Anthony Maes (Waregem, BE) firmly holds his place at the top

The grandmaster from Waregem amazed us again in 2020, winning championship and ace pigeon titles one after another, and getting many high prize percentages. The success story of Anthony Maes goes on.

The pigeons of Anthony Maes have been doing incredibly well over the years. You might even refer to the fantastic achievements of this pigeon family from Waregem as 'Merckxian'. And let's not forget the many references from other fanciers that have significantly strengthened their existing pigeon family by introducing the Maes bloodlines.

Som exceptionally gifted pigeons have seen the light of day in Anthony's pigeon lofts, and these pigeons, along with their descendants, have produced the results that have left many other fanciers amazed. The absolute eye-catchers of this breed are Sero Sero, Papillon, Bonte Crack, etc. If these pigeons had been football players instead, they would easily measure up to Messi or Ronaldo.

Last year, Anthony not only won a title of General Provincial Champion KBDB, he also claimed a title of 1st National ace pigeon long distance KBDB. As a result, expectations were high in 2020 but the pigeons did not disappoint: we saw an almost unprecedented display of dominance in a very difficult season. Only the very best pigeon breeds have the ability to deliver in every major race. Having said that, the fancier from Waregem can look back on another very strong season, even though he is racing against a very competitive field; it takes a very talented group of birds to really stand out in this region of the country. The Anthony Maes pigeon breed did as follows in the KBDB championships, which has always been an important benchmark:



1° Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance olds
1° Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance yearlings
2° Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance yearlings
2° General Provincial Champion KBDB
2° Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance olds+YLs
2° Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB All-Round olds+YLs
5° Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB kleine middle distance YBs
7° Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance olds
8° Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB All-Round YBs
10° Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB long distance yearlings
11° Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB sprint YBs
And he was outstanding at national level as well:
5° Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance olds
12° Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance yearlings
15° Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance yearlings

De Bonte Provinciaal lays the groundwork

The main pillar of this team of champions is Bonte Provinciaal (BE06-3143261), and Anthony has surrounded himself with pigeons closely inbred to this top breeder. It was with the help of his descendants that Anthony Maes gradually but surely gained an international reputation. This invaluable stock breeder has bred many highly talented descendants, pigeons that have left many other fanciers in amazement. Bonte Provinciaal continued to breed new youngsters in 2020, even though he is already 14 years old. We take a look at some of his most important descendants:

- Sproetje provinciaal 653/10: the dam of a 1° national Chateauroux for Roger Velle, and also grandmother of a 1° national ace pigeon KBDB for Roger & Jurgen Vervaeke.

- De Zitter 654/10: the sire of two provincial ace pigeons KBDB

- Katy (BE11-3046212): the dam of Sero Sero (BE13-3079100), 1° national Argenton

- Favorietje: the dam of Crack (BE14-3006002)

Crack was himself a very successful racing bird but he has already bred some successful descendants as well. He is the sire of De Bonte Crack 3033516/17 (1° national ace pigeon KBDB long distance old birds in 2019), Rihanna BE17-3033579 (a great racing hen for Anthony Maes), Avici BE18-3073753 (a 7° prov. ace pigeon), and Nestbrother Crack BE17-3033517. This nest brother has been in the breeding loft since 2020, where he bred a great young bird (BE20-3010297) that claimed a 3° provincial Fontenay of almost 3,000 pigeons.

Crack (BE14-3006002) bred another particularly gifted youngster in 2020: Maribelle (BE20-3010293), a 5° prov. ace pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance, having won a 15° prov. Blois of 5,474 p., a 24° prov. Fontenay of 1,704 p., a 48° prov. Blois of 6,042 pigeons, etc.

And let's not forget the crossbreedings involving the lines of Bonte Provinciaal and youngsters of Rudy and Hutch (Royal Blue) of Gaby Vandenabeele (Dentergem). These combinations have bred some great youngsters as well. In other words: champions breed champions.



De Bonte Crack : 1° national ace pigeon long distance KBDB

Sero Sero does justice to Maes's reputation

Sero Sero (BE13-3079100) surprised his opponents quite a few times over the course of his racing career. After his national victory from Argenton, Anthony bred one last round of about 20 youngsters from him before his transfer to China. It proved a great move: among these youngsters were Braafke Sero Sero (BE16-3122085) and Perfect Sero Sero (BE16-3122086), bred from Sero Sero paired to Papillon. Braafke Sero Sero bred Fontenaytje 555/17, winner of 24 prizes in just two seasons, including 7 top ten placings. The 755/18 (2° prov. ace pigeon shorter middle distance 2020) is another youngster of Braafke, just like Bont Tourske 756/18 (19 prizes in two years) and Den Tulle 677/17 (1° Souillac, 2° Tulle, etc.). And last year, her latest youngster 305/20 claimed six prizes per ten.

Perfect Sero Sero is in turn the dam of Fine Fleur 087/19, 2° prov. ace pigeon longer middle distance 2020 and best pigeon in Bourges PIPA Ranking. Perfect Sero Sero also bred Ace Wonder 088/19, winner of a 1st ace pigeon title in Kortrijk, in quite a competitive club, and 2nd prov. ace pigeon KBDB long distance young birds.


Sero Sero: 1° national Argenton and a fantastic breeder for Anthony Maes

A long list of references

The tremendous achievements of the Maes pigeon family has also caught the attention of other renowned fanciers. Every top fancier knows that there is only one thing that really counts: the inherent qualities of a pigeon. And that is why many fanciers invested in Anthony's breed. This is the type of pigeon family that can really increase your chances of success. For instance, national champion Gommaire Verbruggen from Kaggevinne knew what he wanted to further strengthen his already impressive racing team. He has had some tremendous success with the Sero Sero bloodline: he has two great breeders in his collection that come straight from Sero Sero. BE16-3136600 is the sire of Aske (BE19-2031006), 6° National ace pigeon longer middle distance for Gommaire, thanks to a 59° nat. Bourges, 46° nat. Argenton and 127° Nat. Issoudun. Meanwhile, BE16-3136645 is the sire of BE19-2031013, winner of a 184° nat. Argenton, 46° nat. La Souterraine, and 3° nat. Gueret. And this 645/16 is also the sire of  BE19-2031022, winner of a 34° nat. Argenton, 51° nat. Issoudun, 98° nat. La Souterraine, 127° nat Gueret, etc. Gommaire has bred an additional five yearlings from the 645/16 that have done really well in the longer middle distance.

Sero Sero has also shown his worth in the lofts of Christian Messiaen from Rumbeke, where he is the sire of two of his best pigeons in the one day long distance. And Koen Crucke from Onkerzele decided to invest in pigeons from Waregem as well, and he has been more than happy with the Maes bloodlines. And we still vividly remember the title of 1° National ace pigeon KBDB longer middle distance of Roger & Jurgen Vervaeke from Deerlijk, with a 50% Maes bird. Or how about the 1° national Chateauroux for Roger Velle from Koksijde? This race winner comes straight from the lofts in Waregem. And the list goes on: Team Debo from Vichte won a 1° provincial Bourges with a grandchild of Bonte Provinciaal, while the Herbots brothers from Halle-Booienhoven claim a 1° and 4° Olympiad Pigeon title in Poland with two pigeons that were bred in Anthony's lofts in Waregem. It seems like the Maes pigeons are almost guaranteed to deliver. 

To sum up, the pigeon family of Anthony Maes is one of the very best breeds you can find these days. Why? Well, the numbers don't lie: they claimed numerous ace pigeon titles, several victories in important races, they were very successful in the most important competitions and they achieved some truly exceptional prize percentages. The achievements of world class pigeon Sero Sero and others speak for themselves, and so do the many references in other lofts!