G. and H. Calis (Bussum, NL) once again off to a great start for the new season.

G. and H. Calis (Bussum, NL) win Lessines province 7 North
Gerard and Harold Calis only required two races this year to already claim a beautiful victory. They scored at Lessines against 8439 pigeons.

1st, 2nd and 4th Lessines Province 7 North against 8439 pigeons

In 2020, the father-son combination struck early with Strong Baron in the very first race of the program, Niergnies. That time, against nearly 17000 pigeons, they won a province victory. In 2021, Gerard and Harold Calis had to wait a week longer before they could add another prestigious victory to their list. On the 17th of April, they achieved a good-looking 8th place against 8378 pigeons in the race from Duffel. One week later, they got no less than a double victory against 8439 pigeons who were brought together by the fanciers of Province 7 Mid-Netherlands (North). At Duffel, there was also something to celebrate with achieving the grandmaster title of province 7 (via the Spoor der Kampioenen). Before we introduce the key players of Lessines, we will first provide an overview of the achievements at Duffel and Lessines;

17-04 Duffel 139 km. 8378 d. 8-30-38-42-49-58-89-etc.(53/63) 24-04 Lessines 200 km. 8439 d. 1-2-4-37-44-92-93-95-96-97-99-etc.(57/62)

Gold Peace, winnares Lessines

NL20-1355549 Gold Peace, winner Lessines province 7 North against 8439 pigeons

The victory at Lessines goes to NL20-1355549 Gold Peace, who defeated an impressive 8438 other pigeons to get it. On the honours list of this young, red hen are a series of top achievements. Her performance on Duffel (9th against 5066 p.), Pont St. Max (9th against 1059 p.) and Vervins (10th against 4799 pigeons) are some good examples. At Duffel, Gold Peace arrived as 2nd on the loft of Gerard and Harold. Against 8378 pigeons she could be found back in the results with a nice 30th place. After two races, she leads the ace pigeon championship of the entirety of Province 7. Gold Peace is a granddaughter of NL11-1407763 Golden Lucky. That Hen has by now shown her enormous breeding value. She is the grandmother of a series of top pigeons who together have no less than at least 20 first prizes in the bigger picture.

Nicole first successor of Gold Peace

NL19-1519932 Nicole is with a 2nd Lessines against 8439 pigeons the first successor of Gold Peace

The first successor of Gold Peace at Lessines is the NL19-1519932. It is no coincidence that this hen is a daughter of Golden Lucky (Grandmother of Gold Peace).

NL11-1407763 Golden Lucky, grandmother of Gold Peace and mother of Nicole.

Bond Girl wins 4th Lessines against 8439 pigeons

NL19-1520007 Bond Girl, 4th Lessines agaisnt 8439 pigeons

The third pigeon of Gerard and Harold who made her way into the results is NL19-1520007 Bond Girl. The hen had to satisfy herself with a well placed 4th place against 8439 pigeons. The release location of Lessines apparently agrees with her. Earlier, she won from that location a 5th against 2027 pigeons. Bond Girl is the daughter of NL18-1631765 Vale Bulck. This Hen has already shown her value on the breeding loft. Vale Bulck is the mother of, amongst others, Strong Baron, the winner of the opening race of season 2020 province 7.

Top breedster, NL18-1631765 Vale Bulck, mother of Bond Girl and Strong Baron
NL19-1519931 Strong Baron was the fastest on the opening race of 2020 against nearly 17000 pigeons

A cold start of the season

Gerard and Harold Calis’ pigeons most certainly did not miss the start of their season. The cold April month, and a wind that has been blowing from the North-Eastern corner for weeks, makes it so that many top lofts could already separate themselves from their competition. In Bussum, the managers are well filled every week. Every time the pigeons return to the loft they find plenty of food. Besides that, the approach to the start of the season was rather traditional. On New Year’s Eve, the 1st widow loft was coupled simultaneously with the breeders. After moving the eggs, the breeders were temporarily recoupled with the 2nd widower’s loft. In the first week of March, nearly the entire flying crew was put on widowhood. From that moment onwards, there was 1 daily training scheduled. In the last two weeks, the pigeons train two times a day. More information can be found on the beautiful website of the combination www.calisracingpigeons.com

Expectations raised

Gerald and Harold have made it clear that in 2021, the competition will have to be wary of the competitive spirit of the father and son. Whether or not they can follow up on the raised expectations, we will closely monitor for you.