Brothers A & B Leideman (Collendoorn, NL) seized the day at the first 2 races.

With the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc against 1625 pigeons at Munster (103 km), as well as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, etc... against 18.737 pigeons at Ludenscheid (167 km), André en Bert have already made their mark for the coming season.
Bert and André in front of their new loft

Due to being forced to move in October 2019, all racing pigeons were sold via a successful auction from PIPA. However, the breeding group that is the foundation for the many successes, both of the brothers Leideman as others, was kept. In 2020, a new start was made with a new group of yearlings. This group was composed out of one half being pigeons that were broken to the new loft, the other half being pigeons that were trained for the postseason races. In addition, new lofts were built to which several small adjustments were made last year. During the last winter, the lofts were adjusted with help from Gunter Prange (who lives 45 minutes away from the brothers).  André and Bert’s opinion is that: “We have to wait and see as to how we can best deal with the circumstances, after the season is over we will review and see what is necessary.” 

Mid-February all the pigeons were coupled and the racers have already raised their youngs, sometimes their own, sometimes those of the breeders. During the first race, not all young had left the nest yet and some hens still had to lay eggs. Of the current racing crew, about 50 yearlings were trained on the postseason races as they could no longer train on the regular young pigeons’ races. The remaining yearlings, about 35, did not see the basket last year and start their training now.

As you could read above, the breeding group that was central to the years of success and quality were not sold. This time in 2021, we once again see the proof that these breeders are at the foundation of a new series of aces. Before we highlight a number of these successful breeders, first the results of the first 2 races of 2021 (only showing prizes in the top 100).

Munster 103 km 1.625 p.: 1-3-4-5-7-8-9-10-11-13-17-18-19-33-51-59-61-62-63-69-98-etc. (51/124)
NL19-1249146, 1st Munster (1.625 p)
Ludenscheid 167 km 18.737 p.: 2-3-4-6-9-10-11-12-13-14-16-17-18-19-20-21-23-25-27-35-41-66- 83-85-87-93-97-etc. (81/133)
NL20-1085744, 2nd Ludenscheid (18.737 p)

Looking at the pedigrees of the leading hens of the two races above, we arrive at the impressive overview of below:

Munster (first 13 arrived pigeons) 1st NL-2019-1249146 Cock From: Antar * Daughter Jaguar 004 3rd NL-2019-1248716 Hen From: Crack 19 * Margrit 4th NL-2019-1248793 Hen From: Son crack 19 * Sister Goed Grijs 5th NL-2019-1248722 Hen From: Arturo (= son Crack 19) * Tila (= sister Raissa and Sia) 7th NL-2020-1085831 Cock = great grandson Goed Grijs 8th NL-2019-1248711 Hen From: son of Ace 820 * Jet, mother is Vitoria (now combination Mantel) 9th NL-2020-1085665 Cock = grandson of Goed Grijs 10th NL-2019-1249129 Cock From: son of Crack 19 * Jet, mother is daughter Olympic Leo 11th NL-2019-1248781 Cock = grandson of sister Goed Grijs 13th NL-2019-1248674 Cock = grandson Arturo (= zoon Crack 19) * Tila (= sister Raissa and Sia) Ludenscheid (eerste 23 aankomende duiven) 2nd NL-2020-1085744 Cock = grandson Goed Grijs 3rd NL-2020-1085581 Hen = granddaughter Crack 19 * Raissa 4th NL-2020-1085779 Cock From: Brother Ace 820 * Margrit 6th NL-2019-1248716 Hen From: Crack 19 * Margrit 9th BE-2020-6186099 Hen From: Kareltje, stock breeder Luc Vervoort * daughter Goed Grijs with her own father 10th NL-2019-1248826 Hen Sister of: Raissa, Sia and Tila 11th NL-2020-1085962 Cock From: Crack 19 * Daughter Olympia 16 Roeper 12th NL-2019-1248761 Hen From: Son of Crack 19 * Goed Grijs' 13th NL-2020-1085806 Cock From: Son Ace 820 * Jet, mother is Raissa 14th BE-2020-6186089 Cock = Grandson super couple Luc Vervoort. Kareltje * Godelieve 16th NL-2019-1249143 Cock = Grandson Goed Grijs 17th NL-2020-1085836 Cock = Grandson Goed Grijs 18th NL-2019-1248793 Hen From: son Crack 19 * sister Goed Grijs 19th NL-2019-1248827 Hen Sister of Raissa, Sia and Tila 20th BE-2020-6186094 Cock = Grandson super couple Luc Vervoort. Kareltje * Godelieve 21st NL-2020-1085972 Cock From: Son Ace 820 * Jet, mother is Raissa 23rd NL-2019-1248666 Cock From: Cracker (Crack 19 * Margrit) * Torcida (= sister of Raissa, Sia and Tila)

Below you will find 6 breeders who, if you look at the lineages above, are at the core of all these achievements.

BE15-6106415, Goed Grijs

Goed Grijs had no children in the racing loft between 2019 and 2020. This will be happening again from 2021 onwards.

NL14-1466919, Crack 19

NL16-1075820, Ace 820

NL15-1234091, Jet

NL16-1075866, Margrit

NL15-1234061 Raissa

The value of having a number of top breeders

For years, Bert and André have been in the possession of a breeding loft that overflows with quality due to the efforts of, amongst others, Goed Grijs, Crack 19, Ace 820 etc… Here, on the lofts in Collendoorn, there are a number of breeders who can easily handle being compared with other national top lofts. For years, in the previous location in Hardenberg, the brothers performed excellently with the descendants of these breeders. Now, within a year, history seems like it is about to repeat itself considering the impressive results of the first races and… it only seems natural that more impressive feats will follow in the coming year.