Gerard and Bas Verkerk (Reeuwijk, NL) close a fantastic season in style with a 5, 6, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, etc. NPO Fontenay (15,396 birds)

They had a terrific early season and they also excelled in their favourite competition, the one day long distance, with for instance a great result in Vierzon. And the team continued to excel this year, culminating in a fantastic late season both with the old and young birds.

2020 was another year packed with highlights for Gerard and Bas. Their overall results and their NPO victory from Vierzon were particularly noteworthy (click here to reread our report). We take a look at the many highlights of their 2020 racing season:

6 June Niergnies, 235 km, 3,661 p.: 7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-28-29-36-37-38-38-40-41-etc. (107/207, 73x 1:10) 13 June Peronne, 267 km, 13,510 p.: 5-6-8-11-12-16-23-27-29-30-40-41-42-43-46-47-48-49-50-53-54-55-56-58-60-74-75-76-93-97-100-119-134-135-136-etc. (152/197, 112x 1:10) 20 June Pont St. Maxence Prov., 340 km, 33,636 p.: 15-18-20-21-22-23-24-35-36-37-40-43-44-45-52-54-56-74-77-80-85-99-101-104-105-109-111-115-135-138-144-152-175- 178-194-197-198-201-202-215-235-242-288-289-294-309-312-314-316-318-329-330-etc. (158/196, 147x 1:10) 5 July Fontenay NPO, 467 km, 12,920 p.: 5-12-23-24-28-29-30-31-46-47-61-62-70-94-97-120-etc. (92/136, 64x 1:10) 11 July Fontenay Prov., 467 km, 17,630 p.: 15-36-37-52-55-57-58-59-62-63-70-99-100-102-105-116-148-157-158-159-160-161-167-172-etc. (110/136, 94x 1:10) 18 July Vierzon NPO, 570 km, 9,031 p.: 1-2-5-7-8-11-12-15-24-31-34-37-41-42-43-44-46-63-64-65-66-74-etc. (96/135, 60x 1:10) 25 July Pontoise Prov., 378 km, 15,351 p.: 2-3-53-55-58-65-77-135-137-141-etc. (91/137, 61x 1:100 1 Aug Blois Nat.S2, 553 km, 11,576 p.: 5-6-13-14-15-23-25-26-29-30-31-40-43-51-68-69-83-91-94-95-96-101-etc. (79/124, 69x 1:10) 15 Aug Chateauroux NPO, 621 km, 4,973 p.: 11-22-30-39-40-44-48-etc. (75/118, 51X 1;10) 22 Aug Lennik, 143 km 2,902 olds + YLs: 4-5-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-16-18-19-20-23-24-25-27-etc. (213/377, 124x 1:10) 29 Aug Blois NPO, 553 km, 3,212 p.: 5-25-32-33-34-35-37-38-etc. (72/111, 23x 1:10) 5 Sept Pont St. Maxence NPO, 340 km 19,399 YBs: 15-19-27-28-38-46-62-66-68-85-125-136-139-141-176-178-183-185-etc. (133/225, 109x 1:10) 5 Sept Quievrain, 195 km, 2,276 p.: 2-3-5-6-7-8-9-15-16-18-21-22-23-24-25-26-27-etc. (106/140, 61x 1:10) 12 Sept Peronne Prov., 267 km, 16,670 p.: 18-21-22-23-25-26-27-28-31-32-61-64-65-66-67-68-69-70-71-72-73-80-85-86-87-90-94-120-128-156-157-161-163-164-etc. (136/150, 122x 1:10) 12 Sept Fontenay NPO, 467 km, 15,396 YBs: 5-6-10-11-13-14-15-17-65-67-69-70-92-93-94-95-99-114-etc. (106/197, 73x 1:10) (and 5-6-10-11-13-14-15-17 on a total of 17,858 p.) *these prizes were all won 1:4 (in the top 25%)

A fantastic final chord

On 12 September both the old birds and the young birds ended the season in spectacular fashion. It was in part thanks to the solid performance of their old birds that Gerard and Bas had as many as 13 ace pigeons (allround) in the top 20 of the very competitive "Gouwe-Ijssel" entente. Racing bird NL19-1666639 (Dirty Harry x Mermaid) was the only bird with 13 prizes in 13 races. As you can see below, these were all pretty strong results, and they are likely to earn him a spot among this year's national ace pigeons:

6th Blois 1 Nat. S2 11,576 p. 5th Blois 2 NPO 3,212 p. 5th Quievrain 2,276 p. 36th Fontenay 17,630 p. 42nd Peronne 13,510 p.

One year old cock NL19-1666718 demonstrated his potential as well, winning a title of 1st ace pigeon champion natour in the entente, thanks to a 4th Lennik of 2,902 pigeons and a 27th Peronne of 16,670 pigeons.


They had two very strong old birds on board but we are also taking a look at the results of the young birds in Fontenay in the closing weekend of 2020.

12 Sept Fontenay NPO, 467 km, 15,396 YBs: 5-6-10-11-13-14-15-17-65-67-69-70-92-93-94-95-99-114-etc. (106/197, 73x 1:10) (and 5-6-10-11-13-14-15-17 of 17,858 pigeons)

What makes this result even more special is that the young birds of Gerard and Bas had not gone any further than Lennik (143km) by the  29th of August. They then successfully completed a trip from Pont St. Maxence (340km) the week before Fontenay. That was all it took for the young birds to prepare for the longest young birds' race of the season: Fontenay. The pedigrees of the first 8 pigeons to finish in the top 18 are included below:

NL20-1496524, 5th Fontenay NPO (15,396 p.)
NL20-1496651, 6th Fontenay NPO (15,396 p.)
NL20-1496509, 10th Fontenay NPO (15,396 p.)
NL20-1496400, 11th Fontenay NPO (15,396 p.)
NL20-1496494, 13th Fontenay NPO (15,396 p.)
NL20-1496556, 14th Fontenay NPO (15,396 p.)
NL20-1496468, 15th Fontenay NPO (15,396 p.)
NL20-1496682, 17th Fontenay NPO (15,396 p.)

Top prizes at (semi)Provincial/ NPO/National S2 level

As we've come to expect from Gerard and Bas, they claimed several impressive results at provincial/NPO/Nat. S2 level as well. We take a look at all top 25 finishers this season, and their respective parents:

1st Vierzon 9,031 p. Solange's Playboy (son Duncan x Expectation ) 2nd Pontoise 15,351 p. (daughter Gavin x Laetitia ) 2nd Vierzon 9,031 p. (son Adora's Gold x Shelly ) 3rd Pontiose 15,351 p. (daughter Dirty Harry x Mermaid ) 5th Fontenay 15,396 p. (daughter Rodica's Proud x Lady Gaga ) 5th Peronne 13,510 p. Lisa (daughter Olympic Fire Eyes x Ace Isabelle ) 5th Fontenay 12,920 p. (daughter Kleinzoon Lieke x Excited ) 5th Blois 11,576 p. (daughter Rico x d.Jonge Cadel ) 5th Vierzon 9,031 p. (daughter Duncan x Dedication ) 6th Fontenay 15,396 p. (daughter Barnaby x Lola-Lily ) 6th Blois 11,576 p. (daughter Dirty Harry x Mermaid ) 6th Peronne 13,510 p. (son Duncan x Dedication ) 7th Vierzon 9,031 p. (daughter Blue Magic x Sonja ) 8th Peronne 13,510 p. (son Joe x z.Kleine Gerard) 8th Vierzon 9,031 p. (daughter The Universe x Dedication ) 10th Fontanay 15,396 p. (son Roeldou x Excited ) 11th Fontenay 15,396 p. (daughter Beau x Laetitia ) 11th Peronne 13,510 p. (daughter Nigel x Lola-Lily ) 11th Vierzon 9,031 p. (daughter Hunter x z.Kleine Gerard) 11th Chateauroux 4,973 p. (daughter Ridge x Kiki-Kate ) 12th Peronne 13,510 p. (daughter Atlantis x Highlight ) 12th Fontenay 12,920 p. (son Dirty Harry x Olympic Valerie) 12th Vierzon 9,031 p. (daughter Recovery x Babe ) 13th Pont St.Max 33,636 p. (daughter John Travolta x Leila ) 13th Fontenay 15,396 p. (daughter Dempsey x Royal Razinda ) 13th Blois 11,576 p. (son Volcano x Expectation ) 14th Fontenay 15,396 p. (daughter z.Dedication x d.Atlantis ) 14th Blois 11,576 p. (grandson Bulldozer x d.Olympic Val. ) 15th Pont St.Max 19,399 p. (son Dempsey x Royal Razinda ) 15th Fontenay 17,630 p. Solange's Playboy (son Duncan x Expectation ) 15th Fontenay 15,396 p. (daughter Ton x Shelly ) 15th Blois 11,576 p. (son Topper Harley x Sylvie ) 15th Vierzon 9,031 p. (son Joe x Princess ) 16th Peronne 13,510 p. (daughter Felo x Olympic Bibi ) 17th Fontenay 15,396 p. (daughter Tygo x Aurelia ) 18th Pont St.Max 33,636 p. (daughter Beckham x Top Girl ) 18th Peronne 16,670 p. (daughter Ridge x Kiki-Kate ) 19th Pont St.Max 19,399 p. (daughter Duncan x Kiki-Kate ) 20th Pont St.Max 33,636 p. (daughter Snowflake x Solanta ) 21st Pont St.Max 33,636 p. (daughter z.Top Girl x d.Dedication ) 21st Peronne 16,670 p. (daughter Aqual First x Wonder Woman ) 22nd Pont St.Max 33,636 p. (daughter Solar x Latitia ) 22nd Peronne 16,670 p. Lisa (daughter Olympic Fire Eyes x Ace Isabelle ) 22nd Chateauroux 4,973 p. (daughter z.Cavin x Tess ) 23rd Pont St.Max 33,636 p. Lisa (daughter Olympic Fire Eyes x Ace Isabelle ) 23rd Pontiose 28,754 p. (son Tanger x Magic Dong ) 23rd Peronne 16,670 p. (daughter John Travolta x Leila ) 23rd Peronne 13,510 p. (daughter Escape x Fatima ) 23rd Fontenay 12,920 p. (daughter z.Favorite x d.Dagobert Duck) 23rd Blois 11,576 p. (daughter Tanger x Magic Rock ) 24th Pont St.Max 33,636 p. (daughter Snowflake x Euphoria ) 24th Pontiose 28,754 p. (daughter Nigel x Silver ) 24th Fontenay 12,920 p. (daughter Equal First x Wonder Woman ) 24th Vierzon 9,031 p. (son z.Snip x Lady Gaga ) 25th Peronne 16,670 p. (daughter Beckham x Top Girl ) 25th Blois 11,576 p. (daughter z.Gavin x Tess )