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Joël Verschoot (Ingelmunster, BE) has another sensational season in 2021

Joël Verschoot had another fantastic racing season, illustrated by ranking amongst the National Champions KBDB 4 times and winning the title of General Champion Entente Belge 2021.

Achievements at the base of international fame

The course taken by the Joël Verschoot colony in recent seasons is as phenomenal as it is impressive. He already became 2x 2nd General Champion of Belgium KBDB (2011 and 2013), 3x General Champion Inter-West Flemish and won the national races from Brive, Agen, Pau and Angoulême… the latter with wonderboy Armando – until recently the most expensive pigeon in world ever – who was crowned 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB and 1st Olympiad Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2018.  The Verschoot colony quickly became one of the most acclaimed long distance colonies in international pigeon sport.

Joël was faced with fame and the attention of international pigeon sport. The worldwide demand for Armando and the other stars skyrocketed. Pigeon enthusiasts from all over the world travelled to Ingelmunster to admire the newest world wonder Amando and his loft mates - Contador, Barry, Nopri, Harry, Baziel…. these visitors also included potential buyers. Despite all the attention, this was not good for the peace of mind of the Verschoot household. Joël at one point even decided to sleep in his loft, next to his wonder pigeon… afraid of people with bad intentions. It couldn't go on like this. The inevitable auction after this successful year in 2018 brought solace. The pigeons that brought Joël Verschoot world fame, were sold.  

Building a new successful team started from 2019 onwards. The foundations for building this team and his road to the national top, were solid. Nonetheless, a difficult task! We didn't have to wait long to once again find the name Verschoot at the top of the charts, as his 2021 titles illustrate:

4th National Champion Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2021

4th National Champion Rhônevallei KBDB 2021

7th National Champion Long Distance Old Birds KBDB 2021

12th General Champion of Belgium KBDB 2021

Joël Verschoot is clearly 'back' at the national top, although you might say he never truly left. However, this wasn’t all…

General Champion Entente Belge 2021 

A missing piece on my results list, is how Joël Verschoot described the title of General Champion of the Entente Belge… one of the most prestigious titles of international pigeon sport. Nothing short of big names preceded won this title in the past, all internationally recognized long distance stars. Joël quietly confessed to us that he dreamed of one day winning this title. In 2012, Joël came very close when he became the runner-up, 2nd General Champion Entente Belge. Now… at the end of 2021, his dream came true and he will climb onto the podium spot as brand new 1st General Champion Entente Belge 2021. With which the name Joël Verschoot can be added to the gallery of the greats on the national long distance in Belgium. On top of that, Joël also won the 'Grand Prix Norman-Vercauteren-Van Den Broucke' at the Entente Belge. Lastly, he also won the 'International Quintet 2021' in West Flanders. All are achievements of a true champion!  

In Armando's footsteps

Joël Verschoot is inevitably associated with Armando. The name of Joël and this icon will forever go hand in hand. Joël was able to breed a number of youngsters from Armando before he moved to the loft of his new owner. The first descendants (grandchildren) will be tested on the Verschoot lofts starting in 2022. The breeding results of wonder pigeon Armando are already promising. They prove this not only on the Kaier lofts in Belgium (the buyer of Armando), winner of a.o. 2nd Nat. Bourges with a direct child of Armando. Joël was also given the honor of testing direct children, with astonishing results. One of the best yearlings in 2021 in Ingelmunster was a direct son of Armando. As a yearling he already managed the following results;

-Son Armando BE20-2065409

49th Nat Perigueux 4,779 p. ’21

59th Prov Souillac 803 p. ’21

75th Intprov Blois-Montoire 3,291 p. ’21

86th Prov Chateauroux  2,552 p. ’21

122nd Prov La Souterraine 2,322 p. ’21

825th Nat Bourges I  25,096 p. ’21

1433rd Nat Limoges 9,218 p. ’21

What a talented racer, directly from his Chinese sports friend Kaier. In 2021, Son Armando won 7 prizes on 7  great middle distance and long distance races! Is he on his way to becoming the next Armando? Joël Verschoot certainly hopes so. Not surprising because he is a direct son of wonder pigeon Armando BE14-3004610 (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2018, 1st Olympiad Pigeon Poznan 2019, 1st Nat Angoulême 4,564 p. '18, 2nd Nat. Limoges 9,162 p. '17, 2 Nat. Limoges 7,274 p.'18…) paired to Roxy BE16-3138788, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele, and a full sister of Super Romeo: 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance YL KBDB '13 (daughter of golden stock pigeon Rudy BE06-3008003 x Nicky BE09- 4280727).

Another yearling in which Joël has a lot of faith is Emile. This young talent also descends from the Armando line, via his full brother Barry, also a long distance crack.

 -Emile BE20-3074370

8th Nat Zone Tulle  2,003 p. ’21 – 1st Club 182 p. – 70th Nat 7,267 p.

17th Prov Chateauroux 4,366 p. ’21 – 132th Nat 22,196 p.

20th Prov Souillac 803 p. ’21

126th Prov Blois  5,474 p. ’20

147th Prov Argenton  4.095 p. ’21

215th Prov Chateauroux  3,036 p. ’20

577th Nat Bourges I  25,096 p. ’21

This talented racer on the Joël Verschoot racing lofts is also a descendant of the golden Armando line. His sire is White Barry BE19-3032292 (grandson of long distance crack Barry: 6th Prov. Tours 6.720 p., 9th Nat. Brive 9.132 p., 16th Nat. Limoges 9.162 p… and full brother of Armando) paired to White Lady 18-43697, from Foxwoodloft (granddaughter of Den Ad from Marcel Wouters: 1st Olympiad Pigeon Cat B Nitra 2013).

The fact that Joël Verschoot has a new generation of stars ready to compete on the national races in 2022, with a focus on the long distance, is apparent from the national KBDB titles he won. One of the leading pigeons in the 2021 racing team was 'Boy', who became 25th Best Long Distance pigeon 2021 in Belgium across 5 national long distance races KBDB. He also contributed substantially to winning prominent titles up to the national level. His magnificent results list include the following top prizes:

-Boy BE17-3031038

17th Prov. Limoges 3,037 p. ’20 – 102nd Nat 15,979 p.

49th Nat. Limoges II  6,986 p. ’21

90th Nat. Limoges I  13,569 p. ’19

93rd Nat. Libourne  4,605 ​​p. ’19

96th Nat. Limoges II 10,319 p. ’20 – 1st Club 465 p.

98th Nat. Limoges II  7,236 p. ’18

126th Nat. Perigueux 3,783 p. ’21

145th Nat. Tulle 6,206 p. ’19

150th Nat. Bourges I  34,311 p. ’21

234th Nat. Cahors  6,903 p. ’19

333rd Nat. Limoges I  15,547 p. ’21

Boy is close to being the current 'Nr. 1' of Joël Verschoot’s racing team on the national long distance. He is a half brother (same father) of the 1st Nat. Agen in 2013 and was bred from Black Jack BE09-3127174 x Saerke 12 BE12-3120047, 100% Rudi De Saer (granddaughter of stock hen 't Goedje at R. De Saer).

A bright future

With a lot of young talent and excellent breeding potential on his lofts, Joël Verschoot is looking forward to the upcoming seasons. The racing team once again proved to belong to the Belgian national top in 2021. The results and achievements in 2021 don't lie. Joël Verschoot doesn’t stop, he continued where he left off, and once again reached the national top … by basketing his pigeons on races for which they are best suited, working hard and a strict selection… in which the basket has the final say, this is the only path to success. Proven by national stars in the past, such as super cracks Armando, Contador, Nopri, Harry, Barry, Noë, Eddy, Betsie, Twistertje… and 1st National winners Cees, Agen, Suzanne and Armando (again!) etc…

The success lines of stock cock As, golden breeding hen Shakira, and breeding icons Deprez and Pycasso still play prominent roles. These golden lines form the basis for new generations of super pigeons and top performances for Joël Verschoot and made the Verschoot colony one of the most acclaimed long distance colonies in international pigeon sport. World-class!