Davy Tournelle (BE, Rummen) surrounds himself with national stars

Team Tournelle
The pigeon breed of Davy Tournelle has a rock solid foundation with Tiësto, Torres and the Mila family. One after the other talented racing bird sees the light of day in Rummen, where they are meticulously prepared for the national races, and with great success.

Finishing in the national top 100 is something every pigeon fancier aspires to achieve; this is by no means an easy feat. Well, Davy managed to win an impressive 70 (!) top 100 placings over the course of a single season, which goes to show that he is an incredibly skilled pigeon fancier. This is truly outstanding! We thought it was time to take a closer look at his strongest racing birds. Beauty Lagoon (BE19-2037394) is a fitting name for a pigeon with such a beautiful palmares, with for instance a 9th national Gueret of 12,888 pigeons, a 26th national La Souterraine of 15936 pigeons and a 56th national Chateauroux of 33833 pigeons. She originates from a pairing of Copy Blue Lagoon (Bart Geerinckx) x Sofie (granddaughter Torres), which also bred BE19-2037215 and BE19-2037216, two racing birds with a fine palmares as well.

Beauty Lagoon

Tiësto's Lady (BE18-2038246) claimed a title of 3rd national ace pigeon for team Tournelle thanks to a 1st national Argenton of 16,762 pigeons, a 12th nat. Chateauroux of 20,00 pigeons, a 12th nat. Gueret of 7175 pigeons and an 80th nat. Issoudun of 10,603 pigeons. She originates from two top breeders, 'National Hero' x 'Fantasy Lin' (a granddaughter of stock sire Tiësto).

Tiësto's Lady

National Hero and Fantasy have several national winners and ace pigeons in their pedigrees, and they are in turn the sire and dam of Tiësto's Hero (BE18-2038385), winner of a 30th nat. Issoudun, 70th nat. Bourges, 82nd nat. La Souterraine and 131st nat. Argenton, resulting in a title of 13th national ace pigeon KBDB longer middle distance 2020.

Tiësto's Hero

Another successful racing bird that deserves an introduction is Magik Tiësto (BE18-2038309), whose impressive palmares consists of a 1st iprov. Melun of 1349 pigeons, 3rd iprov. Chevrainvilliers of 1004 pigeons, 5th nat. Tulle of 3064 pigeons, 10th nat. Chateauroux of 20,800 pigeons etc.

Magik Tiësto

Ace pigeons...

It was no surprise that the many successful bloodlines in Davy's collection eventually led to a number of national references in other lofts as well. Ella of Eddy Claes, a 1st Nat. ace pigeon KBDB middle distance 2020, is a daughter of a grandson of Torres. And the dam of Ona, an 8th Nat. ace pigeon KBDB longer middle distance 2020 for the Motton - Coel combination, is a granddaughter of stock breeder Torres. "I am very pleased with these references", says Davy, who also told us that the 1st Nat. ace pigeon 2019 shorter middle distance of Patrick Lenaerts has just been introduced in the breeding lofts in Rummen.



Stock breeder Torres

The breeding value of Torres becomes even more evident when we look at his grandchildren. Take Torres Bleu (BE18-2038330) for instance, who has quite an impressive palmares already: 1st nat. Issoudun of 3476 pigeons, 3rd nat. Tulle of 3064 pigeons, 6th interprov. Melun of 1439 pigeons, 12th prov. Blois of 3277 pigeons, etc. Torres Bleu was also the best racing bird in Tulle from 2019 to 2020 thanks to his 3rd Nat. Zone Tulle of 1790 pigeons. "We put the sire and dam of Torres Bleu back together, and this time they bred BE20-2060489 and BE-2060490, two racing birds that have won some promising results already.

Torres Bleu

Like we said earlier, national top 100 spots are the rule rather than the exception here in Rummen. And if a team wins that many top 100 spots, it will inevitably score high marks in the PIPA rankings as well.

PIPA rankings + ace pigeons 2020 

1 nat ace  Pigeon on 3 national races 

1 nat ace pigeon on 6 national races

2 nat ace pigeon on 3 national races 

2 Nat ace pigeon on 5 national races

2 nat ace Pigeon on 6 national races

3 nat ace pigeon Kbdb old birds

3 nat ace pigeon on 7 national races

4 nat ace pigeon on 6 national races 

7 nat ace pigeon on 5 national races  

8 nat ace pigeon KBDB old birds

8 nat ace pigeon on 5 national races 

13 nat ace pigeon KBDB old birds 

15 nat ace pigeon on 3 national  races