2020 for the (Terneuzen, NL) Scheele Brothers? A real rollercoaster full of high points and extreme lows

Adriaan Scheele
The 2020 racing season was overshadowed by the death of Adriaan, the wise and older half of the Scheele Brothers. The performance of the pigeons resulted in a posthumous tribute.

A shadow over 2020

The 2020 season had already lost all meaning for Jaap Scheele before it even began. Jaap and his father, Adriaan, had celebrated countless successes as Scheele Brothers in the pigeon sport. But on Liberation Day, May 5th, the sudden death of Adriaan brought an abrupt end to their collaboration. A respectfull farewell took place for a great sportsman. Neighbors, fellow pigeon fanciers and many others formed a beautiful guard of honor in the area of Adriaans home. The Scheele family is very grateful to everyone for this. It will come as no surprise that Jaap’s sports experience in the 2020 season, which started with a delay on 6th June, was not very uplifting. Waiting for the pigeons gave Jaap mixed feelings. What is surprising though, is that the performances were of an especially high level.

Three provincial victories

A number of very nice results, three provincial victories and a pigeon that performed exceptionally well in the middle and one day long distance races brought some vital success in 2020. As if the pigeons sensed that Jaap could use a boost, he got immediately a big success from the very first flight of the season. From Peronne the NL18-3832122 Drum was the fastest of the race of the Zeeland '96 province against 7823 pigeons.

NL18-3832122 Drum, 1th Peronne afdeling Zeeland '96 against 7,823 pigeons

Drum is a grandson of the current stock couple NL12-3254959 Sonny x NL13-1655026 Cher. Drum's father, NL14-1393325 Son Esmee, is a son of NL12-1005204 Esmee (Tj. & J Elzinga) who was crowned 1st National Ace Pigeon WHZB-TBOTB in 2014. Drum himself is also the father of NL19-3908062 Lizzy, 1st Golden Crack youngsters Zeeland '96 (Fondclub South Netherlands).

Another hit with Adriaan on Melun Andrezel

Two weeks after the victory in Peronne, there comes another hit in the middle distance race from Melun Andrezel, for which 10418 pigeons were entrusted to the basket by the Zeeland fanciers. Responsible for that success is the yearling NL19-3908080, who goes by the name “Adriaan” as a tribute to father Scheele.

NL19-3908080 Adriaan, 1th Melun Andrezel afdeling Zeeland '96 against 10,418 pigeons

Adriaan also won a 2nd Melun Andrezel against 1952 pigeons and a 7th Pont St. Maxence against 1140 pigeons. It is, at the very least, quite remarkable that Adriaan is a full brother of the aforementioned Drum, who won the Peronne provincial race. This means that the parents NL14-1393325 Son Esmee and NL16-1588015 Julia are suddenly parents of two provincial winners.

Roos makes it into a trilogy

NL17-3711274 sister of Roos, NPO winner on Issoudun

On the third one day long distance race of the season, there was again success at the provincial level. The top step of the podium was occupied by the two-year-old hen NL18-3828068 Roos in the NPO flight Issoudun. Her achievements do not come accidentally or out of the blue. Roos' father is NL10-3056436 Fast Boy who also won an NPO race (Argenton) himself (3rd national against 23000 pigeons). In addition, Fast Boy scored no less than three Teletext prizes. Fast Boy was already the father of NL17-3711274, 1st General Ace pigeon province Zeeland '96 in 2019. Roos's mother comes from G. & S. Verkerk.

Ace 79 is the revelation of the season

With three provincial victories in his pocket, Jaap can certainly be more than satisfied with the sporting performances of his pigeons. But the most striking thing in 2020 is the performance of the yearling NL19-3908079 Ace 79. A great cock with a list of prizes to make everyone jealous. Judge for yourself;

1st Ace pigeon One day long distance 2020 province Zeeland '96
4th National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2020
4th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance De Allerbeste 2020
7th NPO Montlucon 2,524 p. - 559 km.
7th Melun Andrezel 1952 p.
10th NPO Issoudun - 2,293 p. - 503 km.
19th Fontenay - 3,143 p. - 365 km.
29th NPO Issoudun - 4812 p. - 503 km.
NL19-3908079 Ace 79, 4th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2020

Ace 79's pedigree proves once again that the Scheele Brothers have all it takes to maximize the chance of success. Ace 79 is a grandson of BE06-3008003 Rudy, the most phenomenal son of Gaby Vandenabeele's BE98-3158062 Bliksem. Ace 79's father is a half-brother of, among others, Super Romeo, 1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB yearlings. Ace 79's mother is NL17-1293918 Chrissy, who finished 5th National Ace Pigeon Young Birds in 2017, in the competition De Allerbeste (The Very Best).

Some nice results of the 2020 season

Peronne 166 km. 1,844 d. 1-2-6-8-17-21-25-26-29-37-46-47-etc. (41/71)
Division 7823 d. 1-2-7-12-32-36-42-43-50-62-86-89-etc. (46/71)
Melun 309 km. 2,621 p. 1-5-9-18-19-41-etc. (29/66)
Division 10418 d. 1-6-20-63-67-etc. (29/66)
Issoudun 503 km. 1,395 d. 3-10-11-17-18-19-21-22-23-29-37-38-40-42-etc. (41/58)
NPO 4812 p. 5-15-16-27-29-30-36-38-40-etc. (42/58)
Issoudun 503 km. 623 d. 1-4-6-12-14-20-24-28-29-49-etc. (17/32)
NPO 2293 p. 1-10-12-19-23-36-56-64-etc. (18/32)
Melun 309 km. 1,263 p. 1-4-7-18-33-36-38-53-etc. (21/71)

Peace of Mind

Jaap has found himself again. His mind is calm and he is looking forward to the new season, which is almost upon us. The breeding loft is at full strength, says Jaap. We will see the results of this in two years' time. With national top ten ace pigeons such as Rico, Pink and Timo and the stock couple Sonny and Cher (of which there are also seven children in the breeding loft), the chance of success is very high. Jaap, we wish you a successful season in which you can enjoy your pigeons again.

National Ace Pigeon Rico is now on the breeding loft in Terneuzen