Chris Debacker (Beveren-Leie, BE) is once more incredible on the longer middle distance in 2021

Chris Debacker has been scoring beautiful results, especially on the middle distance, he is a regular when it is time to hand out the greatest prizes, even at the national level.

Once again Chris Debacker has been busy making a name for himself in the West-Flemish Beveren-Leie in 2021. Up till now (mid of July) the counter has reached 16 victories, among which is another provincial victory, which brings the career total to 32 (!!). In addition this season he has won : 2nd-2nd-3rd-4th-5th-6th… provincial prizes, a 2nd National Bourges, 5th-18th and 43rd National Chateauroux old birds and 8th National Chateauroux yearlings, … one can confidently say that few perform better.

Chain results have become the trade mark of the colony Debacker over the years and 2021 shows no signs of stopping the trend. Week after week the pigeons of Chris prosper in the rather challenging season of 2021. Even though the Leiestreek, of which Beveren-Leie is a part, has been suffering from the birth flue, this and the often difficult flying conditions make this year a balancing exercise where only the very best can remain standing upright. Debacker succeeds in this with great success.

Eyecatchers once again catch the attention

Recently Chris barely missed the national victory Bourges. A great silver medal was his reward on this extremely popular race where the creme de la creme of the fanciers partook in. Zakki Jr. (BE19-3029542) was the ace who won  2nd National against 34.311 pigeons. This ace is a descendent of stock pigeon Nick, the very best that can be found on the lofts, and is as a 2-year old already an established racer on the longer middle distance. As a youngling Zakki Jr. was always present when there was a battle for the cup : in 2019 he already was in the top prizes per 100 from various locations such as Chateaudun, Pontoise, Fontenay and Blois by the way here he scored 1° / 643 p. and 4th Prov. against a small 4.000 contenders). As a yearling, he performed once again marvellously with results at the very top at Chateauroux, La Souterraine, Fontenay and Clermont. Thus in 2021 he is once again going fully for it : Clermont was a successful warmup with several top 10 prizes; at the middle distance it was prize as well, this time easily in the top 10 from Chateauroux, Argenton, Issoudun, … with as the cherry on top that beautiful 1st local against 640 p., 2nd Provincial against 5.658 p. 2nd Zonal 4.502 p. en 2nd Nationaal against no less than 34.311 pigeons.

Zakki: father of the 2nd National Bourges against 34.311 pigeons

Chateauroux National was another masterpiece for Debacker as once again he was among the national top. Staffer (BE19-3029457) won the 5th National Chateauroux old birds, while loft mate Flora (BE20-3006498) managed to win the 8th National yearlings. Both pigeons had earned their stripes in earlier seasons already by the way. Staffer as a youngling at Clarmont a 3rd and 5th place against more than 500 pigeons on both, after that Fontenay, Pontoise and multiple Chateaudun races (among others, 4th Prov. against 1.923 p.) where he finished easily in the top 100, which shows that Staffer knew the shortest way home from a young age. Chris was naturally confident when he sent this athlete into the arena as a yearling, confidence that was confirmed immediately by performing well on Gueret (16th/2.214 p.), Argenton (220th/4.299 p.), Chateauroux (15th/777) and Fontenay. It did not stop in 2021 and after ending in front several times at Clermont, there was an Argenton 89th Provincial against 2.898 pigeons. After which he was basketed on Chateauroux with full confidence and it was once again prize : 5th National against more than 7.000 old birds. Staffer is a descendent of stock breeder Nick at Debacker, a golden line that has resulted in a number of incredible performances for both Chris and many others.   

Among the yearlings, it was the hen Flora (BE20-3006498) who achieved a beautiful 8th National against 10.317 pigeons. Here as well we see a proven pigeon who performed strongly as a young bird with, among others, 70th Blois against more than 6.000 pigeons, 64th Pontoise against 3.643 pigeons and a number of prizes per 10 from Arras and Fontenay. In 2021 she started out strong on Argenton with 25th Provincial against 4.095 p. and of course Chateauroux 8th National against a large number of participants. In other words : another golden goose at the lofts that has talent in abundance. Flora is a daughter of Vester (another one from Nick’s line) combined with the famous Dynamite Dana : Chris’ wonderbird who achieved victory after victory in 2018 and became the 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon with a historical record coefficient.

Wonderbird Dynamite Dana: now also the mother of Flora, 8th National Chateauroux

It is just not the earlier mentioned eye-catchers that make things work in Beveren-Leie, the entire loft is bursting with talent. The global performances show prize percentages and a series of top prizes that indicate that we have certainly not seen the last of the stuntman from Leiestreek. At the National level the pigeons of Chris Debacker rank among the very best, this has been the case for many years and the extremely rich breeding loft is definitely the reason behind it.