Youri Deblanc (Ronse, BE) continues his rise to the top in 2020

The Youri Deblanc pigeon family has made some significant progress in recent years, and they were one of Belgium’s leading lofts again in 2020. This is in large part thanks to the now famous Julien strain.

The Julien strain did fantastic in 2020

In just a couple of years, this bloodline won a 1-3-3-3-4-5-6-7-... in (inter)national races. And it is thanks to this bloodline that Youri was once again one of Belgium's strongest names in 2020. He was delivered almost every single week in this unusually short racing season, and he was often battling for victory. He was also 9th National Champion KBDB extreme long distance and he won a title of 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB all-round, besides a handful of other titles in this prestigious ace pigeon championship. In other words, he continued to deliver after what was already a very strong 2019 season, in which he won a 1st National Libourne - a crowning achievement. He is of course very fortunate to be able to rely on the invaluable Julien bloodline. For instance, one of the main pillars of his breeding loft in Ronse is Crack Julien (BE14-4225167). This son of Julien had a great racing career, claiming victory in Montauban and Gueret, and he proved to be an exceptional breeder as well. He is the sire and grandfather of such national stars like a 3° nat. Brive, 3° nat. Bourges, 5° nat. Brive, 11° nat. Chateauroux, 12° nat Argenton, 13° nat. Souillac, etc. This pigeon was in fact paired to different breeding hens, which highlights his exceptional potential.

Crack Julien: the absolute star of the breeding loft

The eye-catcher this season was without doubt Crack Monti 685 (BE19-4020685). This excellent racing bird was 5th National Ace Pigeon KBDB All-round and he was also an Olympiad Pigeon, winning an 11th national Chateauroux 6,306 p., a 12th national zone Argenton 7,260 p. and a 6th provincial Vierzon 4,218 p. Crack Monti 685 is a daughter of top breeder Crack Julien, which makes her a granddaughter of the team's number one stock breeder Julien.

Crack Monti : 5th national ace pigeon KBDB etc.

Racing at a high level from start to finish

Last year, most fanciers agreed that the Youri Deblanc pigeon family was one of the very best breeds at national level. In fact, his pigeons never had a weak moment in any of the important races of the season. And that is why we were really looking forward to their 2020 season. It took a while for the season to get started due to corona but we could tell almost immediately that Youri's racing birds were again on top of their game. We take a look at the results from 2020:

13/06 Sermaisses 1,870 p. : 1-2-5-8-20-25-29-34-35-37-48-49-... (81/112)
20/06 Vierzon (prov.) 4,218 p. : 5-6-7-39-49-70-... (40/69)
04/07 Limoges (nat.) 15,979 p. : 18-152-361-955-... (11/24)
04/07 Chateauroux (zon.) 9,511 p. : 5-24-96-162-178-190-193-... (28/75)
11/07 Argenton (zon.) 4,574 p. : 6-57-111-149-... (6/14)
7,262 p. : 12-38-54-102-126-140-146-183-185-... (25/68)
18/07 Limoges (nat.) 9,756 p. : 27-56-94-104-111-162-166-197-... (27/55)
24/07 Agen (nat.) 5,140 p. : 44-322-723-1183 (4/4)
01/08 Souillac (nat.) 7,514 p. : 13-19-64-86-98-112-119-128-... (25/45)
6,668 p. : 12-102-155-... (8/14)
08/08 Bourges (nat.) 8,424 p. : 3-22-43-116-137-139-215-290-... (16/19)
08/08 Aurillac (nat.) 2,849 p. : 47-479-483-645 (4/4)
15/08 Chateauroux (nat.) 6,306 p. : 11-72-426-529-... (7/9)
15/08 Brive (nat.) 3,755 p. : 58-81-83-130-... (8/9)
4,238 p. : 28-62-175-185-269-284-... (15/18)
15/08 Narbonne (nat.) 4,454 p. : 484-498 (2/2)

A pigeon breed with strength in numbers

The Julien bloodline proved particularly suited for national races: it produced five generations of race winners in important competitions. Although winning races with such a top class strain almost sounds like an easy task. Brother Star Julien (BE18-4041052) is another highly talented racing bird from this bloodline that did really well last season: he scored a 4 out of 4 in the national races with two top results in the two races from Limoges, as well as a 12° nat. Souillac and  58° nat. Brive. As his name suggests, he is a brother of Star Julien, originating straight from one of our sport's leading bloodlines of today.

The aforementioned Star Julien (BE17-4002888) really put the name of Deblanc on the map last year, winning a 1st national Libourne. This was the icing on the cake for this team after an already fabulous season.

Star Julien : 1st national Libourne

Since 2020, the team has had to work hard to maintain their position as one of the sport's leading names, and one racing bird that really stood out was Son Louise 633 (BE18-4041633). This incredibly gifted newcomer claimed victory in Ecouen and Toury, and he also excelled in Tulle (5th prov. of 4,325 p. + 74th national of 7,155 p.) and Limoges (18th national of 15,979 p.). This invaluable racing bird is related to the Julien bloodline from his father's side, and his dam is none other than Louise (BE15-4007789). Louise is a top class hen of M. Valepijn x E. Vermander and winner of three first prizes in four weeks' time at club level, one of which also led to a national top result.

And Youri's team of racing hens has been quite successful too, with racing hen Crack Bar 760 (BE19-4020760) honouring the reputation of team Deblanc. She was in fact one of the country's best racing hens, having won a 3rd national Bourges and a 28th national Brive, always against a large field. Meanwhile, her sister won a 19th national Souillac, a 21st national Bourges and a 38th national Argenton. On top of that, a half sister of these two top class racing hens won a 6 out of 6 in the longer middle distance, as well as a 15th national zone in Tulle.

We want to introduce you to another talented racing bird in Ronse. A grandson of stock breeder Julien, Soulmate Julien (BE16-4144617) won the title of best pigeon from Aurillac across two seasons, thanks to a 7th and 47th national. And Soulmate Julien has also been successful in Agen, Cahors, Limoges, Brive and other races. This outstanding racing bird combines stamina with great speed.

Soulmate Julien: Belgium's best pigeon in Aurillac

Smart Fred (BE17-4183805) is another big name in Youri's team. He has several national top results from Brive, Limoges, Tulle, Angouleme, Argenton etc. to his name. Like we said, this pigeon breed rarely fails to deliver in the races that matter the most. In fact, Smart Fred did not miss a single prize across three long distance seasons.

Smart Fred: 8/8 in the nationals

One of the eye-catchers in the East Flemish championship KBDB 2020

The home base of the Deblanc family is Ronse, a city in East Flanders, which is Belgium's largest pigeon racing province, where numerous renowned lofts race against each other every week. It goes without saying that these lofts are raising the bar every single year. The fact that Youri has been one of the prize winners in the provincial championships shows that he has a collection of exceptionally gifted pigeons. He was in fact one of the showstoppers of 2020 in this province:

3° prov. champion KBDB extreme long distance
5° prov. champion KBDB long distance
5° prov. ace pigeon KBDB long distance olds
6° prov. ace pigeon KBDB long distance olds
6° prov. ace pigeon KBDB long distance YLs

Impossible to hold back

Natural born winner Youri Deblanc has very quickly become a top player, by surrounding himself with a group of top class breeding birds. The most important member of his team is stock breeder Julien. Julien and his descendants have enabled this team to achieve many great results: a 1st-3rd-3rd-3rd-4th-5th-6th-7th-... (inter)rnational with one single bloodline. This is unprecedented!

Youri is a very ambitious player, and his invaluable Julien bloodline allows him to keep only his very best pigeons on board. As such, his team continues to improve every season. The best is yet to come for team Deblanc: he has a group of pigeons with a proven record at his disposal, as well as several very talented newcomers, and they are ready to do even better in 2021.