen, timed on day two on 668.2mpm over 670 miles. The Rhodes timed a Friealdenhoffen hen known as Lucky Lady and bred from their direct stock of Barcelona Lady, Marseille Star, Irun Lady and Forest Gump bloodlines. Raced on the roundabout system, Lucky Lady was allowed to run with the cocks before being separated. 

Mr & Mrs Rhodes' Barcelona timer
Mark Gilbert & Troy Birch

Mark Gilbert of Windsor timed a four year old on day two, recording 615mpm over a distance of 698 miles to take fifth open and first CS section. Mark timed a second four year old the following day, to also take third CS section and eleventh open. Day four saw another arrival, a three year old on 320mpm taking twenty-second open. Mark‘s first pigeon is from a son of Zwart Goud when Zwart Goud was paired
to a daughter of Snelle Jelle (Zwart Goud is the father to 1st 3,285 birds, 2nd 2,234 birds, 6th 4,588 birds etc. Snelle Jelle was 2nd Nat Perpignan 5,608 birds) x daughter of New Laureaat x Kleine Jade.
New Laureaat was the Gold Wing Winner 2011, 2012 and 2013. He was 1st National Barcelona 10,685 birds and 1st International Barcelona 25,383 birds in 2013. Kleine Jade was 1st International Barcelona
in 2014. Mark’s first pigeon is the same way bred as the 1st National Agen winner for him in 2018. Mark’s second pigeon is from a son of New Laureaat, when paired to the dam of Nathan. This cock
has also bred the 1st National Poitiers winner in 2018 x daughter of the Special One x Romee. Special One was 1st National, 1st International Barcelona 19,083 birds in 2015. Romee was the dam of 3rd
National Barcelona 2019, 29th Perpignan 2018. Romee also won 3rd National Bergerac 10,327 birds and 3rd National Orange 4,302, 3rd NPO St Vincent 1,365 birds, 5th National Brive 7,241 birds.

Mr and Mrs M Bunney of Portsmouth clocked a four year old on 513mpm over a distance of 662 miles to take seventh open and second CS section. The Bunneys timed a second pigeon on the fourth day to also take twenty-sixth open. 

Traian Ferentz

Tenth open and eighth ES section was a four year old, blue chequer hen on 479mpm over 700 miles for Traian F Ferentz of Romford. It was sent sitting fourteen day eggs and is a half-sister to his 2nd open Barcelona bird in 2020. The sire of this pigeon is bred from two Ronnie Elliott (Chadwell Heath) pigeons going back to the 2009 Barcelona champion Red Alert. The dam is bred from two Paul Delea (Rainham) pigeons going back to his 2008 Barcelona champion. 

Ionel Strunel

Ionel Strunel of Harrow timed a five year old hen on 439mpm over 704 miles to take eleventh open and fourth CS section. Ionel's pigeon flew Barcelona in 2020 but was out of race time. This year she was sent sitting a five day old squeaker. This hen has always been a consistent racer and has bred winners herself. The sire is a Van Wanroy cock from Ben Hendrix and the dam came from Tanase Ionut of Romania. 

Pedigree of Ionel Strunel's pigeon
Simon Knowles & Alan Annis

F Knowles and Son of Wingham clocked a seven year old on 414mpm over 674 miles to take fifteenth open and eleventh ES section. They also clocked a second bird on day four, a six year old on 302mpm to also take twenty-fourth open. First on the clock was a chequer hen that is a grand-daughter of Gregory x Little Pea containing C Wells' bloodlines. Second to time was a chequer cock, a son of Gregory and also containing the Wells' blood. They were both paired up for fourteen days prior to basketing. 

Terry Wheeler

T Wheeler and Son of Eltham were eighteenth open and fourteenth ES section with a two year old on 391mpm over 692 miles. Terry's cock bird had a few club races and then St Philbert with the BICC. It was then paired up and sent to Barcelona sitting ten day eggs. 

L & K Buddle

Lee and Kevin Buddle of Dover timed a six year old cock on 389mpm over a distance of 663 miles to take nineteenth open and fifteenth ES section. The Buddles' timed is called Sixteen-02 and was flown on their chaos widowhood system. The sire of Sixteen-02 is a full brother to Triple Two, 1st open Barcelona 2019, being a son of Amoy, 1st national Paul 2009 and Mike, the multiple long distance international prize winner. The dam of Sixteen-02 is a daughter of Game, a winner from Perpignan and Pau. Sixteen-02 has previously won 2nd Sec G, 10th Open BBC Barcelona, 11th ES, 20th National BICC Barcelona 2020 and 22nd National BICC Perpignan, 593 miles, in 2019.

The Buddle's Barcelona pigeon (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)
John & David Staddon

The WS section winners were David and John Staddon of Ditcheat who timed a three year old on day five on the race. It's velocity was 258mpm over a distance of 700 miles. This is the Staddon's third section win with the BICC this season and the section winner is now called Pallatt's Pride as it was bred by Dean Pallatt and his son (Dean Jnr) from their elite breeding centre. It contains one hundred percent Jelle Jellema bloodlines with the sire being a grandson of Romee, Zwarte Goud and Snelle Jelle. The dam is a grand-daughter of Dirke, the sire of Kleine Jade. 

Phil Hodson

The NW section winner was P Hodson from Irlam who timed a two year old hen on day seven of the race. Its velocity was 215mpm over a distance of 850 miles. This hen is bred from stock pigeons purchased from Elimar in 2019 and containing the original Etienne Meirleen bloodlines. Earlier in the season it was fourth section BICC and NFC from St Philbert. 



David Hale's pigeon

Duncan Goodchild of Hockley, flying as David Hales in honour of his late friend, timed a four year old chequer hen sent sitting fourteen day eggs to take twenty-first open. This hen is a half-sister to their second open Barcelona winner in 2020. 

Bill Carr

Bill Carr and Son of Guildford were twenty-fifth open with a three year old chequer hen containing Mark Gilbert's Dr Brockcamp bloodlines. The parents of this hen were Tuff Nutt x Denny York on the dam's side and Euro Diamond on the sire's. 

Bill Knox

SR and WH Knox of Tyler Hill clocked a hen that has flown the channel twenty-three times to take twenty-eighth open. A multiple prize winner, with 24th and 31st BICC Pau already under its belt, this hen was sent to Barcelona sitting two days. 

Tony Cowan

Thirty-first open was a five year old, grizzle cock timed by Tony Cowan of Southampton. It contains Brian Sheppard's international winning bloodlines and also those of Martin Norman's Olympic Rik, the first Barcelona winner. 

Tony Mather

T and J Mather and S Hay of Matlock were thirty-seventh open and first NC section with a four year old, dark chequer cock named Steve's Delight after his partner, Steve Hay, who passed away last season. The sire is a red chequer cock bred by Alwyn Hill and a direct son of Wingdown, when paired to a Keith Bush hen. The dam is a direct Piet De Vogel hen bred from pigeons based around Jounge Stayer. 

Dave Farr

Dave Farr of Bognor Regis timed a blue chequer hen bred from a pair of pigeons given to him by John Wills in 2018, to take thirty-eighth open. John bought the sire from Mark Gilbert and it is bred from a grandson of Farmer George x grandson of Southfield Supreme. 

Andrew Girling's pigeon

Andrew Girling of Shottenden was thirty-ninth open with an eight year old cock bred from stock hen obtained from Louella Pigeon World in 2013. It contains the bloodlines of Incredible and Red Rum. 

That concludes the report on the British International Championship Club race from Barcelona, held in conjunction with the international.