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Rans Stijn & Jeroen (BE, Wijgmaal): outstanding in the (extreme) long distance in 2020

Jeroen en Stijn Rans
The Rans brothers can look back on a very strong 2020 season. They already had national victories from Pau, Perpignan and Barcelona on their palmares, and they claimed several championship titles this year as well.

Brothers and sisters lead the way...

They claimed a title of 3rd national champion longer middle distance olds KBDB 2020 and 3rd general national champion KBDB 2020, and then came the icing on the cake, with a 1st national champion long distance yearlings KBDB 2020 and 1st champion Europe Marathon 2020. It is worth noting that 4 of the 6 points to be won went to 3 brothers and sisters; we take a look:

Limoges 18/7/20:

  • 170th nat with 2027215/20
  • 290th nat with 2027257/20

Souillac 1/8/20:

  • 14th nat zone with 2027257/20
  • 15th nat zone with 2027258/20

"257 & 258 are in fact each other's nest brother & nest sister", Jeroen explains. "The sire is 'Vader Sene', the sire of Rene, 1st interprovincial Bergerac ’18 and Reneta, 10the interprov Bergerac, among others. The dam was inbred to Lucky Jef & 477, our best breeders in the long distance. We put the best two racing birds from this bloodline together. This inbred Lucky 477 is also the dam of Aurelie, winner of a 1st prov. Aurillac '20 (32nd national). She was paired to her own sire. We don't usually use such a degree of inbreeding, especially not for racing birds, but it did not seem to affect this bloodline at all", he says.


René, 1st interprovincial Bergerac

Barcelona 2019...

'Winning the race from Barcelona'. This is the most likely answer if you ask an extreme long distance fancier about his biggest dream as a fancier. Jeroen and Stijn have already seen their dream come true, with racing bird Jef taking a prestigious win in last year's race from Barcelona, as 1st International Barcelona 2019. It was an unforgettable day for them...

Fiere Jef, 1st international Barcelona 2019
The pedigree of Jef, 1st international Barcelona 2019

Jef had already shown to be a very strong racing bird in 2017 and 2018, when he claimed a 35th National Perpignan (3,966 pigeons), 81st National Sint-Vincent (2,758 pigeons), 214th interprov Aurillac, 287th National Jarnac and 391st National Cahors (6,356 pigeons). This also resulted in a title of 3rd provincial ace pigeon KBDB extreme long distance 2018. He then went on to claim victory in the most important race of all in 2019: Barcelona.

The fanciers from Wijgmaal are well aware that you should always strive to improve. And it seems like they have a new generation of top class birds ready to go. This new generation already had an impressive 10 (!) yearlings in the national top 100. And who knows, maybe one of them could end up winning another first prize from Barcelona one day?

Narbonne 15/08/2020

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