Peter Janssen (Kleve, DE) continues to perform on the highest level in 2021

Peter Janssen (Kleve, DE) has already claimed two provincial victories this season
Peter Janssen is a force to be reckoned with. He proves this once again with miraculous results and two provincial victories already this season.

On a roll

Peter Janssen continues to impress in 2021, adding beautiful results to his already rich pigeon racing career. Week in, week out he manages to dominate the races in Afdeling 9. With some regularity he creates the most incredible series. Judge Peter's results in 2021 for yourself; 

17-04 Tienen 138 km 8107 p. 1-2-5-7-8-12-14-16-24-50-etc.(46/73) Afd.9 Zuid 24-04 Burdinne 156 km 26388 p. 1-3-7-8-10-11-28-29-36-etc.(38/69) Afd.9 01-05 Quiévrain 231 km 1790 p. 2-3-4-11-13-28-29-38-65-etc.(34/60) Afd.9 CC8 07-05 Dizy le Gros 287 km 1490 p. 2-3-6-10-11-15-29-30-33-35-etc.(32/53) Afd.9 CC8 29-05 Nanteuil 381 km 6076 p. 3-7-9-21-27-78-80-90-etc.(32/45) Afd.9 Zuid 06-06 Quiévrain 231 km 12633 p. 1-3-30-32-43-65-etc.(10/12) Afd.9 06-06 Fay aux Loges 520 km 5008 p. 7-14-35-45-47-53-63-93-etc.(22/28) Afd.9

Impressive series from Fay aux Loges

The performance by Peter's pigeons last weekend on the NPO-race from Fay aux Loges deserves some extra attention. The pigeons from Afdeling 9 had to find their way home under extremely tough conditions. Whilst many pigeons found these conditions difficult to deal with, Peter's long-distance team showed to be cut out for the job. 22 out of the 28 pigeons basketed by Peter managed to win prizes (1:4). They arrived home shortly one after another; 15:51, 15:53, 16:02, 16:02, 16:02, 16:03, 16:07, 16:08, etc. Within half an hour 15/28 had found their way back to the loft in Kleve.  

The 7th NPO Fay aux Loges had already won the provincial race from Burdinne

The first pigeon to return home to Peter (7th NPO) was the two year old NL19-1444036. During the last weekend of April this hen won the race from Burdinne in Afdeling 9 against a monumental 26,388 pigeons. 19-036 is a daughter to DV0147-14-237 Olympic Clyde, 1st Dutch Olympiade pigeon One-day races Poznan 2019, with four NPO wins on his palmarès. Mother of 19-036 is a daughter to NL09-1647161 Der Beste (brother Dolce Vita). This means 19-036 is a full sister to NL17-1032803 First Lady who managed to take four podium places at different national ace pigeon competitions. 

NL17-1032803 First Lady is a full sister to provincial winner from Burdinne against 26,388 pigeons

Provincial win Quiévrain

The fabulous results from Fay aux Loges weren't the end of it. Last weekend Afdeling 9 also had a middle distance race from Quiévrain. There were 12,633 pigeons entered in this race. Peter managed to add another provincial win to his palmarès. The win went to NL20-1249177, a yearling that originates from H. & E.J. Eijerkamp. The winner's grandmother is BE15-6106415 Goed Grijs from Gebr. Leideman, she can be traced back in several super pigeons' pedigree. With NL20-1279141 beter had another pigeon on the podium from Quiévrain. This granddaughter to BE14-2230911 Porsche 911 (PIPA Elite Center) takes a great 3rd place in the provincial results. Father of 20-141 is a bother to Muller (1st National Ace pigeon One-day races Fondspiegel 2013-2015). 


Peter Janssen's sublime wins and incredible series make him seem unstoppable. With several exciting races yet to come, he surely has his mind set on some more fireworks.