Stijn & Jeroen Rans (Wijgmaal, BE) once again confirmed their class of the previous seasons in 2021

Stijn & Jeroen Jans are regulars at the top of the charts on the international extreme long distance races. In 2021, they reeled in an impressive amount of championship titles, a provincial victory and an Olympiad pigeon.

There is little need to introduce the brothers Rans to the pigeon sport scene for quite some time now. The past years they were well represented in national championship titles and victories. The high-profile international victory on Barcelona in 2019 with Jef and the title of 1st Nat. Champion Long Distance Yearlings KBDB in 2020 are at the top of their impressive palmares. 

Having raised the bar this high, it is often difficult to reach this standard the following year. Nonetheless, Stijn & Jeroen continuously manage to do so. Again in 2021, they tested their strength which resulted in the following championship titles:

Championship titles 2021

1st Europamarathon 2021
2nd Champion Europacup 2021
2nd Champion Extreme Long Distance Entente Belge 2021
3rd International Extreme Long Distance Gouden Duif 2021
3rd Olympiad pigeon Categorie Sport E 2020-2021 with John Doe
Oscar Long Distance Brabantse Unie 2021
General Champion Long Distance Herent 2021
1st Champion Extreme Long Distance Old birds Sans Peur Herent 2021
2nd Champion Long Distance Yearlings Sans Peur Herent 2021
3rd Champion Middle Distance Old birds Sans Peur Herent 2021
1st Champion Long Distance Old birds Demer & Dijle 2021
3rd Champion Long Distance Yearlings Demer & Dijle 2021
2nd General Champion Brabantse Unie 2021
3rd Champion Extreme Long Distance Brabantse Unie 2021
3rd Brabantse Grote Fondclub 2021

John Doe

The brothers won 3rd Olympiad pigeon Cat. E 2020-2021 with their crack John Doe BE19-2027269. He also became 8th Best Belgian Yearling on the international races in 2020. These titles were won by achieving the following results:

68th Nat. Perpignan '21 (935 km) 3,901 p.
89th Nat. Agen '20 (831 km) 5,955 p.
95th Nat. Narbonne '20 (875 km) 4,108 p.
130th Nat. St-Vincent '21 (926 km) 3,080 p.
639th Nat. Valence '21 (667 km) 7,517 p.

John Doe is originally from their uncle Alex (& Annie) Rans. John Doe made the transfer from the lofts in Herent to Wijgmaal as a youngster, like many pigeons do. The foundation of the lofts in the Rans family are closely related. 

Father of John Doe is King Libourne, BE15-2009833, of Christiaens-Desmedt, another successful long distance combination. King Libourne is a son to Brother Rode Valence (BE13-2012592) and 'Evelien', BE13-2012569, good for the 6th Nat. Libourne in 2014.

King Libourne is father of amongst others the winners of 42nd Nat. Montélimar, 56th Nat. St-Vincent, 68th Nat. Perpignan, 89th Nat. Agen, 95th Nat. Narbonne, 99th Nat. Agen,... an above average talented breeder, one might say. 

Mother of John Doe is Ti Amo, BE11-2010594, an original Vandeputte-Vandenhende. Ti Amo is mother of Uran, who won 7x 1:10 prizes on long distance races. Father of Ti Amo is Late Bleken (BE08-2197836), a grandson of Vale Barcelona who became 7th Best Barcelona pigeon across three years after winning 120th, 260th and 405th National Barcelona. Mother is Nikki (BE08-2197922), she won 14th National on Barcelona in 2010. 

Black Frans, BE20-2117088

On the international race from Agen the Rans brothers struck hard with the provincial win with their yearling Black Frans: 1st. Prov. Agen against 997 pigeons in 2021. This was good for a 11th place on a national level. His pedigree is sensational, as Black Frans is a son of Frans, 1st Nat. Perpignan and a grandchild of Zwarte Weduwe, 1st Int. Pau Hens. 

Father, as mentioned, is Frans (BE13-2185289) who took the national victory on Perpignan in 2017. Hereafter, he rose as a breeder, and became father of 4x Top 37 National on long distance races. Frans is a son of Ed BE10-2181709) (direct Declercq-Vervaeren, also a top breeder. Mother of Frans is Barcelonaduivin (BE05-2079666).

The mother of Black Frans is named Daughter Black Widow (BE18-2146310), daughter of Rommelaere (BE12-2196021) and Zwarte Weduwe (BE14-2173219): 1. Int. Pau Hens in 2017.

With these highlights, Jeroen and Stijn showed themselves once again in 2021. Continuing their impressive achievements, they are becoming a steady force and have no plans to hold back. They house the quality necessary and with not 1 but 2 motivated top fanciers in charge, the brothers Rans from the Flemish-Brabantse Wijgmaal are again a force to be reckoned with in 2022!