The rise of Youri Deblanc (Ronse, BE) thanks to the Julien dynasty continues in 2021

If you would ask which colony has developed the most in the past seasons, looking at the results on the national races, many would say Youri Deblanc.

The steps Youri has made in several seasons time is exceptional. Very few have managed to rocket to the (inter)national top like Youri has. 

When talking about Youri Deblanc, we immediately think about his "Juliens". This unique family from stock pigeon Julien (BE05-3072796) brings forth a national winner each year without exception, from Bourges to Narbonne. By consequently transferring the national stars to the breeding loft, this stock becomes stronger and stronger. Youri doesn't shy away from inbreeding these super pigeons. Now and again Youri tries to cross this closely related stock to new bloodlines. 

Crack Julien

Crack Julien (BE14-4225167) and Star Julien (BE17-4002888), respective son and grandson to Julien, are descendants to the unique Julien family, a family of national winners from 400 to 900km. 

Crack Julien himself won 6th Nat. Montauban against 4,327 pigeons and thereafter became, paired to various hens, father to i.a.:

BE19-4020685 “Crack Monti 685”

BE19-4020760 “Crack Renee 760” 

BE19-4020750 “Crack Renee 750”

Won the following prizes in 2 years time:

19th Nat. Souillac
22th Nat. Bourges
38th Nat. Zone Argenton
97th Nat. Bourges
120th Nat. Limoges
181. Nat. Brive

BE19-4020668“Princess Crack Julien”

10th World's Best Pigeon Marathon 2021
4th Prov. Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2021
5th Best European Marathon Hen

She won the following prizes in 2 years time:
56th Nat. Narbonne
139th Nat. Bourges
175th Nat. Brive
240th Nat. Souillac
251th Nat. Agen

Princes Crack Julien has a beautiful pedigree that perfectly illustrates Youri his breeding strategy. She is a double grandchild to Julien and daughter to Crack Julien and Princess Julien (BE13-4188628). Princess Julien flew 3rd Internat. Sint-Vincent. 

BE16-4072756 “Son Crack Julien 
Winner of 3rd Nationaal Brive and is father of amongst others the 
13th National Souillac.

BE19-4020703 “Crack Monti 703”

58th Nat. Souillac
88th Nat. Zone Tulle
103rd Nat. Limoges

Even in the second the generation the Crack Julien genes prove to be golden: 

BE19-4021977 “Cracklou 977
Granddaughter Crack Julien, flies 5th National Brive 

BE20-4035275 “Daughter Star Julien” 
Bred from Star Julien x daughter Crack Julien
15th National Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance Yearlings
11th World Best Pigeon Marathon 2021

Bred from Young Julien (8th Nat. Brive and brother to Crack Julien) x daughter Crack Julien (4th Prov. Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance Yearlings in 2021)

BE19-4020732 "Rikky Julien"
Grandson to Crack Julien, won amongst others the 13th
 National Souillac

Grandson to Crack Julien
22nd Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB Allround Young birds 2020

Besides the successes on his own lofts, other lofts often hit the jackpot with Crack Julien descendants as well. 

Team Noel-Willockx houses a late cock from the pair Crack Julien x Mont (BE20-4203966), his first youngster was born in April and immediately wins 14th National on a tough edition of La Souterraine against 14,315 young birds. 

The day that Youri won Limoges 1st Nat. Zone and 4th Nat. Limoges against 15,547 old birds, a granddaughter to Crack Julien won 2nd Nat. Zone Limoges at Marc Valepijn. 

There was also reason to celebrate for Patrick Grammens. He took 13th Nat. Zone Chateauroux against 2,284 young birds with a grandson to Crack Julien. 

Star Julien

Star Julien (BE17-4002888) won 1st Nat. Libourne against 4,624 pigeons in 2019. 

Star Julien moved to the breeding loft after his phenomenal result on Libourne in July 2019. His first youngsters in 2020 immediately proved themselves as outstanding racers. 

“Daughter Star Julien” (BE20-4035275)
She became 11th Best World Pigeon Marathon and 15th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance YL in 2021.




“Starlou 266 (BE20-4223266)
Won the following results this year:

92nd Nat. Argenton
246th Nat. Chateauroux
316th Nat. Bourges
2nd Ecouen 351 d.
2nd Ecouen 212 d.

A sister to Star Julien is the mother to BE-20-4203953 who took 10th Nat. Bourges against 25,096 Yearlings in 2021. Father of this super pigeon is Eagle Eye Julien, a half brother to Crack Julien (4th Nat. Limoges 2019). 

The Julien bloodlines are golden...from the pigeons above and their results it is clear that cherishing these 'Juliens' genes was a strategic move. Prince Julien (BE19-4020753) also deserves to be mentioned. He won 2nd Internat. Agen 18,056 p. This cock is bred from Zoon Julien x Princess Julien, and is thereby a double grandson to Julien. His pedigree once again shows that Youri tries to make his stock stronger and stronger through inbreeding.

The past 3 seasons in Ronse were sensational. Youri and his Julien lines were quickly recognized in the (inter)national racing pigeon scene. This resulted in the following titles and National Top 10 spots: 

Titles 2020 & 2021

5th National Ace pigeon KBDB Allround 2020
15th National Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance 2021
8th Nat. Champion KBDB Extreme Long Distance 2020
10th and 11th World Best Pigeon Marathon 2021
22nd National Ace pigeon KBDB Allround Young birds 2020
26th National Ace pigeon KBDB Allround 2020
32nd National Ace pigeon KBDB Allround 2020
2nd Prov. Champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2020
5th Prov. Champion Long Distance KBDB 2020
4th Prov. Ace pigeon Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2021
4th Prov. Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2021
5th Prov. Ace pigeon Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2020
6th Prov. Ace pigeon Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2020
6th Prov. Ace pigeon Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2020

(Inter)national Top 10 spots 2019-2021

1st Nationaal Libourne 2019
2nd International Agen 2021
3rd National Bourges 2020
4th National Limoges 2019
4th National Limoges 2021
6th International Agen 2021
7th National Aurillac 2019
8th National Limoges 2021
10th National Bourges 2021

Youri Deblanc is a man with a plan, and his Julien stock is becoming stronger and stronger. Belgium has witnessed what happens when a super pigeon and fantastic fancier are capable of in the past 3 to 4 years. The fireworks which Youri and the 'Juliens' were responsible for haven't gone unnoticed. Knowing Youri, he is not yet satisfied and will set out and continue to perform on the highest level. We wish him all the best! 

To finish off, some of Youri's best results from 2020 and 2021...

20/06/20 Vierzon (407 km) Prov. 4.218 YL : 5-6-7-39-49-70-116-155-…(40/69)
18/07/20 Limoges (610 km) Nat. 9.756 YL : 27-56-94-104-111-162-166-197-…(27/55)
01/08/20 Souillac (660 km) Nat. 6.668 Old birds: 12-102-155-…(8/14)
01/08/20 Souillac (660 km) Nat. 7.514 YL : 13-19-64-86-98-112-119-128-128-169-187-…(25/45)
08/08/20 Bourges (420 km) Nat. 8.424 YL : 3-22-43-116-137-139-…(16/19)
15/08/20 Chateauroux (460 km) Nat. 6.306 YL : 11-72-.. (7/9)
15/08/20 Brive (650 km) Nat. 3.755 Old birds: 58-81-83-130-… (8/9)
15/08/20 Brive (650 km) Nat. 4.238 YL : 28-62-175-185-… (15/18)
29/05/21 Bourges (420 km) Nat. 34.311 Old birds: 35,64,97,111,125,…(33/37)
29/05/21 Bourges (420 km) Nat. 25.096 YL : 10,91,155,237,…(14/36)
12/06/21 Limoges (610 km) Nat. 15.547 Old birds: 4,59,180,192,…(20/31)
02/07/21 Agen (790 km) Internat. 18.056 Old birds: 2,6,103,389,…(8/8)
11/07/21 Limoges (610 km) Nat. 9.218 YL : 8,38,71,77,117,138,182,…(17/34)
30/07/21 Narbonne (848 km) Nat. 5.805 Old birds: 56 (1/2)