The Jos Vercammen loft (Vremde, BE) starts 2021… like a hurricane!

Jos and Lars Vercammen
The first middle distance race of 2021 was scheduled for last weekend. In that event, the racing team of the Jos Vercammen loft showed right away with a fantastic result that it’s more than ready for the new season.

The first middle distance race of the new season took place, in Antwerp this is 'traditionally', the race from Melun (310 km). The father and son Vercammen basketted their team of hens and this ensured a great result: winning the 1st and 2nd prize against 1,670 old pigeons and getting no less than 8 (!) pigeons in the top-11. Such a result makes it right off crystal clear that the team can’t wait to start the season.

02/05/2021 - Melun (310 km)

South Antwerp Association (1,670 old birds + yearlings): 1.-2.-4.-6.-7.-10.-11.-15.-20.-22.-30.-
31.-37.-44.-49.-50.-55.-67.-69.-... (53/59)
South Antwerp Association (748 yearlings): 2.-3.-6.-70.-10.-15.-19.-20.-24.-30.-31.-32.-41.-
50.-51.-65.-73.-74.-75.-76.-... (30/38)

No less than 38 pigeons in a total of 59 won a prize per 10 (or almost 65%). The total prize percentage was 93%!

The cocks (and a few more hens) were basketted for Noyon (208 km) and they achieved a very good result, as well, with 5 pigeons in the top-10.

02/05/2021 - Noyon (208 km)

458 old birds + yearlings: 4.-5.-6.-8.-10.-13.-20.-21.-26.-28.-32.-33.-39.-42.-43. -44.-... (49/71)

Peony (BE18-6020131) - 1st Melun - 1,670 pigeons

The winner of the 1st Middle Distance race of the season was Peony, a direct daughter of Olympic Elektro (PL0264-13-400) x Bambi (BE13-6026002). In 2007, Olympic Elektro won the title of the 1st Olympiad pigeon Cat. B (middle distance) at the Olympiad in Brussels and is for sure one of the best middle distance pigeons of the last decades. In Poland, he won 1st and 2nd National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance in 2016 and 2015, respectively. Olympic Elektro is a grandchild of the stockbreeder Elektro, and has in the meanwhile developed into a new super-breeder in the breeding loft in Vremde.


But Peony, too, has now started for herself a pretty good list of achievements:

- 1st Melun (310km) - 1,670 pigeons

- 1st Argenton (555 km) - 836 pigeons

- 3rd Nat. Zone Chateauroux (526 km) - 819 pigeons (after 2 loft mates)

- 5th Nat. Chateauroux (526 km) - 2,850 pigeons

- 29th Nat. Issoudun (504 km) - 11,465 pigeons

- 9th prov. Issoudun (504 km) (a different race) - 2,147 pigeons

- 75th Nat. Argenton (555 km) - 16,762 pigeons

- ...

Olympic Elektro, super-racer and top-breeder!

The golden lines of Elektro, Mustang and Iron Man

High quality stock pigeons are always the basis for a good and solid pigeon stock. Elektro, Mustang and Iron Man are definitely the foundation of the current top-quality pigeons generation at the Jos Vercammen Loft. It’s no wonder then that the birds that came right after the winner (who is a great-grandchild of Elektro), were all grandchildren of Elektro, Mustang, or Iron Man. This is result that speaks for itself.

Stock breeder Electro.
Iron Man

On the road again... to a new top year!

The season has began. The first middle distance race is over. And in Vremde they are getting ready for the national races in the extreme middle distance and the one day long distance. The racing team is ready to shine again. And who knows, maybe this year we will see a new Mustang, Elektro, or Iron Man. Given the amount of quality and talent in the lofts in Vremde, this would come as no surprise at all.