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Liliane Demely (Moorsele, BE) continues to perform sensationally in 2021

Liliane Demely from the West-Flemish town Moorsele confirms to be on top of the game, something that became clear the past seasons. The most recent success is the provincial win from Chateaudun with their absolute super pigeon Mister Hugo. 

1st Provincial Chateaudun against 4,767 pigeons

Liliane Demely's championship winning lofts are run by father and son Vanneste, who are experiencing a phenomenal season. The provincial win from Chateaudun was their 10th victory of the season. In Moorsele they don't need a great number of pigeons to achieve these results, making it all the more impressive. Having owned several super pigeons on their racing lofts like Mister Unique, de Gilbert, Mister Chateauroux, de David...Mister Hugo is the newest addition to this illustrious list of pigeons. 

Mister Hugo (BE18-3052883) is a true phenomenon on the middle distance races. After having flown some splendid results (1st prov. Fontenay, 3rd prov. Chateaudun, 3rd prov. Pontoise, 6th prov. Fontenay, ...) he was basketed on the provincial race from Chateaudun on June 6th as 1st nominated pigeon. A competitive race on which the best middle distance racers in the province participated. From the 4,767 basketed pigeons Mister Hugo was the only pigeon to break the 1300 m.p.m. barrier, resulting in another provincial win for the Demely lofts. Mister Hugo is named after Hugo Vlaeminck as this pigeon is a descendant of his best bloodlines, on mother's side. Father's side originates from Gabriel Klint and the Figo lines (Reynaert A&H) which have been very successful for Liliane Delemy. 


Mister Hugo: a phenomenon from Moorsele

Extraordinary breeding loft 

The many successes achieved by the Demely lofts are largely on account of the exceptional quality present on the breeding lofts. High standards and strong selection have led to the super pigeons mentioned earlier. It is hard to find a better example of quality above quantity in today's pigeon sport. Demely's racers also perform well on the national stage. Bourges was such a success with 6th and 37th against more than 25,000 pigeons. Again, it were descendants from the Demely super breeders that proved themselves. The 37th national, for example, is a granddaughter to superstar Mister Unique. 

The value of Mister Unique (BE16-3039664) to Liliane Demely's colony is priceless. This superior racer and breeder won 1st National Limoges and 2nd Nationaal Brive in one season besides several other top results. His descendants continue to put the Demely name on the map with magnificent results. Mister Unique...truly a one of a kind pigeon! 

Mister Unique: a superstar at the Demely lofts

Transferring their renowned Mister Chateauroux (BE17-3043801) to the breeding lofts with immediate effect, is without doubt a golden move. This crack became 1st Provincial Ace pigeon All-Round and won 5th National Chateauroux (at an unfavorable location). The competition is warned with this transfer to the breeding lofts: a superb quality injection to the Demely colony. 

Mister Chateauroux: recently placed on the breeding lofts

Things are running smoothly at the Demely lofts, as the results are top class. Eventhough the best racers where not basketed on May 9th and 15th due to unfavorable weather conditions. Nonetheless, the Demely name can always be found on top:

Clermont : 3-4-5-27-33-... / 791 p.
Clermont : 1-2-13-18-22-... / 332 p.
Chateaudun : 2-3-5-... / 142 p. (7 pr. /9)
Chateaudun : 1-3-7-8-12-... / 251 p. (15 pr. /21)
Chateaudun : 2-7-8-9 / 123 p. (4 pr. /5)
Chateaudun : 1-4-13-24-26-28-... / 258 p. (10 pr. /12)
Bourges : 2-4-10-29-30-35-42-50-... / 454 p. (10 pr. /15)
Chateauroux : 6-10-11-34-46-60-70-85-... / 650 p. (13 pr. /15)
6th National Bourges (9th fastest against 60.000 p.)
1st Prov. Chateaudun 4,767 p.

As you can see the Demely pigeons are in super condition. Now that the season is in full swing we can expect some more displays of power from this loft. A loft that always puts quality above quantity and solely shows up with first-class pigeons.