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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Hexham on 11th June 2022

The National Winner
93 members sent 1,079 pigeons to Hexham with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 07.30CEST into sunshine and a fresh south-west breeze. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members verifications
Lightning Strike 2 (photo courtesy of Andy Colby)

First open and first NC section was a pigeon on 1416mpm over 97 miles for the partnership of Mellonby, Knowles and Simpkin of Bridlington. The partners are likely to take the first eight in the section having all eight drop together. First on the clock was a Romain Klein x Premier Stud Geerinck with the sire being bought from Dave Parsons from a son of Roman Klein's Superstar Bentley. The national winner, a blue pied hen, is now named Lightning Strike 2. 

Mellonby, Knowles & Simpkin
Hoggard, Linley & Ellis pigeon

Hoggard, Linley and Ellis of Bridlington were second open, second NC section with a two year old Hereman Ceusters widowhood hen on 1291mpm over 98 miles. It is bred from a grandson of Nieuwe Olympiade and De Jan when paired to Man O Chester. 

Hoyles and Pratt of Boston timed a pigeon on 1168mpm over 162 miles to take third NC section and ninth open. 

Brian Garnham

Mr and Mrs Brian Garnham of Butterwick timed a yearling on 1213mpm over a distance of 163 miles to take first NE section and third open. The partners clocked a blue hen, a full sister to their first open Dunbar young bird winner in 2020. The sire, Dio, is a Jan Theelen and took 2nd open NRCC Thurso amongst other performances. The dam, Keith's Girl, was bred and raced by Andy Kirkman and was a first NRCC Thurso winner. 

Nick Barran

Nick Barran of Norfolk timed a yearling chequer cock on 1198mpm over 209 miles to take second NE section and fourth open. This cock was bred by Darren Mat from the Geeloger and National Wonder bloodlines of Wilms Vermerbergan. It is a full brother to four separate federation winners. 

Tom Burkill, son Archie and loft manager David Hicks

Tom Burkill of Mattishall timed a red yearling hen on 1187mpm over 205 miles to take third NE section and fifth open. The sire and dam of Tom's winner were both bred by James Dutton from a mixture of his Alex Docx and Lambrecht families. The sire is quickly turning into one of Tom's best breeding cocks. It is a son of 552, one of the Docx base breeders. The dam comes from a son of Blauwe Witpen x 720 hen when paired to Lady Quievrain. 

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury were first NW section and thirty-eighth open on 905mpm over 204 miles, timing a black hen that has been a consistent national racer having been second section from Hexham last season. 

Bill & Beryl Lewis & Zoomer

Mr and Mrs Lewis of Kempsey were second NW section and forty-ninth open with a yearling chequer hen on 855mpm over 195 miles. This hen was sent feeding a large youngster and having laid again. 

John Rodway

Third NW section and fifty-first open was a two year old chequer cock on 851mpm over 192 miles for John Rodway of Rushwick. This cock was sent with its hen having just laid her first egg. It was a tough race for the NW section, but John had thirteen out of fifteen on the day. 

Philip Gomes of Welwyn was first CS section and thirteenth open on 1091mpm over a distance of 229 miles. 

John Adams

John Adams of Watford clocked a three year old cock on 1077mpm over 240 miles to take second CS section and nineteenth open. John's cock was sent celibate and was third national BBC Blaydon last season. It is bred down from his Golden Gaby Dutch Master bloodlines. The grandsire was 1st Inter Counties Fed Minstead and the dam is from 777, 1st UBI Combine Exeter. 

Clewer Hill Albert

Andrew Hitchcock of Windsor was third CS section and twenty-third open with Clewer Hill Albert, a yearling chequer cock containing Padfield bloodlines. It was bred by Julian Lewis of Aberdare and is a full brother to 2nd club, 17th section, 24th open Irish National Flying Club against 1,500 pigeons. The sire is a direct Padfield Family pigeon from the bloodlines of Albert. The dam is a grand-daughter of Padfield Invincible, one of the best Jan Aarden based pigeons to fly into Wales. 

Paul Stacey

Paul Stacey of Rayleigh timed a two year old hen named Isabella on 1061mpm over 260 miles to take first SE section and twenty-first open. The dam of Isabella was raced in 2017 Million Dollar race in South Africa, finsihing 72nd world open. The sire came from Mick O'Sullivan, Mr Lerwick and was a descendent of the famous Limerick Lady who flew Lerwick five times. 

Trevor & Adrian Wilson

Trevor and Adrian Wilson of Bishop's Stortford were second SE section and twnety-ninth open with a yearling hen on 952mpm over a distance of 230 miles. This hen is a great grand-daughter of Brian Hawes' Star when crossed with one of their own Jelle Jellema stock cocks. It has been a consistent racer this season after having been hawked in its first race as a youngster. 

Chris Patmore

Patmore and Rayner of Saffron Walden were third SE section and forty-fifth open with a two year old, roundabout cock on 881mpm over 230 miles. The breeding of this cock is Padfield bloodlines crossed with their own Heinz 57 family of pigeons. 

Mel & Sue King with grandson Archie

The WS section winners were Mel and Sue King of Blandford Forum with a two year old hen, on 926mpm over 285 miles. This hen was raced on a form of celibate to roundabout system. The sire was bred by Joe Raeburn out of Sir Alex when paired to a daughter of their first open national Falaise winner. The dam is a daughter of De Chateauroux, 1st national Chateauroux KBDB and Antonio 1st national Souillac of Rudi De Saer. 

Smith & Jones

Smith and Jones timed a two year old on 905mpm over 231 miles to take second WS section and thirty-ninth open. 

Lanahan & Gerard

Lanahan and Gerard of Poole were third WS section and fortieth open with a yearling cock bred by Gary Hodges on 903mpm over a distance of 289 miles. It was raced on the widowhood system. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Hexham.