Peter Theunis (Hoeven, NL) excels with Best Young bird and the prolongation of the title 3rd Best Fancier in The Netherlands WHZB-TBOTB

Embregts-Theunis had an excellent racing season
Peter Theunis once again had an excellent racing season, with many highlights. Peter shined in the prestigious national competition WHZB-TBOTB. Besides the Best Young bird, he matched his achievement in 2020 by taking a podium spot as 3rd Best Fancier of The Netherlands.

Wonderful season 

In the 2021 season, Peter Theunis his pigeons flew from one highlight to the next. Peter started and finished this sensational season with a victory in CC Westhoek ’70. In this strong federation, he booked a total of 12 victories, in Rayon 2 he took 7 victories and 3 times he won in the whole province, Brabant 2000. On various races Peter was unmatched and he managed some incredible series. With the young birds he won the Grand Prix race from Melun. In the national competition WHZB-TBOTB Peter played a leasing role by winning the title of Best Young bird and 3rd Best Fancier. Unofficially, Peter won the PIPA-ranking Best Ace Pigeon Young birds. At the National (NPO) Championships, Peter finished as 4th Not Nominated Champion Cat. Young birds. Below is an overview of the most appealing results and titles;

Results CC Westhoek'70

24-4 Peronne 216 km 2469 p. 1-2-3-5-6-8-9-10-11-14-15-16-18-24-etc.(50/57)
14-5 Peronne 216 km 1527 p. 1-2-3-5-6-7-8-10-12-15-18-19-etc.(37/54)
17-7 Quiévrain 142 km 1153 p. 1-2-3-4-5-7-8-9-10-11-12-14-15-16-etc.(59/110)
31-7 Quiévrain 142 km 1211 p. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-11-15-18-19-20-22-etc.(79/109)
7-8 Niergnies 183 km 1188 p. 1-2-3-4-5-7-8-9-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-etc.(74/108)
14-8 Quiévrain 142 km 1398 p. 1-6-7-9-10-11-18-24-25-26-etc.(24/28)
21-8 Pointoise 328 km 963 p. 1-2-4-5-6-7-8-10-11-12-13-14-18-19-20-etc.(53/107)
28-8 Melun 351 km 567 p. 1-3-4-5-6-8-9-10-11-12-13-15-16-17-18-21-22-etc.(51/91)

First prizes in large competitions 

17-4 Quiévrain 1st and 2nd against 6172 p. (Rayon 2)
24-4 Peronne 1st, 2nd and 3th against 3297 p. (Rayon 2)/ 1st, 2nd and 3rd against 12231 p. (Brabant 2000)
27-6 Duffel 1st, 2nd and 3rd against 1298 p. (Rayon 2)/ 1st, 2nd and 3rd against 4,231 p. (Brabant 2000)
17-7 Quiévrain 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th against 4678 p. (Rayon 2)
7-8 Niergnies 1st and 2nd against 3642 p. (Rayon 2)
14-8 Quiévrain 1st against 4688 p. (Rayon 2)
28-8 Melun 1st against 1741 p. (Rayon 2)/1st against 4903 p. (Brabant 2000)


Afdeling Brabant 2000
1st Not nominated Loft Champion Short Distance Old birds
1st Not nominated Loft Champion Young birds
1st and 2nd Ace Pigeon Young birds
National (NPO)
4th Not nominated National Loft Champion Young birds
12th Not nominated National Loft championship Short Distance
National Competition WHZB-TBOTB
1st and 8th Best Young Bird in the Netherlands
3rd Best Fancier of the Netherlands
PIPA ranking
1st and 3rd Best Ace Pigeon Young Birds in the Netherlands
FZN (Fondclub Zuid-Netherlands)
1st-2nd-7th and 8th Golden Crack Young Pigeons

Pure Gold 1st National Ace Pigeon Young birds WHZB-TBOTB

NL21-2111041 Best Young bird in The Netherlands in the competitions WHZB-TBOTB/PIPA ranking

The biggest sensation of the Dutch young bird season is without doubt the hen NL21-2111041 Pure Gold. In various competitions she plays a leading role and in both the National competition WHZB-TBOTB and the PIPA-ranking no other young bird did better than this gold digger by the name of Pure Gold. Below is an overview of her best achievements in various competitions and her most impressive results;   

1st National Ace Pigeon Young birds WHZB-TBOTB
1st National Ace Pigeon PIPA ranking Best Ace Pigeon Young Birds in the Netherlands
2nd Golden Crack Long Fondclub Zuid-Nederland
4th Quievrain 142 km 4678 p. (Rayon 2 Brabant 2000)
27th NPO Chateaudun 451 km 3796 p.
28th NPO Melun 351 km 4369 p.
35th NPO Pointoise 328 km 9082 p.
71st NPO Melun 351 km 4903 p.

Pure Gold is a daughter of NL17-3715060 Bingo, with two victories on his palmares and a 22nd place at the National Ace Pigeon WHZB competition, and NL20-1559096 Millennium's Gold. The latter is a daughter of the Golden Pair that is made up of NL18-1191415 Grey Millennium en NL17-3715065 Golden Ace.

Millennium Pair, Golden Pair and Olympic Millenium make Embregts-Theunis a unique combination

Peter Theunis has always been blessed as a fancier with exceptional breeders, of which children and grandchildren shine for generations on end from the short distance to the long distance races. Descendants of the Rocket and Witbuik lines were especially successful for Peter. Later, with Super Rossi another key breeder rose. Currently, the offspring of BE14-6074354 Mister Millennium x NL15-3535059 Millennium (Millenniumkoppel) are amongst the stars which Peter relies on. Moreover, NL17-3714984 Olympic Millenium (dochter Millenniumkoppel), 1st Ace Pigeon PIPA-ranking 2017, 2nd Ace Pigeon PIPA-ranking 2018 and Olympiad pigeon also plays an important role in the most recent successes. Lastly, Golden Pair which consists of NL18-1191415 Grey Milenium (zoon Millenniumkoppel) and NL17-3715065 Golden Ace have bred children and grandchildren which have proven themselves on a national level. Through several of their results we further introduce Peter's stock pigeons; 

Millennium Pair 

BE14-6074354 Mister Millennium, the cock of the Millennium Pair
NL15-3535059 Millennium, the hen of the Millennium Pair (from the Rocket line)

The supremacy of Millennium Pair's descendants in 2021 is surreal. In the footsteps of Olympic Millennium, the most famous child from this super pair, other children from this couple managed the following top results (after the results overview, you can view the pedigrees of these pigeons). 

NL20-2002146 Mathieu (son Millennium Pair)
1st Quiévrain 6172 p. (Rayon 2 Brabant 2000)
1st Niergnies 2271 p. (CC Westhoek '70 2020)
4th Melun 4963 p. (Brabant 2000)

NL20-2002225 Turbo Millennium (son Millennium Pair)
7th Chateaudun 6277 p. (Brabant 2000 2020)
13th Chateaudun 6300 p. (Brabant 2000)

NL20-2002132 Wariors Best (grandson Millennium Pair)
3rd Melun 4963 p. (Brabant 2000)
17th Peronne 12231 p. (Brabant 2000)
13th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Old Birds (Brabant 2000)

NL21-2111138 Blue Jewel (granddaughter Millennium Pair)
1st Ace Pigeon Young Birds (Brabant 2000)
5th Niergnies 3642 p. (Rayon 2 Brabant 2000)
7th Morlincourt 10909 p. (Brabant 2000)
44th Best Young bird in the Netherlands WHZB/TBOTB

NL21-4225235 New Witbuik (grandson Millennium couple) raced by J & S Timmermans
1st Ace Pigeon Frisian Long Distance Club
3rd Ace Pigeon National Fondspiegel Young birds

Olympic Millenium

NL17-3714984 Olympic Millenium, 1st Ace Pigeon PIPA-ranking Best Young bird 2017/Olympiad pigeon Poznan

The influence that NL17-3714984 Olympic Millenium has on the perofrmance of Peter's pigeons is significant. It must be said that the performances of her direct children are also performances realized by grandchildren of the Millennium Pair; 

NL20-2002219 National Millennium (daughter Olympic Millenium)
11th Pont. St. Max 9829 p. (Brabant 2000)
3rd Ace Pigeon Young birds Brabant 2000 (2020)

NL20-2030277 Olympia (daughter Olympic Millenium)
1st Duffel 4231 p. (Brabant 2000)
51st National Montlucon 4,234 p. (Sector 1A)
75th NPO Chateauroux 3015 p.

NL21-2111033 Olympic Rosa (daughter Olympic Millenium)
1st Golden Crack Fondclub Zuid-Nederland
9th Melun 4369 p. (Brabant 2000)
28th Melun 4903 p. (Brabant 2000)
66th Chateaudun 3796 p. (Brabant 2000)

NL21-2127806 Olympic Fairytale (daughter Olympic Millenium)
1st Quievrain 4678 p. (Rayon 2 Brabant 2000)
3rd Niergnies 1188 p. (CC Westhoek '70)

NL21-2127849 Olympic Rossie (grandson Olympic Millenium)
3rd PIPA ranking Best Ace Pigeon Young Birds in the Netherlands
8th National Ace Pigeon WHZB-TBOTB

NL21-2127844 Blue Flame (granddaughter Olympic Millenium)
1st Niergnies 3642 p. (Rayon 2 Brabant 2000)
BE17-6020483 National Rossie, was paired to Olympic Millenium, father of National Millennium and Olympia

Golden Pair

NL18-1191415 Grey Milenium, cock of the Golden Pair
NL17-3715065 Golden Ace, hen of the Golden Pair

The Golden Pair ((NL18-1191415 Grey Milenium x NL17-3715065 Golden Ace) has turned out to be a perfect match. They became parents of Super Ace, 1st National Ace Pigeon Fondspiegel and Millennium Ace who a.o. finished as 11th Natioinal Ace Pigeon in the competition WHZB-TBOTB, 3rd Ace Pigeon Brabant 2000 and 9th National Ace Pigeon. Millennium Ace won a.o. the 12th NPO Chalon 3122 p., 20th Chimay 1538 p. and the 39th Rethel 3050 p. In 2021, the results of their children and grandchildren are once again phenomenal. A short overview; 

NL21-2127802 Blue Diamond (daughter Golden Pair)
1st Grand Prix ‘Nieuwe Oogst’ Melun 4903 p.

NL21-2111041 Pure Gold (granddaughter Golden Pair)
1st National Ace Pigeon WHZB-TBOTB
1st National Ace Pigeon PIPA ranking Best Ace Pigeon Young Birds in the Netherlands
2nd Golden Crack Fondclub Zuid-Nederland

NL21-2111044 Millennium Star (granddaughter Golden Pair)
8th Golden Crack Fondclub Zuid-Nederland
11th Melun 4903 p. (Brabant 2000)

NL21-2111049 Best Millennium (daughter Golden Pair)
7th Golden Crack Fondclub Zuid-Nederland

Fast Rocket and Super Rossi

NL14-3422533 Fast Rocket (Rocket line), grandfather of 2nd Ace Pigeon Young birds Brabant 2000
NL11-3024491 Super Rossi 1st Creil 7696 p. is grandfather of winner Urana

In the unlikely case that the pigeons mentioned above would strike out, Peter can still rely on his other super breeders. Both NL11-3024491 Super Rossi and NL14-3422533 Fast Rocket played their part in the super season of 2021.  

NL21-2111155 Atlantic Dragon (grandson Fast Rocket)
2nd Ace Pigeon Young birds Brabant 2000
7th Pontoise 9082 p. (Brabant 2000)
31st Morlincourt 3383 p. (Rayon 2 Brabant 2000)
39th National Ace Pigeon Young birds WHZB-TBOTB

NL20-2002205 Urana (granddaughter Super Rossi)
1st Peronne 12231 p. (Brabant 2000)
1st Quievrain 4688 p. (Rayon 2 Brabant 2000)
2nd Duffel 4231 p. (Brabant 2000)

The old Witbuik lines shine at J & S Timmermans

It is no secret that J & S Timmermans from Donkerbroek has found its place amongst the national top thanks to the Embrengts-Theunis pigeons. In 2021, Jan puts the old Witbuik lines in the spotlight. He wins the Grand Prix race from Reims against 6769 pigeons in Afdeling 11 with a grandchild of NL08-1650231 Young Witbuik. This youngster, NL21-4225287 Witbuiks Best, not only took the victory but was also crowned 4th National Ace Pigeon Fondspiegel. With a 15th Etternach against 8921 pigeons, Witbuiks Best managed another top result and flew to the top of the charts in Afdeling 11. Witbuiks Best was transferred to the breeding lofts of Peter Theunis after the season ended. 

Steady third place

Peter Theunis was working his way up the ranks as Best Fancier of The Netherlands in the competition WHZB-TBOTB. After his third place in 2020 he aimed for a higher podium spot in 2021. His motivation and goals were high, the signs of a true sportsman. There are, however, very few podium spots. As Best Fancier he was beaten by two fellow fanciers. Although, in the category Best Young bird of The Netherlands, he took the top podium spot. Well deserved!