Eddy Didden (Neeroeteren, BE) excels with ‘Goed Blauw’ on the Rhône vallei races

Eddy Didden experienced some beautiful moments past season thanks to his super hen Goed Blauw. She ranked 2nd best pigeon in the PIPA-ranking Rhône vallei with 2 prizes. 

Several years ago already, the class of the Didden colony became evident. Eddy, together with his late father Nic, managed to build a strong extreme long distance loft in short period of time. Kimi Barca (a.o. 8th Internat. Sint-Vincent and 21st Internat. Barcelona) was one of the leading figures in this journey to the top. 

After the passing of his father and the sale of his pigeons after a successful season in 2014 (1st. Prov. Champion Extreme Long Distance), Eddy didn't want to quit. He continued alone and knew that quality pigeons were crucial to perform. He invested in the best pigeons to be found, to achieve his goals. Once again, Eddy managed to be back at the top in just several seasons time. In 2021, his class was confirmed by the newest super hen 'Goed Blauw'. 

Goed Blauw

Goed Blauw, BE18-5047201, has an impressive pedigree with many big names. You might say that many pigeons fit this description, and that is true. However, Goed Blauw belongs to the category of pigeons that can translate her super genes into phenomenal race results.

‘Goed Blauw’ best results:

6th Prov. Valence 1,206 p. - 33rd Nat. Valence 7.517 p.
8th Prov. Montélimar 834 p. – 58th Nat. 4.736 p.
18th Prov. Valence 1,230 p. - 131st Nat. Valence 7.591 p.
1,165th Nat. Bourges I 23.195 p.
7th Melun 203 p.
437th Nat. Chateauroux III 2,850 p.
3rd Sourdun 56 p.
21st Melun 295 p.
99th Prov. Sourdun 2,808 p.
303rd Prov. Chevrainvilliers 2,863 p.
Het Goed Blauw

With her top results this season she managed to take 2nd place in the PIPA-ranking Ace pigeon Rhône vallei with 2 prizes

Father is a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele, and inbred to the iconic 'Rudy'. This Top inbred Rudy 13, BE17-3007213, is a double grandchild to Rudy. Father to Rudy 13 is The Perfect Rudy, BE15-3147872, who was bred from Rudy paired to Golden Kathy (BE10-4316336). Mother to Rudy 13 is Marieke Rudy (BE15-3025144). She is a bred from Rudy paired to Daughter Marieke (BE09-3040149).

Mother to Eddy's Goed Blauw is Red Olivia, BE16-3142197 from Gino Clicque. She is daughter to Gino Clicque's famous Red Filip. Red Filip, BE11-3008153 won amongst others:

2nd Nat. Cahors 7,140 p.
6th Nat. Souillac 5,282 p.
56th Nat. Libourne 6,658 p.
61st Nat. Jarnac 3,726 p.

Mother to Red Olivia is the provincial winner Miss Gueret from Gino. Miss Gueret, BE14-3028181, won 1st Prov. Gueret 1,952 p. and was fastest of 3,721 pigeons. Moreover, she is a half sister to Red Filip. Both are children to Young Lucien (BE09-3128071).

Goed Blauw descends from inbred pigeons from Belgian super lofts on both sides of the family. Gaby Vandenabeele with Rudy on father's side and Young Lucien from Gino Clicque on mother's side. A recipe for super pigeons...

Eddy's great results in the past season lead to the title, General Champion MKFV Extreme Long Distance 2021. The championship Maas en Kempische Fond Verdubbeling (MKFV) already exists for many years and is organized by the club Olijftak Maaseik. 

Master builder

Building a loft takes years. Especially for (extreme) long distance racing, one must have patient to be able to test pigeons. Eddy Didden has the gift to build a strong team of pigeons in a short period of time that manage to perform on the races he loves; the extreme long distance. With Goed Blauw, Eddy showed what his stock is capable of and it will likely not be the last we hear of him.