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National victory on Limoges for the combination Arien-De Keyser (Tielt-Winge, BE) !

The first national long distance race of the season was quite successful with no less than 15.565 pigeons basketed. At the end of the day, the race has been won by one of the leading names of the Belgian pigeon sport.

Number 3 for the combination Arien-De Keyser !

Pascal Arien is the man behind the combination Arien-De Keyser. He first built his name in Tessenderlo with the old Verreckt-Arien combination where he won an impressive number of provincial victories as well as three national victories on Tulle, La Souterraine & Argenton, before the tandem was dissolved in 2011. He then bought a new house in Tielt-Winge (Flemish Brabant) where he really took another dimension, becoming one of the leading faces of the international pigeon scene. Indeed, Pascal is often considered as one of the best fanciers from his generation and he developed a racing system allowing him to face any challenges imposed by the modern pigeon sport. Since his new start in Tielt-Winge back in 2013, the counter is now displaying 3 national victories with Bourges I, Aurillac and now Limoges from last weekend.

'Crazy Porsche' dominates the Limoges national race

To win a national victory is quite something special but when you do it with one of your best pigeons, the feeling is even more particular. Pascal and his wife Lieve won’t say the opposite as this hen is quite a phenomenon and she just added this wonderful victory to her name. Clocked at 16h37''52 after a flight of 657 km, 'Crazy Porsche' (BE18-4194758) had the highest speed with 1199.55 m/min, giving her a comfortable advance on the two other pigeons of the podium (1192 & 1191 m/min).
Winning top performances, the national winner of Limoges already showed she was able to do it last year. She even finished the 2020 season with the title of 1. Best Belgian pigeon with 6 prizes on the national long distance races as well as 9. National Ace Bird Long Distance KBDB but also those of 1. Ace Long Distance Demer & Dijle, . Ace Long Distance Brabantse Unie & 1. Ace Long Distance Derby Hainaut.

Here is a summary of her main results on the long distance races last year:

3. Souillac nat zone - 1.305 p. '20
   40. National - 6.668 p.
52. Limoges II nat - 10.319 p. '20
249. Valence nat - 7.591 p. '20
250. Aurillac nat - 2.849 p. '20
297. Limoges I nat - 15.979 p. '20
445. Tulle nat - 3.064 p. '20

And in 2021:

01/05 Melun 65/1.204 p.
08/05 Soissons 624/2.451 p.
15/05 Salbris 425/1.700 p.
22/05 Vierzon 309/8.008 p.
29/05 Bourges nat zone 182/4.514 p.
06/06 Châteauroux nat 545/24.617 p.
12/06 Limoges nat 1/15.565 p.

'Porsche 911', father of 'Crazy Porsche' & PEC's flag-bearer.
'Ace Norma', mother of 'Crazy Porsche'.

All the pigeons from the combination are bred by the PIPA Elite Center (PEC) whose main pigeon is nothing else than the famous 'Porsche 911'. This victory is like a double stunt as 'Crazy Porsche' is a direct daughter of the 'Porsche 911' whose breeding references are now even looking more impressive. Indeed, a few weeks ago a granddaughter of 'Porsche 911' won the 1st national Bourges I against 34.311 pigeons for the Team Platteeuw while last year, Sébastien Casaert-Sénéchal achieved brilliantly the mission to bring back home the two first national palms of the family with the 1st national Limoges from 10.319 pigeons and the 1st national Souillac from 7.514 pigeons. Impressive is the word....

Moreover, another direct daughter of 'Porsche 911' when paired to 'Louise' is having quite a strong season until now for the Arien-De Keyser combination. Her performance list should be strengthened even more on the next national races...

Moreover, the Tielt-Winge based combination can also enjoy the incredible skills of another flying wonder. Pascal even said recently that she is the best pigeon he ever raced. And when you know more about his career, it must be quite an extraordinary pigeon. This hen has been christened 'Miss Million 210' (BE18-4194210) and she is a full sister of 'Miss Million' who won last year 2. National Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings KBDB.

A reference year ?

While the big things are only starting with the national races, the 2021 season is already a success for the combination Arien-De Keyser, moreover that the preliminary races were also very good.

But we are trusting Pascal to do not stop there. For PEC also, the 2021 racing season is already tasting like a grand cru because of the numerous references obtained until then, which are really extraordinary:

1.-10.-68. Bourges national - 34.311 olds (Team Platteeuw - 100%)
1. Châteauroux interprovincial - 6.923 p. (Sam Bostoen - 100%)
1. Vierzon interprovincial - 6.544 p. & fastest from 15.000 p. (Willy Vos - 50%)
1. La Chatre Interprovincial - 1.932 p. (Casaert-Sénéchal - 100%)
1. Training VII Victoria Falls 2021 - 5.172 p. (Khalifa Alkuwari - 50%)
1. Bourges nat zone - 3.333 p. (Team Hooymans BE - 50%)
1. Montalvo (PT) - 3.059 p. & fastest from 8.185 p. (David Madeira - 50%)
3. Quiévrain 12.633 p. (Peter Janssen - 50%)
4. Limoges national - 15.565 p. (Youri Deblanc - 50%)
11.-17.-23.-32.-34.-44.-46.-70.-73. Bourges national 25.096 yls (Casaert-Sénéchal - 100%)
14.-30.-33.-49.-60.-78. Châteauroux national 24.617 olds (Arien-De Keyser & Casaert-Sénéchal - 100%)
21.-31.-33.-45. Châteauroux national 22.196 yearlings (Arien-De Keyser & Casaert-Sénéchal - 100%)
31.-72.-93. Bourges national 34.311 olds (Casaert-Sénéchal - 100%)
89. Bourges national - 34.311 olds (Dirk Deroose - 50%)