Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers (Brasschaat, BE) hit hard on the first International extreme long distance race of the season

First chance, first goal…the combination Van Ouwekerk-Dekkers managed it. Pau/Bordeaux was an immediate success. They set the bar high. Jacques, Irene, and Vincent are a combination to keep an eye on when it comes to the international classics!

Jacques, Irene, and their son Vincent went to basket for Pau, their first important race, with great confidence and their usual 'large basket'. In the end, their 56 old birds (just like all the other pigeons) were released at the lake in Bordeaux instead of Pau, three days later than intended. A thoughtful decision by the organization as the race progressed well, despite the postponement and unstable weather. 

With some tension and high expectations the family awaited the pigeons' arrival on Monday afternoon. The arrivals exceeded their expectations and they dominated the provincial and national results. Their pigeons went for it completely: 

Provincial 338 Old birds:
1-2-4-6-9-10-12-13-14-15-18-29-36-... (32/56)

National 3,734 Old birds:
4-7-35-54-82-93-128-131-134-151-177-350-... (22/56)

Yes indeed, 6 pigeons in the Provincial Top 10... this is the definition of 'hitting hard'. Also on a national level their pigeons were near unstoppable, and this on a distance of 806km. By far the furthest distance in the Top 35 of the national result list, in which they manage to rank 3 pigeons...pure class!   

The general prize percentage of the sympathetic family from Brasschaat is impressive. Yes, they basket a large number of pigeons. Although, on the extreme long distance it is each pigeon for themselves and with 32 pigeons in the prizes out of 56 total, they also stand out in terms of their prize percentage. This stock of pigeons from Brasschaat surface when the kilometers flown (and the number of nights in the basket) rise...  

We would like to go over the pedigrees of the 6 pigeons that managed to fly into the National Top 100.

Provincial victor is granddaughter of mother Poco Barcelona

This hen, BE20-6160839, took the Provincial win and also won 4th National Pau 3,734 p. She has the same father as Chico (BE12-6198259), a half brother (same mother) of Poco Barcelona, Best Barcelona pigeon of Belgium across 2 and 3 years. 

Mother is Daughter Golden Son (BE16-6037275) a daughter of Golden Son and Night Beauty, who was good for 5th Nat. Barcelona 8,764 p. in 2015! 

Chico again

7th National Pau 3,734 p. and 2nd Provincial Pau (behind loft mate) was the blue hen BE20-6160692. Interestingly, this super racer's father is also Chico, half brother of Poco Barcelona. He quickly became father of 1st & 2nd Provincial and 4th & 7th Nat. Pau! 

Mother is Daughter Barca Breeder (BE18-6026906) a daughter of Barca Breeder, he is also father of Poco Lady, 6th Nat. Barcelona 7,301 p. in 2019 and of the hen BE17-6025605: a daughter of two top performance pigeons.

Pauolo x Pauline

The third arrival and Top 100 ranking VOD pigeon is the blue cock BE19-6015417, winner of 4th Provincial and 35th National Pau. He is bred from Pauolo x Pauline. Pauolo (BE15-6023215) himself won 4th Nat. Pau 2,135 p. in 2017 and 106th Nat. Agen 2,932 p. in 2016.

Pauline is no less than her partner, as she won 23rd Nat. Pau in 2017 against 2,135 p. and 144th Nat. Agen against 2,932 p. in 2016.

Both Pauolo and Pauline descend from the 'old' lines of VOD pigeons including amongst others Mr. Sint-Vincent, Miss Sint-Vincent, Zeppelin, New Poco,...

The fourth pigeon to arrive from Pau for Van Ouwekerk-Dekkers was the blue cock BE20-6160784: 6th Prov. 338 p. and 54th Nat. Pau 3,734 p.

On father's side he is from Dutch descent. Father is NL15-1321123, a grandson of Romee, 3rd Nat. Bergerac 10,327 p. and 3rd Nat. Orange 4,302 p. Hij is also a grandson of Snelle Jelle from Arjan Beens. Snelle Jelle won 2nd Nat. Perpignan 5,608 p. Extreme long distance stars dominate the pedigrees of VOD pigeons...

Mother of this 54th National Pau is 100% Belgian. BE13-6023664 is a daughter of Mr. Tops and Miss Beautiful. This pair carries golden genes and have proven their worth on the breeding lofts. They are parents of amongst others:

4th Nat. Pau 2,135 p.
13th Nat. Pau 2,797 p.
18th Nat. Perpignan 5,254 p.
47th Nat. Agen 3,524 p.
53rd Nat. Narbonne 3,173 p.
82nd Nat. Agen
84th Nat. Sint-Vincent 3,037 p.
86th Nat. Agen 2,932 p.

The fifth arrival and winner of 82nd National Pau was the blue cock BE19-6015185. On father's side we find the 'old' Van Ouwekerk-Dekkers lines with many performance pigeons. On mother's side, again a daughter of the famous pair mentioned above; Mr. Tops and Miss Beautiful. An exceptional breeding duo!

VOD pigeons was represented by 6 pigeons in the National Top 100. The sixth pigeon, winning 93rd National and 10th Provincial, is the hen with ringband number BE20-6160948.

She is a daughter of Close One (BE18-6026804), winner of 2nd Nat. Agen 4,644 p. It is clear where she got her talent...Mother is Sweet Rocket (BE15-6023372), 1st Prov. Bergerac in 2017. 

Pure class on the extreme long distance 

The international extreme long distance season has just begun and Van Ouwekerk-Dekkers can already add a new provincial victory as well as several provincial and national top prizes to their extensive palmares. The passion for marathon pigeons is the main driving force in Brasschaat, but the palmares of father, mother and son, shows that this passion has led to a quality rich colony. Strong pigeons that thrive under tough conditions and long races.  

Their season in Brasschaat has started, and we will undoubtedly hear from Jacques, Irene, and Vincent in the weeks to come. Barcelona is a race which they have circled in red and it promises to be a tough edition...