Bloodlines of G. & S. Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) dominate the national ace pigeon championship 2020 in unprecedented fashion

In the prestigious national WHZB/TBOTB competition, every winner except for one (in the marathon category) was related to the Verkerk family. We have never seen a single family dominate the national ace pigeon championship like this year.

2020. It was a season that will go down in history as the year in which almost every 1st National Ace Pigeon was a Verkerk descendant, even though only a limited number of Verkerk pigeons stay in their home country. Like we said, all winners in the national competition WHZB/TBOTB has Verkerk origins, except for one (marathon). And Gerard and Bas Verkerk are clearly very proud of that. 2020 has been a fantastic season for them as well, but more on that later. First we will zoom in on some of the national highlights in other lofts with the help of the Verkerk racing birds.

1st Nat. ace pigeon one day long distance WHZB/TBOTB Eijerkamp family
1st Nat. ace pigeon one day long distance PIPA Eijerkamp family
1st Nat. ace pigeon Middle distance Allerbeste/NPOrgaan Eijerkamp family
2nd Nat. ace pigeon Allround WHZB.TBOTB Eijerkamp family (behind the Lin combination)
In part thanks to the introduction of Verkerk 1st & 2nd Best fancier WHZB/TBOTB 2020

1st Nat. ace pigeon YBs WHZB/TBOTB Buck & Martijn de Kruijff

1st Nat. ace pigeon Allround WHZB/TBOTB Comb. Lin
1st Nat. ace pigeon Sprint/middle dist. WHZB/TBOTB Comb. Lin
1st Nat. ace pigeon middle distance NPO Comb. Lin
1st Nat. ace pigeon Allround PIPA Comb. Lin
1st Nat. ace pigeon Yearlings PIPA Comb. Lin
1st Nat. ace pigeon Yearlings Allerbeste/NPOrgaan Comb. Lin
1st Nat. ace pigeon Allround Allerbeste/NPOrgaan Comb. Lin
And 1st National loft champion middle distance nominated thanks to the Verkerk bloodlines

1st Nat. champion one day long distance not nom. NPO K. de Jong & Son
1st one day long distance Fondspiegel K. de Jong & Son

2nd Nat. ace pigeon Yearlings Allerbeste/NPOrgaan G. den Houdijker (behind Comb. Lin)
2nd Nat. ace pigeon Allround Allerbeste/NPOrgaan G. den Houdijker (behind Comb. Lin)

4th Nat. ace pigeon YBs Allerbeste/NPOrgaan J. Doldersum & Son

4th Nat. ace pigeon Allround WHZB/TBOTB Derksen-vd Keuken
6th Nat. ace pigeon one day long distance WHZB/TBOTB Derksen-vd Keuken
8th Nat. ace pigeon one day long distance NPO Derksen-vd Keuken

And many other top 25 prizes...

Let's take a closer look at some of the pigeons from this illustrious list of champions.

NL19-7007134, Jozef of the Eijerkamp family

This excellent racing bird was 1st National ace pigeon one day long distance WHZB/TBOTB 2000, 1st National ace pigeon middle distance Allerbeste/NPOrgaan and 1st National ace pigeon one day long distance PIPA. The sire (Solange Jr.) of Jozef is a super class breeder for the Eijerkamp family, since Solange Jr. is the sire of several other successful racing birds in Brummen, besides Jozef. Solange Jr. was bred from NL10-1682373/Tyson x NL07-1817923/Olympic Solange. And that same pair also bred Son Solange of the Derksen-vd Keuken combination, which has bred many successful pigeons for this combination.
The Eijerkamp family also won a title of 15th National ace pigeon Allround with Annemie. This pigeon stems from Catherine, a daughter of NL11-1741053/Ferrari (zoon Olympic Solange) x NL10-1682216/Olivia. Annemie won for instance a 6th NPO Chateaudun (4,058 p. and a 10th NPO Chateauroux (3,794 p.). Aberdeen was 21st National ace pigeon Allround, and Aberdeen was bred from Panamera, which is a son of NL13-1239600/Topper Harley x NL15-1706407/Princess. Aberdeen won a 4th National S3 Fay aux Loges (14,036 p.). It was in part with the help of these and other Verkerk pigeons that they became 1st and 2nd best fancier WHZB/TBOTB 2020.



Here are some of his best results:



5th NPO Chateaudun 4,058 p.
7th NPO Fay aux Loges 5,735 p. (and 11th Nat. 14,036 p.)
13th NPO Fay aux Loges 9,218 p.

NL19-1696001, China-001 for the Lin family

This talented newcomer claimed one or more 1st championship titles across all competitions. The pedigree of this great racing bird includes a half brother and half sister of Olympic SpongeBob, as well as a daughter of Bulldozer. We also spotted a half sister of NL07-1817923/Olympic Solange. This half sister Solange is a full sister of NL10-1682199/New Sensation (the sire of NL12-1619001/Olympic Sofie). That half sister Solange (NL11-1737012) was obtained in a PIPA auction and she is a granddaughter of 2 Olympiad pigeons, namely NL00-1975952/Olympic Survivor x NL00-5063949/Amore (Koopman). This 012 is in turn the dam of an Olympiad Pigeon in 2017, Error 404, a grandmother of Olympiad Pigeon Olympic Janneke (best yearling worldwide in 2019), and now the great-grandmother of China-001. If there had been an Olympiad this year, China-001 would have definitely been there. It is in part thanks to China-001 (a 43.75% Verkerk) and other pigeons with Verkerk origins that the Lin family became 1st National loft champion middle distance nominated 2020.

Besides the ace pigeon titles that we already mentioned, China-001 also won:



1st Pontoise 9,157 p.
1st Pontoise 2,001 p.
3rd Chateauroux 1,633 p.
14th Pontoise 15,351 p.
17th Fontenay 5,725 p.

NL20-1525720, Special Seven Twenty of Buck and Martijn De Kruijff

This younger pigeon stood out from the start for this father-son combination from Woerden, winning a title of 1st National ace pigeon YBs WHZB/TBOTB 2020. The dam of this pigeon, NL19-3951681/grandchild Eye Catcher, was obtained in the Golden Classic auction (a special breeder-racer ring race). The breeders of this pigeon are Gerard and Bas Verkerk. The sire of NL19-681 is a son of NL15-1706301/Equal First x NL11-1741071/Eye Catcher, and the dam comes from Andter (Van Andel-Terluin) x NL 13)-1239557/Gret (sister Olympic Solange and Eye Catcher).

This young racing cock won for instance:



13th Quievrain 3,253 p.
19th Roye 20,199 p.
22nd Roye 3,073 p.
39th Pont St. Maxence 9,648 p.

NL19-1668918, Letty of Gert den Houdijker

This great racing bird showed her potential at a young age, winning a 2nd of 1,152 p. and 7th of 1,482 p. And she did even better this year. She was beaten by China-001 in the National ace pigeon championship yearlings & Allround in the Allerbeste-NPOrgaan competition but she still became 2nd National ace pigeon twice, which is also worth a mention. The sire of this top class hen is a son of NL13-1239600/Topper Harley (a half brother of Solange Jr. and Son Solange) x NL11-1740972/Lieke (grandmother of New Olympic Solange).

Klaas and Jacob de Jong

Klaas and Jacob obtained some youngsters from their racing birds in 2018, and they had not expected to get a few youngsters of NL16-1526026/New Olympic Solange en NL16-1526131/Davina as well. They also have a youngster of NL12-1618921/Olympic Bibi and a grandchild of NL14-1059627/Olympic Fire Eyes in their breeding loft. It was with the help of these pigeons that this team was impossible to beat in the one day long distance in 2020. They were 1st loft one day long distance in the whole of The Netherlands both in the national championships NPO and in the overall ranking of the Fondspiegel competition.

The national ace pigeons of Derksen-vd Keuken and Doldersum & son are related to NL09-1186402/Goofy, NL10-1682306/Feline, NL16-1526224/Recovery and NL14-1059451/Top Girl.

And they also won several other races and top ten spots NPO with Verkerk descendants. For instance, they claimed a 1st National Gueret in Belgium and a 1st NPO Fay aux Loges, which we will talk about in closer detail.

1st National Belgium Gueret 12,888 p., Bosman-Leekens

The dam of this national winner, Triple Bas (what's in a name!) is a daughter of NL14-1059627/Olympic Fire Eyes (son Donald x Eye Catcher) x NL12-1619131/Isa (daughter Bulldozer x Olympic Solange).



Triple Bas

1st NPO Fay aux Loges 9,218 p., Eijerkamp family

The winner, Magic Loya, is a daughter of Tanguy. Tanguy was bred from NL11-1741041/Gavin x NL09-1186437/Bonita. Tanguy is also the sire of Xenon, which was 1st National ace pigeon one day long distance 2018-2019. Fanciers who visited the Eijerkamp website have probably seen that many of their top ten finishers have Verkerk origins, especially in the one day long distance.



The Far East

Fanciers from the other side of the globe, mainly in China and Taiwan, have been winning races and ace pigeon titles in 2020 with descendants of the pigeon family of Gerard and Bas Verkerk as well. The family of Olympic Solange appears a lot in these pedigrees. Besides, the nest sister of the sire of New Olympic Solange is the dam of a first prize winner in Xian. And a top breeder from NL14-1059447/Rico x NL15-1706407/Princess has bred a champion as well. Breeding pair NL09-1186402/Goofy x NL08-1537203/Cameron Diaz has a solid reputation in China as well, given the achievements of their descendants.

We could say that their key to success was not a specific approach, their lofts or the location of their loft but rather the enormous breeding potential of the Verkerk pigeon. No other pigeon family has such an impressive track record.

In their own loft...

Like we discussed in two earlier reports about Vierzon and Fontenay, 2020 has been a great season for Gerard and Bas's own racing team too.

Click here to reread the report about Fontenay

Our report about the race from Vierzon can be found here

We will talk about some of their best-performing racing birds from the 2020 season.



NL19-1666536, Jutta



Jutta was one of the stars of 2020 in the one day long distance. And she was also the 2nd best pigeon in The Netherlands with 4 prizes in races of over 500km. She was 9th National ace pigeon one day long distance 2020 WHZB/TBOTB, and she won a title of 10th National ace pigeon one day long distance in the NPO and the PIPA Ranking. She was also 2nd Nat. ace pigeon yearlings PIPA Rankings. She is in other words a highly versatile racing bird, winning a total of 7 prizes 1:100, including 4 in the one day long distance. She is a daughter of NL10-1682265/Atlantis x NL15-1706421/ Highlight (daughter Eye Catcher).

NL19-1666639, Khloé



An incredibly talented bird: 13 prizes in 13 races (!), including 6 prizes 1:100. She won for instance a 5th NPO Blois 2 of 3,212 pigeons and a 6th National S2 of 11,576 pigeons in Blois 1. She was also 2nd National ace pigeon allround and 5th National ace pigeon yearlings in the PIPA Rankings. Khloé is a daughter of NL10-1682256/Dirty Harry (son Olympic Solange) x NL16-1526207/Mermaid (daughter Computer John x Delirium).

NL19-1666553, Bugatti

This champion became 4th Nat. ace pigeon middle distance in the PIPA rankings. The nest brother of Bugatti was 5th Nat. ace pigeon YBs allround in last year's PIPA Rankings. They are both sons of NL14-1059635/Volcano x NL13-1239517/Expectation. Those that are familiar with the Verkerk pigeon family probably have already heard these names.

NL18-5167052, Amanda



Amanda is 4th National ace pigeon allround in the PIPA rankings. She was also 7th National ace pigeon allround WHZB/TBOTB 2020, and she won a 5th National S2 Blois of 11,576 pigeons, adding to a total of 7 prizes 1:100 this year. Her sire is NL14-1059447/Rico, and her dam is a pigeon of Rik Cools. This pigeon had been sold to Dempsey Dong from China but he spent some time in Reeuwijk before his transfer.

NL19-1666718 Maradona

We already introduced this racing cock in our earlier report about Fontenay, as 1st ace pigeon Natour. He is now a 4th National ace pigeon yearlings PIPA Rankings as well. He is a son of Ton (Snoek) x Delirium, which is in turn the dam of Mermaid.

NL19-5166987 Sunshine

The 8th national ace pigeon allround in the PIPA Rankings also featured in our report about this year's race from Vierzon. She is a daughter of The Universe (Huijsmans) x NL14-1059399/Dedication.

NL19-1666477 Eye of the Tiger

This cock was 10th National ace pigeon yearlings in the PIPA rankings. His sire is a son of Dirty Harry x Snip. His dam is Lady Gaga, a daughter of Atlantis x Eye Catcher. This racing cock has bright orange eyes, which explains his name.

NL19-1666494 Kelly

The 5th National ace pigeon YBs (Fondspiegel) 2019 was also 10th National ace pigeon allround and 19th National ace pigeon yearlings in the PIPA Rankings. Her sire is Tanger, a full brother of Tanguy (a top breeder for Eijerkamp). Her dam is Magic Rock, a half sister of Atlantis, Olympic Solange and Eye Catcher.

NL19-1666510, Wendy



This was quite a talented racing hen as well with six prizes 1:100, including an 11th NPO Chateauroux of 4,973 pigeons and a 1st Peronne of 373 pigeons (plus 18th 16,670 p.). Her sire is NL15-1706479/Ridge and her dam is NL13-1239602/Kiki Kate.

NL19-1666612, Lisa



This daughter of NL14-1059627/Olympic Fire Eyes x NL15-1706463/Ace Isabelle was not raced as a young bird. She got lost in a training flight and was found by a teenager called Lisa. She captured the bird in her garden. The racing hen was brought back to the loft and she has done quite well this year, winning a 5th Peronne (13,510 p.), 22nd Peronne (16,670 p.), 23rd Pont St. Maxence (33,636 p.) and a 30th National S2 Blois of 11,576 pigeons.

NL19-1666433, Nikkie



Nikkie was already very successful last year, as 8th National ace pigeon YBs WHZB/TBOTB. She has 7 prizes 1:100 on her palmares, and she is showing to be quite strong in the one day long distance as well, winning a 31st NPO Vierzon of 9,031 pigeons. She is a daughter of NL12-1619132/Solostar x NL16-1526026/New Olympic Solange.

NL19-1666574, Mustang



Mustang is a marvellous racing cock from a fantastic breeding pair. His sire is NL12-1530469/Computer John (van Laar en Zn) x NL16-1526026/New Olympic Solange. He has won 6 prizes 1:100, including a 1st Quievrain of 485 pigeons (and 2nd of 2,276 p.). Mustang was 22nd National ace pigeon yearlings in the PIPA rankings.

NL19-1666439, Solange's Playboy



And lastly we have a 1st NPO Vierzon of 9,031 pigeons. We already talked about this racing bird in an earlier report but we definitely wanted to include him in our overview for 2020. He also won a 1st Fontenay of 450 pigeons in the week before Vierzon (and 2nd of 2,341 pigeons). This superstar is now part of the breeding team, where he will pass on the many qualities of his parents, NL16-1525854/Duncan en NL13-1239517/Expectation, to future generations.

This list could have been a whole lot longer, since Gerard and Bas have an impressive 8 pigeons in the top 25 PIPA Rankings for national ace pigeons yearlings and 7 pigeons in the top 25 national ace pigeons allround. And let's not forget that we are still waiting for the results of the middle distance/one day long distance category.

A hopeful future

We are already looking forward to 2021, and Gerard and Bas are trying to get their pigeon family up to speed. They have a terrific racing team and an invaluable group of breeding birds at their disposal, so we are 100% confident that we have plenty of great results to talk about again next year.