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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Elgin on 2nd July 2021

Arthur Jones
57 member sent 376 pigeons to the British Barcelona Club race from Elgin. They were liberated at 09.15CEST. Only two day birds were timed with the rest coming the following day. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Canberra King

Arthur Jones of Stourbridge was first open and first section C with a four year old timed on the day on 813ypm. Named Canberra King, Arthur's red cock has always been a consistent racer and in preparation for Elgin it had four races on the south before going to Blaydon on the north road. The sire is a son of Canberra Prince, 1st section, 34th open Tarbes, when paired to a self bred Roland de Keyser hen. Arthur races his pigeons on the widowhood system with a few tweaks here and there to suit the type of racing. His family of pigeons go back to a son and daughter of Vleckje, a German Imbrecht cock, plus various crosses, the most successful of which have been Roland de Keyser, Cattrysse from Colin Lloyd of Cannock, a hen from Chris Gordon and a nest pair of youngsters gifted to him from the late Billy Tregoning of South Wales. 

Bryan Boggins & Son's cock

Mr and Mrs Boggins and Son of Watford were second open and first section D with a two year old on 803ypm.  The partners timed The Apprentice, a Crammond and Langstaff Kees Bosua x Van Osch blue cock bred down from their goldmine pair on both the sire and the dam's side. It was raced on the roundabout system and was only sent because it was flying well around the loft in the days before basketing. 

Catherine Cooper

Geoff and Catherine Cooper of Peasedown St John were third open and second section C with a three year old on 801ypm.  Called Farm Grafter, this cock is inbred to Farmer George and also contains the bloodlines of Wollongong, New Laureaat, Special One and Kleine Jade. Two weeks previously Farm Grafter was second section from Berwick. 

John Adams with the late Wynne Jenkins

J Adams of Watford timed a yearling on 749ypm to take fourth open and second section D. John's blue hen was bred by the late double national winner, Wynne Jenkins of Glynneath. It has been a consistent racer with first club and fed cards amongst its prizes. 

The Gilbert Team

Mark Gilbert of Windsor timed four pigeons in the top ten at fifth, seventh, ninth and tenth open and third to sixth section D. First on the clock was a yearling on 732ypm. This was bred from a son of Zwart Goud x Dau New Laureaat x Kleine Jade. Next up was a yearling on 714mpm, this one bred from a son of Sumerian Fighter x Dau New Laureaat x Kleine Jade when paired to a daughter of New Laureaat x Cindy. Ninth open was a four year old on a velocity of 700ypm. Finally, in tenth open, a yearling on 663ypm. 

First section E

J and B Oakley of Whitchurch timed the second bird on day one to take sixth open with a yearling on 720ypm. John and Ben's cock was bred from a son of Gordon Ratcliffe's 3 Counties Combine winner from Niort. (the only bird on the day at 470 miles) paired to a daughter of Nigel Shaw's The Bat when he was paired to a grand-daughter of New Laureaat. It was raced on the roundabout system. 

Andy Parsons

Andy Parsons of Salisbury was eighth open and first section B with a four year old on 707ypm. This hen has scored twice from Tarbes with her best being 19th open. The sire is a half-brother to Dancer and Proud Mary his NFC merit award winner, whilst the dam is from a daughter of Mark Bulled's Legacy. Andy timed a second pigeon, a three year old on 547ypm to also take second section. This was also a hen, whose grandsire is another NFC merit winner for Andy, Big Sam and the sire of the dam of this hen is the result of another swap with Mark Bulled. 

Around the sections 

First section A

G Reed of Shanklin on the Isle of Wight was first section A with a three year old on 635ypm. Guy timed Chanel, one of several of sisters that have scored from Pau, although she herself never made that racepoint. Her bloodlines are Deweerdt based and her pedigree contains the Cooper's George and Stan Dangerfield's first open San Sebastian winner. Guy's Deweerdt based family is bred down from Emiel. Spiritus and Liesbet. In more recent times he has introduced some Andy Parson's bloodlines. 

Second section A

K and J Zerafa of Portsmouth were second section A with a two year old on 602ypm. Kevin and John timed a hen bred from a son of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Melissa, first international Agen. The dam was bred by Joost De Smeyter and is a daughter of Nico, first national ace extreme long distance KBDB 2014. It was sent sitting fourteen days. 

Nick Smith

The runners up to Andy Parsons in section B were Nick and Christine Smith of Salisbury. The sire of their pigeon came from the late Fred Bloor, whilst the dam was a daughter of Andy Parson's 5th open Palamos winner. 

Nigel Shaw

Mr and Mrs Shaw of Crewe were second section E with a yearling on 446ypm. Nigel and Wendy clocked a chequer pied son of The Bat. 

Calum Edmiston

Calum Edmiston of Horley was first section G with a yearling on 609ypm. The section winner is a chequer hen bred from a direct Cees van der Lan cock that scored from Pau and St Vincent to Holland. It was mated to a gift bird from Spencer Nicholson, bred from one of his BICC merit award winners. 

Mark Bulled

Mark Bulled of Harlow timed two pigeons to take first and second section J. First on the clock was a three year old on 634ypm, followed by a two year old on 598ypm. The first was a hen sent sitting ten day eggs when paired to another hen, it is bred from his old Legacy family of pigeons. Second was another hen, this one flown on the widowhood system and bred down from the Legacy family crossed with Tom/Elsa of Lee and Kevin Buddle. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Elgin.