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Joël Verschoot (Ingelmunster, BE) is confidently looking forward to the start of 2021

With 2x 1st Provincial Victories and the title of 13th Nat. Champion Long Distance old birds, the Verschoot colony can look back onto an excellent 2020 season.

Building the future

In the racing season of 2018, Joël Verschoot reached the pinnacle of his pigeon racing career. Wonderbird Armando was the centre of attention with the victories of the 1st Nat. Angoulême, 1st Nat. Acebird Long Distance KBDB (with a record coefficient) and the cherry on top of the cake; the title of 1st Olympic Bird Long Distance KBDB… which crowned this flying miracle as the best long-distance bird of Belgium of all time. Though there were other stars of high calibres, such as Contador, Nopri, Barry and others... Who deserves their share of that success.

After the successful auction of March 2019, Joël had his work cut out for him with the expansion for a completely new flying crew. No man knows how to do this better than Joël Verschoot. His honours list proves that he has the skills and experience. Breeding from the very best and then race, race and race. By the end, he only has the top of the line left, with a sharp knife as the judge. Though one does need to have a bit of luck on one side

This becomes more of a challenge when the racing season is terrorized by covid-19 - like in 2020. Mostly because Joël decided to not additionally darken his cocks, they had always done fine without in the racing seasons (until the start of August) of previous years… and he found that cocks do not always react positively towards darkening. The hens however were put into the dark with the reasoning that should the racing condition of the cocks in August show a decline, because of too far progressed moult, then the hens could jump in.

Joël and his son Dieter Verschoot are on the right path for the formation of a new top team and that shows in the achieved results and won titles of 2020. Once again they were on the national stage as the 13th National Champion Long Distance Old Birds 2020, on the local level (Long Distance Club Rekkem) they were crowned for the 8th time (period 2011-2020) as overall Champion...for the third time in a row, for this, they were also given the title of Emperor of the Long Distance Club Rekkem. Also, they achieved 1st Champion Long Distance and Extremely Long Distance Old Birds, 1st Champion Long Middle Distance Yearlings, 1st Champion Leie Long Distance Trophy, etc… Nothing but positive signs that Joël and Dieter are on the right track of forming a new top team. The future looks bright, certainly with a bunch of new long-distance talents on the lofts.

1st Prov. Montélimar and 1st Prov. Issoudun

Among the highlights of 2020 were, without a doubt, the provincial victories on Montélimar and Issoudun. The provincial victory of Montélimar was achieved with the cock Alibaba, a champ who, from his father’s side, descends from the very best of the old breed.

-Alibaba BE17-3031071

1st Prov. Montélimar       159 p. – 73. Nat. 3.778 p. ’20
3rd Fontenay       
            219 p. ’18
24th Fontenay                  1.302 p. – 135. Prov 7.422 p. ’20
144th Nat. Angoulême    5.030 p. ’18

He is a son of the Profeet BE12-3041843: own nest brother of the Prof - winner 1st Prov. Tours and half brother of superstar Contador (from stock breeder Deprez 024/05 x golden stock dam Shakira 246/09) coupled to Claudia BE15-3006196 (a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele via sports friend Johan De Schryver).

The provincial victory on Issoudun was thanks to the hen New Betsy. This fantastic racing hen can easily be seen as the best yearling of 2020. This lady has showcased her excellent ability multiple times on the lofts of Joël Verschoot, with the following top performances:

-New Betsy BE19-3072351

1st Prov. Issoudun         2.489 p. ’20
9th Prov. Chateauroux      3.608 p. ’19
36th Prov. Argenton          4.299 p. ’20
48th Nat. Argenton            23.258 p. ’19
92nd Prov. Bourges          2.821 p. ’20
112th Prov. Blois               3.067 p. ’20  - 299. Intprov. 8.991 old birds
312th Prov. Chateauroux  5.555 p. ’20
945th Prov. Pontoise        17.443 p. ’19

This prime lady descends from the colony Vermeersch-Depraetere from Zwevegem, her pedigree contains nothing but victors, for example; the 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB ‘15, the 1st Prov. Blois. 5.334 p., 1st. Prov. Pontoise. She comes from a crossing between the races Annick Goetyen (Deinze) x Patrick Verhue (Zwevegem).

A solid crew of long distance racers

The greatest of the long-distance cocks crew is, without a doubt, ‘Boy`. A superior 1st prize achiever, who has succeeded to classify in the top 100th national 4 times so far. His mighty honours list contains the following highlights:

-Boy BE17-3031038

90th Nat. Limoges I              13.569 p. ’19
92nd Nat. Libourne               4.605 p. ’19
93rd Prov. Chateauroux       2.343 p. ’18 (19/5)
96th Nat. Limoges II             10.319 p. ’20
98th Nat. Limoges                7.236 p. ’18 – 1. Club 468 p.
102nd Nat. Limoges I           15.981 p. ’20
109th Prov. Chateauroux     2.470 p. ’18 (15/6)
145th Nat. Tulle                    6.206 p. ’19
212th Nat. Angoulême         5.030 p. ’18
234th Nat. Cahors               6.903 p. ’19
559th Nat. Souillac              6.668 p. ’20

Father: Black Jack BE09-3127174
Father 1st Nat. Agen ’13, one of the stock breeders of Joël Verschoot. Grandson of stock breeder Costello (brother Champion at Chris Hebberecht), crossed with the line of the golden Ludo-hen Waerniers
Mother: Saerke 12 BE12-3120047
Top Hen, directly from Rudi De Saer. Granddaughter of golden stock dam ‘t Goedje (mother 2x 1st national champion and grandmother 1st Nat. champion)

Powerhouse Baziel, one of the favourites of Joël, is a champ who nearly wrote history when he fell just short with 2nd National Angoulême yearlings, he was clocked just before golden boy Armando did win the 1st Nat Angoulême old hens. His honours list:

-Baziel BE17-3031084

2nd Nat. Angoulême       5.030 p. ’18
33th Nat. Montauban       5.408 p. ’19
92nd Intprov. Tours         5.864 p. ’19
148th Nat. Jarnac           4.940 p. ’18
163th Intprov. Blois         4.845 p. ’19
208th Prov. Vierzon        3.085 p. ’19
385th Nat. Argenton       19.859 p. ’18
424th Nat. Aurillac          3.886 p. ’19
883th Nat. Bourges       19.133 p. ’18


Father: As 1 BE09-3135331
One of the best breeders of the old stock, also the father of 4th. Nat. 7.046 p. and 45th. Nat. 22.385 p…. Son of stock sire, As BE04-3176837
Mother: Jabba BE12-3041978
Daughter of
Apollo Rik BE11-3172350 BE11-3172350 Chris Debacker (grandson Bliksem Gaby Vandenabeele) x Saerke 06 BE06-3125852 (directly Rudi De Saer)

Bistro is a 1st prize winner who has also demonstrated great breeding capability:

-Bistro BE17-3031080

 1st. Clermont                 355 p. ’19
 2nd. Fontenay                461 p. ’17
12th. Intprov. Blois           4.845 p. ’19
45th. Prov. Fontenay       7.422 p. ’20
54th. Nat. Angoulême      5.030 p. ’18
86th. Prov. Limoges        2.248 p. ’20 – 428. Nat 10.319 p.
189th Prov. Blois             3.367 p. ’18
207th Prov. Vierzon         3.085 p. ’19
344th Nat. Tulle               6.206 p. ’19


Father: Thomas BE15-3006129
Finished 5x within the top 67 - provincial and/or national, is a half brother of 1st. Nat. Agen `13. Son of Black Jack BE09-3127174 (father Agen) x Zavannache BE14-3004559 (daughter of Cees: 1st Nat. Brive `13 x Annelies: 2nd Nat. La Souterraine `13). The very best of the old colony of Joël Verschoot
Daughter: Karma BE13-3003274
Dochter of the Norman BE12-3167442 (directly Norman, and son Wonder Zhora) x super breeder Saerke 927 BE06-3125927 (direct Rudi De Saer)

A promising yearling of 2020 is a son of Bistro, Salvador. Mother of Salvador is Minerva 2 (77th Nat. Bourges 11.401 p.), and granddaughter of stock dam Biba, As 1 and golden stock dam Shakira.

-Salvador BE19-3035003

26th Prov. Fontenay           3.448 p. ’20
43rd Fontenay                   1.059 p. ’19
101st Prov. Argenton         4.299 p. ’20
103th Prov. Fonteany        3.197 p. ’19
239th Nat. Aurillac             3.004 p. ’20
630th Nat. Argenton          23.258 p. ’19


In conclusion of this series, the yearling in which Joël and Dieterput put great faith for the coming seasons, as it achieved one prize in every 10 (1:10) races it partook in during the 2020 season.

-Jumbo BE19-3035070

99th Nat. Limoges             9.756 p. ’20
111th Fontenay                  1.302 p. ’20
256th Intprov. Blois            3.592 p. ’20
299th Prov. Chateauroux  5.555 p. ’20
530th Nat. Souillac            7.514 p. ’20

Father: Darko BE16-3008522
Son of top bird Nopri BE13-3003068 (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround KBDB 2017… and a grandson of the stock birds As and Deprez) x Flavie BE11-3048653 (daughter of Black Jack x Dochter As).
Mother: Blauwe Wittik BE16-3124657
From brother 1st Nat Gueret.

Confidently going into 2021 

Just like every other pigeon fancier, Joël and Dieter are hoping for a more or less normal racing season in 2021. Though you never know with the current corona situation. That said the fanciers, as well as their talented flying crew, are anxious to showcase their ability on the national classics, with the focus naturally being on the long distance. It is clear that people will once again find a fierce opponent in the Verschoot pigeons. Top fanciers with top birds… the ideal combination for success in the pigeon sport!