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Johan De Belser (Berlaar, BE) : fastest of the pack at Sermaises

On the 7th of August, no less than 14.061 Antwerpian pigeons were lined up at the start line of Sermaises. The one to rise head and shoulders above the rest of the group was the young hen Sophia of Johan De Belser.

Johan’s colony has been at the apex of the pigeon sport for quite some time. Recent years have been a crescendo of lofty titles and great victories. Even in the difficult season of 2021, which has been a difficult season beyond a shadow of a doubt, the De Belser pigeons perform at their usual high level. The underlying reason for this is the exceptionally quality-filled breeding loft of De Belser. The bar to earn your place in this loft is incredibly hard to clear. However, a fancier who can draw upon such a quality rich source will ultimately find that success comes easier.

Sophia: Leaves all of the Antwerpian competition behind

At this point in the season, only the cream of the crop has a chance to stand out, it is no coincidence then that the starting line Sermaises was filled with all the middle distance experts of the province. It was Sophia (BE21-6030701) who ultimately seized a beautiful victory against 2.795 young birds and also achieved the highest speed of the entire flock of more than 14.000 pigeons. By the way, Sophia descends from the very best that exists within the pigeon sport and is already, as a young pigeon, one of the newest aces at the lofts of De Belser.

Sophia : Sharp eyes and fastest of the whole pack

Because of Stamberen de 500 and Junior 500, one can not get around the name De Belser

The absolute stock breeder de 500' (BE00-6485500) and his son 'Junior 500' (BE07-6031645) are the pillars upon which the colony in Berlaar builds. `De 500` himself was a true top racer with a handful of national top-50 results at the most popular races of each season. After his racing career, it turned out that he was even more valuable as a breeder as he bred a number of descendents who made the dream come true on the middle-distance races. Greatest of these was his son, the so-named `Junior 500` who distinguished himself at the national level with top prizes at, among others, Bourges, Chateauroux, Argenton, … and this multiple seasons in a row. On his honour list there is a beautiful 1st Provinciaal Bourges and by now both friend and enemy know that this ace is a rare talent on the breeding lofts as well. The future looks bright for De Belser loft and the harsh selection and masterful care will certainly lead to more great success in Berlaar in the nearby future

De 500 : founder of the many successes