G. en S. Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) win 1st National Vierzon S2 against 11,257 pigeons with their Flying Dutchman

With the national win on the race from Vierzon, Bas and Gerard Verkerk have won a staggering total of 14 NPO and Sectoral one-day long distance races.

Saturday 19th June, Sector 2 raced from Vierzon. Bas and Gerard's Flying Dutchman (NL20-1496607) was triumphant against 11,257 pigeons. This magnificent cock managed to beat the rest of the field with 1250 m.p.m. across 567km. 

NL20-1496607 Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman is currently the best cock on the racing lofts, but will be transferred to the breeding lofts after this win. His father is Fabio, a direct André and Bert Leideman (Collendoorn, NL), who won 2nd Nat. S4 Chateauroux (3,647 p.) and 14th Nat. S4 Lorris (6,086 p.) and is uncle to recent winners against 18,592 p., 13,922 p., 6,455 p., 3,127 p., 1,625 p. and 620 p. Flying Dutchman's mother is Hot Shot, daughter to stock pigeons Bulldozer and Eye Catcher. Hot Shot is also mother to Flying Wonder, 1st National Ace pigeon Allround and Yearlings '18 with the following results:  

1st Sezanne NPO 13,628 p. 4th Laon 8,578 p. 5th Quievrain 3,312 p. (same time as 1st (5th behind 4 loft mates) fastest against 6,900 p.) 6th Pont.St.Max. 21,069 p. 8th Peronne 2,946 p. (10th fastest against 7,238 p.) 11th Melun 12,729 p. 15th Chateauroux NPO 3,769 p. 26th Peronne 2,307 p. 26th Peronne 2,149 p. (same time as 1st (26th after 25 loftmates) 13,649 d) 37th Argenton Nat S2 8,702 p.

Flying Dutchman's victory is not a standalone result. Top results are achieved week in, week out. In 8 weeks time, 4 victories against a large number of pigeons were booked. The two previous NPO-races started off with 4th and 11th NPO Salbris against 17,448 pigeons as well as 2nd and 10th NPO Issoudun against 10,850 pigeons. Below we further discuss the 2021 season so far, and put several pigeons in the spotlight:

1st, 2nd, 3rd Quievrain against 2,144 pigeons

1st place (2nd against 4,830 pigeons), was won by NL19-1666459. This hen is a granddaughter to Invictus x Top Girl and Felix x Dedication. Several of her best results are: 

1st Quievrain 2,144 p. (2nd Quievrain 4,830 p.) 21st Pont.St.Max. 33,636 p. 16th Pontoise 8,068 p. 37th Fontenay 17,630 p. 11th Niergnies 3,661 p.

2nd place (4th against 4,830 pigeons) went to the hen, NL20-1496682. She is a granddaughter to Tyson x Feline and One Eye Bandit x Snip. She too has already flown some impressive races: 

2nd Quievrain 2,144 p. (4th Quievrain 4,830 p.) 17th Fontenay 15,396 p. 98th Salbris 17,448 p. 133th Lennik 39,125 p.

3rd place (5th against 4,830 pigeons) was won by NL20-1496325. Mother to this hen is Flying Wonder (1st National Ace pigeon Allround and Yearlings '18). Besides a 3rd place on Quievrain she also flew 38th Pont St. Max. (19,399 p.) and 16th Lennik (2,902 p.).

1st Salbris against 2,103 pigeons (4th NPO 17,448 p.)

1st Salbris was won by the 2 year old blue cock, NL19-1666748. Previous noteworthy results flown by this pigeon are 85th Pont St. Maxence against 33,636 pigeons and 151th Pontoise against 26,514 pigeons. He is a son to GPS (half brother Bulldozer) x Silver. 

1st Issoudun against 4.310 duiven (2nd NPO 10,850 p.)

Top hen Lisa (NL19-1666612) managed to cross the finish first from Issoudun, also winning 2nd NPO against 10,850 pigeons. This daughter to NL14-1059627/Olympic Fire Eyes x NL15-1706463/Ace Isabelle was not raced once in 2019. She didn't return home from a training flight and was found in someone's garden. A girl, named Lisa, attended to the pigeon and notified Verkerk. They went to get their lost pigeon and in 2020 this same pigeon manages to fly some outstanding results;  5th Peronne (13,510 p.), 22nd Peronne (16,670 p.), 23rd Pont St. Maxence (33,636 p.) and a 30th National S2 Blois against 11,576 pigeon. The week prior to Issoudun she flew a 27th provincial against 26,514 pigeons. 

Verkerk pigeons on other lofts 

It is no suprise that Verkerk descendants perform on other lofts too. Below are some highlights of the past 2 weeks:

Aaldering Pigeons: 1st NPO Salbris (4,674 pigeons)

  • Father is a 100% Verkerk-pigeon who's grandparents are Tyson (father to 1st National Ace pigeon Topper Harley, Kiki-Kate (1st National Ace pigeon Middle distance/Long distance), Bradley and Eye Catcher (1st Mantes 20,506 pigeons and together with Bradley parents to Dedication, Davina en Eternity)

Ruud Bakker: 1st NPO Vierzon (4,388 pigeons)

  • Father is a direct Verkerk, bred from Volcano (2nd and 5th National Chateauroux) x Caroline (half sister Olympic Solange)

Will en Falco Ebben: 1st Prov. Melun (7,291 pigeons)

  • Father is a direct Verkerk, bred from Laser (son Dirty Harry/grandson Olympic Solange) x Pippa (half sister Olympic Fire Eyes)