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A report on the British Barcelona Club young bird race from Ilkeston on 28th August 2021

Vince, Sue, Jack & Evelyn Durrant
69 members sent 909 young birds to Ilkeston with the British Barcelona Club. They were liberated at 09.00CEST into broken cloud and sunny intervals. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
1st Open Winner

Mr and Mrs V Durrant and Sons of Godalming were first open and first section G with a young bird on 1566ypm. Vince, Sur and Jack timed a hen bred from a direct Mark Evans Vandenabeele cock crossed with pigeons obtained from Steve and Paul Kulpa of Reading, containing their Herman Ceusters and Lambrecht bloodlines. It was a natural youngster, racing to the perch. Vince's last win with the BBC was from Tours in 1986. 

Wayne & Roy Seager

W and R Seager of Seaview were second open and first section A with a young bird on 1560ypm. Wayne and Roy's youngster was a blue Koopman cock on its third race of the season and sent sitting five day eggs. The partners timed a second pigeon to also take nineteenth open. This was another cock on its third race. The partners bought their Koopman bloodlines from Jackie Traynor three years ago. 

Rod Rann

Mr and Mrs R Rann and Son of Newport on the Isle of Wight timed five pigeons to take third, fourth, eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth open, second, third, ninth, tenth and eleventh section A. First on the clock was on 1557ypm and second to time on 1556ypm. The next three all clocked on 1511ypm. Third and fourth open were both bred in February and put on the darkness system.

Rob Poole

Poole and May brothers of East Dean clocked a youngster on 1554.4ypm to take fifth open and fourth section A. The partners timed a blue bar cock bred from pigeons they were gifted from Trevor and Ginny Paine of Suffolk. Both the sire and the dam contain Frank Bristow's Ceulemans bloodlines. When Rob first started racing he was gifted birds by Graham May of Suffolk, pigeons that had belonged to his late brother, Ian, hence them racing as Poole and May Brothers. 

David, John & Archie Staddon

David and John Staddon of Shepton Mallet were sixth open and first section C with a young bird on 1554.2ypm. David and John timed a blue hen bred by Jayne Mitchell at TMP Breeding. It contains Kurt and Raff Platteeuw bloodlines. The partners had eight of their nine entries on the day. 

Paul Basham

P Basham of Portsmouth had three birds drop together and all clocked on 1534ypm to take seventh, eighth and ninth open, fifth, sixth and seventh section A. Paul first timed a youngster bred from Burseldene Brian, first open BICC Poitiers in 2020. Burseldene Brian is bred down from Geoff and Catherine Cooper's Farmer George x Farm Ivy. Second to time was from a daughter of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Hugo x a son of Jelle Jellema's Jill. Third on the clock was bred from a gift bird from Geoff and Catherine Cooper, Armando x Wollongong x Lady Lloyd when paired to a daughter of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Jane. 

Erik Neilson

Wearn Brothers and Neilson of Ramsdean were tenth open and eighth section A with a young bird on 1522ypm. Jimmy and Erik's youngster was bred by Owen Markey of Rockview Lofts in Northern Ireland. They had seventy-one out of seventy-five sent on the day. 

Mick Tuck

M Tuck of Witley was fourteenth open and second section G with a young bird on 1489ypm. Mick timed a blue chequer cock bred from his two main families of Cannon and Van Geel bloodlines. The sire is his favourite Cannon cock, whilst the dam was 38th open BICC Poitiers. 

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Reading clocked four birds in the top thirty with the first two at fifteenth and eighteenth open, first and second section D on 1488ypm and 1458ypm respectively. First to time was bred by Derek Walsh of Dynasty Lofts in Northern Ireland from a daughter of Super Di Caprio, the most expensive son ever sold from Herman Ceusters Di Caprio. The sire came from his Dirk van Den Bulck bloodlines. Second was a home bred hen from Double Best Kittel when paired to Olympic Girl of Rudy van Reeth. 

Mr and Mrs Smith and Grandson of Guildford were sixteenth open and third section G on 1484ypm. 

G Kingswood-Cox of Southampton was seventeenth open and twelfth section A with a young bird on 1484ypm. 

Leon Hall

Leon Hall of Oxford timed a young bird on 1446ypm to take twentieth open and third section D. Leon's youngster is a Leo Heremans x Gaston van De Wouwer hen flown on the natural system. The sire to this hen contains Leo Heremans' Euro bloodlines x Casbo from Gaston van De Wouwer. 

Around the sections 

Steve Shear

S Shear of Poole timed two youngsters on 1356ypm to take the first two positions in section B. First on the clock was a Janssen x Jan Aarden and second was a Janssen. Both grandparents were purchased as youngsters from Tumley Lofts. 

James Fulford

James Fulford of Salisbury took the next three positions in section B with his first on the clock on 1318ypm. James' first pigeon was a red hen bred from a pair of stock birds from Andy Parsons of Salisbury. 

Steve Slade

Steve Slade of Calne was the runner-up in section C with a young bird on 1419ypm. Steve's youngster was bred by Steve and Lesley Wright at the House of Aarden and contains Padfield bloodlines. 

Mark & Fraser Pass

M and R Pass of Nantwich timed two pigeons to take first and third section E on 885 and 456ypm respectively. Mark, Becky and Fraser timed a chequer hen bred from a hen from clubmates J and B Oakley. 

Lourens Londt's young bird

Lourens Londt of Cannock was second section E with a youngster on 489ypm. This blue bar cock was bred from his original Janssen based family of pigeons. 

Bernie McDermott & Martin Jones

McDermott and Jones of Stanford le Hope were first and second section J on 1360ypm and 1282ypm. Bernie and Martin race their youngsters on the darkness system and their section winner was bred from two gift pigeons, the sire being bred by Robbie and Andrew Wilton of Chadwell. The dam came from Derek Walsh of Dynasty Lofts in Northern Ireland. The second section winner  is bred from a Gosling and Jarvis pigeon which has already bred a third open Tarbes winner. The dam was on loan from Pete McFarlane of Northamptonshire. 

John Brady

J and J Brady of Benfleet were the runners-up in section J with a young bird on 927ypm. This youngster is a son of a direct Jos Thone grizzle cock. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club young bird race from Ilkeston.