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‘Kajan’ from Jan & Kathy Lotterman, New-Amsterdam 1st National and NPO Chateauroux Province 10 - 2009

National Chateauroux is a very tough extreme middle distance race in North Holland , with a maximum distance of more than 800 kilometres. You can guess why the participation in the northern provinces is limited.

The majority of specialists were present and made it a good showdown. The fastest pigeon from province 10 was for the duo Jan and Kathy Lotterman from New-Amsterdam in Drent. A name that is extremely well-known in the pigeon sport. They have belonged to the top for many years. They are real programme racers, who go for the titles in every discipline every year. And  that in a region where several great champions reside. The pigeons from Jan and Kathy have also performed magnificently during the current season. Highlights up to date in 2009 are: 9th and 10th NPO La Ferte s. Jouarre – 2nd NPO Pithiviers and then now 1st and 4th National and NPO Chateauroux. In addition they are fighting on all fronts for the much sought after titles. In the interim stand we see a.o. 1st Keizer General in the strong District 10 and 5th Keizer General in Province 10.


Jan Lotterman, together with Gunther Prange and a Polish priest, also a pigeon fancier. They came to congratulate Jan on his victory. It is well-known that Jan has used  Prange Suppe for years, which is delivered by the grand master himself.

Driven fanciers
Jan Lotterman and his 20-year old daughter Kathy are real passionate fanciers with a lot of love for their pigeons. The way they interact with their favourites is really touching. Daughter Kathy is an absolute natural who has stood on the podium in the youth editions of the Gouden Duif for a number of years. And it is now going crescendo as a senior. The basis pigeons here are: ‘Branco Junior’ from C. & G. Koopman – Line ‘Ringlose’ from Gunther Prange ( 90% C. & G. Koopman) – Line ‘Kannibaal’ and ‘Bourges’ Dirk van Dijck (B) – The best lines of Bertie Camphuis, where reinforcements are bought every year – two children of ‘Silver Boy’ pedigree Martin van Zon, 2 children of Olympiad pigeon ‘No Limit’ from Joke and Martin Geven and pigeons out the line of ‘Boy’ and ‘Queen’. All of this from Harm Vredeveld.
Jan and Kathy started with a racing team of 46 old birds. These are raced for a part in total widowhood. A limited team are raced in the middle distance, the rest in the 1-day long distance. The pigeons are coupled at Christmas – the cocks raise 2 youngsters, whilst the hens are removed after 16 days – 4 weeks before the first race they are coupled again and after 3 days brooding the widowhood begins. The motto here is training a lot themselves and racing weekly. The pigeons train once a day. This year the feeding schedule from Matador was followed with the racing pigeons for the first time. Jan and Kathy are very pleased with the results. Preventive examination is high on the list here. Every two weeks they pay a visit to the veterinary surgeon Nanne Wolff in Wezep. In addition they also have contact with the veterinary surgeons Henk de Weerd, Vincent Schroeder and Norbert Peters. If there is nothing wrong with the pigeons, and that is usually the case, then they are not given anything. The airways is another story. The pigeons are cured for the airways purely on Jan’s instincts.

Introducing : ‘Kajan’.
The wining pigeon from Chateauroux is ‘Kajan’, a beautiful chequered cock. His father is a son of the famous ‘Ringlose’ from star racer Gunther Prange, Meppen (G). The mother is no-one less than the ‘Hungarian Queen’. In 2005 this hen was 1st world champion FCI and is now a marvellous breeding hen.
As a youngster ‘Kajan’ raced 9 prizes from the 12 baskettings. This year he is performing magnificently with 12 prizes already! In addition to the 1st National and NPO Chateauroux he has raced a.o. 23rd Arras from 11.192 p. – 16th Arras from 7.781 p. – 25th Chateaudun from 7.527 p. – 39th Pithiviers from 7.906 p. – 67th Boxtel from 11.887 pigeons.
A real whopper. Kathy took care of the pigeons for Chateauroux as Jan was on holiday. In Kathy’s eyes the ‘Kajan’ was a bit light, but round. Jan advised her to enter him as first nominated. A good choice. It was also bingo with the 2nd nominated: 4th National!
Of the 20 nominated pigeons there was a minimum of 10 prizes achieved. Kathy had just gone to the toilet when five watchers saw  ‘Kajan’ dive down from the right direction.  Jan didn’t experience it for himself, but his daughter kept him well informed via the telephone. In the N.I.C. in Coevorden the victory was celebrated in a fitting manner. Jan and Kathy are very happy with this basketting centre, where everything is always regulated very well. ‘Kajan’ delivered a great performance from a distance of almost 753 km, probably a 7th prize in the total Northern Union competition. Only one word is appropriate: Ingenious! Congratulations and enjoy!