Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers (BE, Brasschaat): outstanding on the extreme long distance races

The sympathetic team made up of Jacques, Vincent and Irene have confirmed their spot at the national top on the extreme long distance races. In 2021, they once again manage top results and impressive series.

Looking back on the past seasons, this trio took a staggering 11 provincial wins from Pau to Perpignan. In 2021, no provincial wins were added to their palmares but the results were of a high level nonetheless. The international program began with Pau on which they flew 5-8-10-12-14-etc. provincial against 375 old birds.

A week later, the classic from Agen was flown. This resulted in another impressive series with 2-8-21-29-41-45-48-etc. against 1,116 yearlings and 9-27-29-45-etc. against 840 old birds. 493-20 proved to have what it takes with a 2nd provincial and 7th national Agen against 7,360 pigeons. The second pigeon to arrive in Brasschaat, a cock (BE20-6160540) bred from Grandson Miss Gijsje x Dochter Miracle, was good for the 54th national Agen.

7th National Agen 2021

For team Van Ouwekerk-Dekkers, Barcelona is the race circled in red on the calendar. The loft’s elite racers managed to shine on this year’s edition, as 5 pigeons ranked in the top 100 national. At 08:43 in the morning the first pigeon arrived, BE18-6026768 took the 37th national Barcelona. Within the hour, another 4 pigeons were clocked taking 45th, 62nd, 83th, and 90th National Barcelona. The cock, BE14-6178723, also deserves to be put in the spotlight as he flew 5x prize on Barcelona from 2017 to 2021 with the 93th, 555th, 178th, 764th and 525th national. There are not many pigeons with such track records, pure class… 

45th National Barcelona 2021

St.-Vincent was a tough race, but nonetheless several national top 100 spots were achieved (42nd, 49th, 92nd, 96th, etc. against 3,080 pigeons). The first pigeon is a direct son to "Mister Tops' who previously flew 132nd National Pau and 139th National St.-Vincent. 

42th National St-Vincent 2021

Traditionally, Marseille is a hard race and this year was no different. The speeds of the fastest pigeons were below 1000m/min. These kind of races require power and stamina; pigeons that will stop at nothing to get home. A task made for the pigeons form Brasschaat, which is reflected in the provincial results with 10th-12th-16th-18th-etc... Cock BE15-6023220 had already won 112th and 268th National previously in his racing career, and now managed to fly to a 86th National Marseille. Whilst BE19-6015104 managed to beat his loft mate, taking 82nd National Marseille. 

On Narbonne, 3 pigeons ranked in the National top 100. The 2nd pigeon to arrive home (BE20-6160597) is bred from grandson Jander x Blokje paired to daughter Slik (BE14-6178623), 59th National Barcelona 2019. The pigeon clocked as third, taking 86th National, is a daughter to Barca Breeder (BE14-6302855) x daughter Close One (2nd National Agen), the best there is on these lofts.  

86th National Narbonne 2021